Top 10 Best Yamaha Electric Guitars in 2021

Yamaha Electric Guitars
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From a rocking concert to underground practices, electric guitars are a great partner. So, there has been a huge demand in the market for electric guitars. Fender, PRS, Ibanez, Yamaha, and many other companies have been producing excellent guitars to meet up the demand. Yamaha has been producing some of the standard products since the 1980s. And all of them are not high priced. In fact, the price varies to support all range of customers. We have picked some top reviewed and ranked electric guitars from Yamaha.

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Top 10 Best Yamaha Electric Guitars in 2021

10. Yamaha PAC012 Electric Guitars

Yamaha PA C012 - Electric Guitar

Out of all the electronic guitar series from Yamaha, the Pacifica series has shown some great quality products. PAC012 is a beginner’s guitar that comes at an affordable price.

It has a double-cutaway body with a slightly edgier feel. The sound quality is not beyond expectations but meets the minimum demand for any guitarist.

  • Inspired Stratocaster.
  • It comes with simple for beginners.
  • The in-built chrome tuners support the guitar to be in tune.

9. Yamaha AES 620


Yamaha AES 620 

It is an award-winning guitar that comes with a single-cutaway stout body that has been made from mahogany. The device is mainly produced in Korea.

The body is made with flamed maple while the neck is made with Nato. The Nato neck fretboard is something that would go beyond ages. It might be a bit old but still serves as a great long-lasting guitar.

  • It uses the original Yamaha’s AES Bridge.
  • The fretboard is made with rosewood.
  • It has front and rear volume, master tone, and 3 position toggle control.

8. Yamaha ERG 121 Electric Guitars

Yamaha ERG 121 - Electric Guitars

ERG 121 is also an aged old guitar. Anyhow, the sound quality is not up to the mark. It is recommended for the ones that are short of funds or beginners.

The body quality is better than the same priced guitars. The Rosewood fretboard is good enough. But, the steal frets create too high sounds which are a common problem for all the cheap guitars.

  • t comes with 5-way pickup selectors along with tremolo.
  • The crafting is highly appreciable.
  • The tone and sound are quite low compared to other Yamaha guitars.

7. Yamaha PAC102 Electric Guitars

Yamaha PAC102 - Electric Guitars

The best part of this guitar is its durability. It is best for rough use purposes. It’s a great guitar for country players. But for others, you need a cheap fiddle along with it.

It is one of the fattest Yamaha Electric Guitars you will come across. It consists of a tummy-cut contour. They are great for their twang but miss the brightness.

  • Comes with a maple neck and Agathis body.
  • Uses chrome tuners and tremolo.
  • Outlook of a telecaster.

6. Yamaha PAC 120H

Yamaha PAC 120H - Electric Guitars


120H is a comfortable device that brings versatile tone at affordable prices. Its solid bridge and humbuckers make it different from the previous models.

The satin finishing maple neck along with rosewood fingerboard brings a bright and glossy outlook. The pickguard is also eye-catching. It comes with belly cuts so you can easily play the guitar while sitting down.

  • It has an Agathis body with a 350 mm radius.
  • Humbucking pickups.

5. Yamaha RGX-A2

Yamaha RGX-A2 - Electric Guitars

If you’re more caring about sound quality, this is your Yamaha electric guitar. With warm sounds, lightweight body, RGX-A2 deserves to be a part of the top listed products from Yamaha.

 Coming with color-changing lights, you might be stunned at first look. Anyhow, the sound quality is pretty appreciable. The overall built quality is worthy of the price it comes along.

  • It comes with 2 pickups and A.I.R design.
  • RGX-A2 uses LED color lights for pickup indicators.

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4. Yamaha SG2000 Electric Guitars


Yamaha SG2000 

Being introduced in 1976, the SG200 is one of the most valuable guitars in history. It is a light guitar with well-built quality and great sound. In fact, you can see Carlos Santana holding this guitar on 1978’s Guitar Player magazine’s cover.

It was one of the best guitars that were available worldwide in the late seventies and till now one of the best guitars in Japan. It comes with great sound quality and Santana sound.

  • SG2000, Japan Product
  • They come with ebony fingerboards.
  • The modern versions have significantly improved.

3. PAC 812V

PAC 812V 


From rock’n’roll to country music, it is great for almost all types of music. It’s great for live concerts and you might not need to even think about backup guitars. So, professionals and regular players have loved it.

The Stratocaster body consists of a maple neck and a rosewood neck. It has one JB humbucker pickup along with two SSL-1 pickups.

  • It comes with a quilt maple and Adler body.
  • The control tones consist of master volume and tone.
  • The outlook is natural.

2. Pacific 112JPacific 112J - Electric Guitar

From price range to sound quality, PAC112J is the symbol of Yamaha’s dedication and effort. It has its own personality and classic look that is quite amazing.

The solid double-cutaway body describes the taste of a musician. Along with vintage bridge and HSS configuration pickup, all of your necessities come in a package.

  • It has an alder body with a maple neck.
  • 112J comes with 5 position switches.

1. Pacific 112V Yamaha Electric Guitars

Pacific 112V - Electric Guitars

The body shape and outlook are what almost every guitarist dreams of. The best part of the Pacifica series is that they have been carved from a single piece of wood.

The body is made with single alder wood. Alder wood gives rich sounds. The neck is like a solid maple and satin finish. It contains 22 frets.

  • The length of the scale is 25.5”.
  • With the humbucker pickup, the sound is pretty good.
  • It used Alnico V as an up-gradation from the earlier models.

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Concluding, electric guitars from Yamaha have been fighting for the lead with its competitors like Fenders, Gibson, and Ibanez. But, they successfully have built trust among the customers. No matter which Yamaha Electric Guitar you buy, you won’t be getting defects or major issues.

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