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Best XLR Cables Review in 2022
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XLR cables are a must for high-quality sound reproduction. With an XLR cable you can, you can limit the audio degradation, which happens when you use cheap microphone cables. To make sure you’re getting the best output, you need XLR cables. Whether you’re using it with a mic or a DAC, here’s a top ten list of the best XLR cables you can find.

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Best XLR Cables Review in 2022

1. Amazonbasic XLR cables

Amazonbasic XLR cables - XLR cables

Product Description: Unlike other cheap XLR cables, the Amazonbasic XLR cables are a gem.

Design and Quality: This is a basic XLR cable with conductor and inner-spiral made out of copper. This XLR cable features a flexible PVC jacket and gives a satisfactory performance.


If you’re on a budget, the Amazon basic XLR cables are great. For the money, they will exceed your expectations. The cable is available at lengths of 6’ to 50’.

2. LyxPro LCS1215P

LyxPro LCS1215P - XLR cables

Product Description: If you’re looking for XLR cables made with durable material, but at a reasonable price, then the LCS1215P from LyxPro is for you.

Design and Quality: The XLR cables feature a braided cable; the braided cables can withstand the test of time. You can use this cable in a studio for great audio recording.


With this cable, you’re getting shield that is 98% braided, PVC inner shields with two-parts, black metal covers for connectors, and gold plated connector points. The cable uses cotton yarn wrap for noise reduction.

3. GLS Audio MC25

GLS Audio MC25 - XLR cables

Product Description: If you’re looking for the XLR cable with most positive ratings, then MC25 from GLS Audio is the one you need.

Design and Quality: If you’re looking for an XLR cable for a small venue, then grab a GLS Audio MC25 XLR cable. For the price, the cable packs many features. With the rubber ends, the cable has strain relief. The jacket and the shield are made out of rubber.


The cable comes at a 25’ length up to 30’, enough to cover most stages. It has copper conductors with cores that are protected with thick rubber.

4. Hosa Pro

Hosa Pro - XLR cables

Product Description: Hosa Pro is an XLR microphone cable made for excellent performance.

Design and Quality: For the price, you’re getting a sturdy and durable XLR cable for your microphones. You’re getting the value for your money with this one. The cable is braided too.


The cable features Neutrik REAN connectors that are silver-plated. The conductors on this are thick too. However, this thickness can result in a stiff wire. The cable offers length from 3’ to 100’. The 20 AWG core ensures improved signal transfer.

5. Cable Matters XLR 

Cable Matters XLR - XLR cables

Product Description: If you want several cables at a low budget, check out the 2-Pack Premium from Cable Matters.

Design and Quality: The quality of this XLR cable is very durable, thanks to the braided wire, and the PVC coating makes them very flexible. The cables are securely connected because of its strain proof feature and grip treads.


The cables offer copper braided shielding. The XLR pins are gold platted. The cable is available at 3’ to 50’ lengths.

6. RoadHog Mic

RoadHog Mic - XLR cables

Product Description: If you’re looking for something rugged, something that can take a beating, then RoadHog Mic is what you need.

Design and Quality: The cables are very durable, and come in a matte PVC finish, and it’s very flexible. The cables are appreciated by all for its durability, performance, and practicality.


The cables feature a conductor that is coated in a copper shield, which covers most part of the cable. The cable comes at lengths of 2’ to 100’.

7. Pro Co

AQ-25 - XLR cables

Product Description: The AQ-25 from Pro Co offers top-notch performance at a cheap price point.

Design and Quality: Pro Co is known for its lava cables, and also its reasonable prices. The braided cable comes with a custom outer jacket and functional connectivity and flexibility.


The main attraction of this cable is the inner conductors that are tightly twisted. The connectors are gold plated with Neutrik. The cable is available at 15’ to 75’ lengths.

8. Mogami

Mogami Gold STUDIO-02 XLR - XLR cables

Product Description: If your mind is on reliability, braided cable, but all of this in a budget, the Balanced XLR from Gold Studio of Mogami cable is what you need.

Design and Quality: Mogami started its business in Tokyo in 1977. The world came to know their name because of their impressive quality. The Gold Studio is Mogami’s top tier product, and this is perfect if you’re looking for transparency in your recordings. The cable comes with a black metal jacket. The wires provide excellent durability and insulation.


The cable comes with 100% coverage for a copper cover that is spiral-shaped. The copper cables are oxygen-free Neglex cables.

9. Mogami Gold Stage

Mogami Gold Stage - XLR cables

Product Description: The Mogami Gold Stage Balanced XLR cable promises high quality and durability.

Design and Quality: When it comes to quality, Mogami doesn’t spare a penny. The Gold Stage XLR cables utilized the premium 105 copper cores making the cable more flexible and reliable. The cable is fully braided and offers XLPE insulation.


The premium 105 copper cores give the cable three time more strands than the other cables. The cable is crush-resistant as this cable comes with fiber fillers. If you’re looking forward to investing in a premium cable, this cable is your best bet.

10. Planet Waves XLR

Planet Waves XLR - XLR cables

Product Description: The Planet Waves from Planet Waves XLR cables were specially made for the guitarist.

Design and Quality: The Planet Waves XLR cables provide decent shielding and quiet operation. The cable is flexible, strain relief, and rugged.


The cable offers corrosion protection and nickel platted, and metal housing.

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With the right XLR cable, you will be able to save your audio quality. Investing in one of these cables is worth every penny.

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