Best Yamaha Classical Guitars Review In 2022

Best Yamaha Classical Guitars Review In 2022
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It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a professional player, Yamaha guitar will always be there for you. Very few people have changed brands after using Yamaha guitars. Their iconic designs and features distinguish them from almost all the other bands. Starting from the 60s, they’ve launched seven different categories of classical guitars. And users highly appraise their product for better quality in a reasonable price range. We have a list here of the best Yamaha classical guitars, go through it and find the one you need.

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Best Yamaha Classical Guitars Review In 2022

10. Yamaha CGS 102a

Yamaha CGS 102a - Yamaha Classical Guitars

Product Description: While almost all the classical traditional guitars have a similar appearance, Yamaha guitars are distinguishable through their construction and materials. It is a half-sized guitar preferable for beginners.

Design and Quality: CGS 102a doesn’t come with any cutaways. The top side is made with spruce. Alongside this, the fingerboard is made with rosewood. Flat fingerboard and medium fret are preferable for beginners.

  • The body is 3.15-3.3 inches deep.
  • It comes with a natural yet glossy finish.
  •  It offers improved volume, response, and a rich tone.

9. Yamaha CS 40II

Yamaha CS 40II - Yamaha Classical Guitars

Product Description: If you’re a young learner, Yamaha CS 40II has been designed especially for you. It is cheap; it is excellent to start with and gives a pretty standard sound. Within the price range of Yamaha CS 40II, hardly you can get such great guitars. Before you ask, it is not the perfect choice for advanced and professional classical guitar players.

Design and Quality: The laminated wood is the first drawback you need to consider. But the spruce wood top and rosewood fretboard make it pretty standard. The beginner pack contains a tuner form helping you to tune the guitar.

  • It comes with meranti back and sides.
  •  It is a great bargain for beginners.
  • The sound quality is quite good for beginners but not efficient for professionals.

8. Yamaha GC42S 

Yamaha GC42S - Yamaha Classical Guitars

Product Description: If you’re worried about the price range of the GC series, then you can surely consider GC42S. The features are almost similar while the price is one-third of the earlier one.

Design and Quality: Similar to other GC models, it bears a traditional outlook. The hardware, tonewoods’ quality and tone reflect the price you are paying for it. It has a traditional fingerboard and tuning pegs. Overall, it might not be handpicked, but it is a great choice for someone who would like to feel the premium facilities of traditional Yamaha classical guitar.

  • The side and back of the guitar are made with Madagascar rosewood.
  •  The soundboard is made with classical beautiful rosette.
  •  It has a Cedro neck with a natural color palette.

7. Yamaha GC22S

Yamaha GC22S  - Yamaha Classical Guitars

Product Description: GC22s is for desperate learners who would not be satisfied with beginners’ kit. It is great for entering the professional arena. It is affordable and yet made with the premium quality of the Grand Concert (GC) series.

Design and Quality: It has an internal dovetail neck joint and a spruce top. The back and sides are made with rosewood. The ebony fingerboard and mahogany neck bear the similarity with other GC series guitars. It comes with a spacious tone. Anyhow, the strings are slightly cramped at the nut.

  • The overall sound is balanced and spacious.
  •  It has a glossy finish with a Spanish
  • style colorful rosette.

6. Yamaha Guitalele GL1

amaha Guitalele GL1 - Yamaha Classical Guitars

Product Description: While the World is said to be getting smaller, Yamaha has brought a classical guitar that comes in the size of a ukulele. So, now you can take your Yamaha classical guitar with you anywhere without any hustle. For your information, Yamaha hasn’t compromised their sound quality in this version.

Design and Quality: The nut width is 49 mm. It might be tighter than regular classical guitars but wider than other small guitars. The 17-frets fingerboard might lack space for fancy fingerpicking. Anyhow, the sound quality is smooth and quite loud compared to the size.

  • The package contains a mini bag for carrying.
  •  It has the size of a baritone ukulele and plays like classical guitars.

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5. Yamaha CG142S

Yamaha CG142S - Yamaha Classical Guitars

Product Description: CG series is a reflection of Yamaha’s experience from decades of constructing classical guitars. It comes with 2” nut that will help you to build proper and regular playing habits. It is great for learners and those who have recently shifted to nylon-string guitars.

Design and Quality: The width of the fretboard is larger than many other guitars. So, fingering is quite easier. Additionally, the spruce-top is made with solid Engelmann that offers great sound and projection.

  •  The fretboard is made with Rosewood that offers a warm tone.
  • It is a full-sized Yamaha classical guitar within an affordable price range.
  • It has a glossy finish.

4. Yamaha NTX 700

Yamaha NTX 700 - Yamaha Classical Guitars

Product Description: Classical guitar with decent modern features- that’s how you can describe the NTX 700. This cutaway guitar comes at a decent price. If you’re looking for a long term investment, then this is the guitar of the future.

Design and Quality: This is a jumbo guitar that comes with a nato wood neck and rosewood fretboard. The hardboard is much more like any other Yamaha guitar. Tone reproduction in this electric classical guitar is quite authentic. It comes with great volume, well-defined trebles, and wide mids.

  • It has a 2 way pick up system.
  • It comes with a solid spruce top and Nato neck.

3. Yamaha NCX2000FM

Yamaha NCX2000FM - Yamaha Classical Guitars

Product Description: You can find some Yamaha Classical Guitars that would take your breath away. NCX2000FM is one of them. It has both the beauty and advanced facilities inside the Spanish guitar. It bears all the features of cutaway traditional guitar and yet supports the A.R.T. preamp system. Anyhow, there have been several complaints of quality issues and loose parts.

Design and Quality: NCX series guitars come with Yamaha’s signature Acoustic Resonance Enhancement. This technology assures that your guitar sounds like it has been used for years. It offers a sharper tone with excellent resonance.

  • The spruce top is made with solid Hokkaido.
  • It has an A.R.T. 2-way pickup system.
  • The neck is made with mahogany while the back and side are made with solid flame.

2. Yamaha GC82S

Yamaha GC82S - Yamaha Classical Guitars


Product Description: The GC series are exclusive traditional guitars from Yamaha. The guitars are handcrafted from Japan and China. They have focused on each and every detail to bring the best quality. It can be a great choice for professionals who would spend a handsome amount for their passion.

Design and Quality: GC82S comes with a non-cutaway body which is made with Madagascar rosewood. The spruce plate has been handpicked from Germany. The sound quality is great for halls and concerts.

  • It has a Cedro neck.
  • The outlook is quite natural with a French polish finish.
  •  GC82S comes with a 19-fret ebony fingerboard.

1. Yamaha NCX5

Yamaha NCX5 - Yamaha Classical Guitars

Product Description: It is on the top of the NCX series. The guitar has been dedicated to nylon-string players and steel-string players. They have accumulated the enhanced electric sound and the magical tone of nylon-string.

Design and Quality: Although the NCX and NTX come with similar features, NCX are much more comfortable for nylon-string players. It has the old-school body structure with single cutaway and elegant outlooks. It uses Yamaha Atmosfeel to intensified sound.

  • It comes with the Atmosfeel system.
  • The European Spruce top contains rounded edges.

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Yamaha has brought so many choices so that they can reach out to all levels of guitarists. And some might not be fit for you while many others might be the best pick. Hope our list of the best Yamaha classical guitars will be of help to you!

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