Best Wireless Speaker Smart Tables Review In 2022

Best Wireless Speaker Smart Tables Review In 2022
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Just like our mobile phones, every element in our household is becoming smart these days. One of the essential equipment of any home is speaker tables. Now imagine a table where you can charge your phone wirelessly without any extra accessories, and you can also listen to music through that speaker. Yes, now you can, with these smart tables, with wireless speakers.

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Best Wireless Speaker Smart Tables Review In 2022

1. Round Side Table with Bluetooth Speakers and RGB Lighting

Round Side Table with Bluetooth Speakers and RGB Lighting

The design of this speaker smart table comes from a standard quality and the formation design is pretty good as well. They place the glass on the top including a frame of the table. You can have the best party experience in your bedroom with this smart table and play your favorite music all along. Especially, the light and its long-lasting hour can let you enjoy the best mood for a long hour which can last up to 4 hours.


  • Color: Black
  • Table design: End Table
  • Frame material: Glass
  • Playhouse: up to 4 hours for a single charge
  • Best suit for Bedroom

2. Wireless Coffe Table, Sofa Table

Wireless Coffe Table, Sofa Table

This is maybe not a speaker smart table for party type. It is best suited to the living room or outdoor environment with a cozy and atheistic mood during the rain. The design and frame of the table made from wood featuring its color is walnut which made it even more special for those who love to play with atheistic songs. There is also light under the table which is the best suit for outdoor eating or party as well.


  • Color: Walnut
  • Shape: Round
  • Table design: End Table
  • Frame material: Wood
  • Features with 2 ways of charging: Qi Wireless Charging and USB port Charging
  • Best suit for Living room

3. Soundstream Bluetooth Sound Table with Swivel Top

Soundstream Bluetooth Sound Table with Swivel Top

The speaker smart table is designed with both tempered glass and wood together. The upper surface of the table is glass featuring a solid wood leg table. This table also has dual Bluetooth connectivity to connect with another table in your house in case you want a very loud sound party.  It also has the Qi wireless charging port that allows users to charge their phone when they ran out of battery for connecting to this speaker table.


  • Color: Gray
  • Shape: Round
  • Brand: Soundstream
  • Connectivity types: Bluetooth, USB, and Auxiliary
  • The surface of the speaker table: Temper glass with Solid wood leg
  • Features with 2 ways of charging: Qi Wireless Charging and USB port Charging
  • Best suit for both indoor and outdoor but not waterproof

4. Portable Smart Side Table Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Smart Side Table Bluetooth Speaker

Despite being a Bluetooth smart speaker table, this speaker table can also work as your power bank too. If you are having a trip to somewhere far and your phone is run out of battery, then you can charge your smartphone within this speaker table as long as you bring it with you. Users can also hear all the sounds coming from this speaker with 360 degrees and a 20w speaker.


  • Color: Wood and Gray
  • Connectivity type: Bluetooth
  • Compatible devices: Smartphones and Tablets
  • Features with 4,000 mAh battery capacity
  • Its package includes a Portable Smart Table Speaker, a Mains Power Lead, and an easy to follow User Guide with the instruction book

5. Koble Zain Side Table with Speaker and Subwoofer

Koble Zain Side Table with Speaker and Subwoofer

This speaker table from the Koble brand offers a similar feature to the others mentioned above. It comes with walnut and gray color wrap around the speaker frame. It offers a 90w speaker that is enough to give you a stereo sound music type. Besides that, it also provides 5w wireless charging for your devices and wired charging with a USB port of 5V and 2.1A.


  • Color: Walnut and Gray
  • Shape: Round
  • Connectivity types: Bluetooth, Auxiliary, USB
  • Features with built-in battery for charging your phones through wireless or wired charging with one USB port
  • Best suit for Living room

Educational Content

If we are talking about what kind of furniture should we include in the list to decorate your room, there would be like Sofa, Table, shelves, and cupboard. Those are the typical pieces of furniture for decorating your room. However, do you think is there any more options for choosing the furniture type to design your house to be more atheistic, modern, and a new kind of generation house decoration type?  There is a speaker table, which is a modern and a new generation of furniture that should be on your list right now. It works more than just a typical table but a speaker that provides music or even more than just playing the song as well in your room or house.

What are the functionalities of speaker tables?

When you hear the word “speaker table”, you can imagine that it is a table that actually works as another type of speaker. And it is true, speaker table really works as a speaker that provides a stereo and bass sound like your normal Bluetooth speaker does. Even more special, it can also work with both Bluetooth or USB connections to your music devices. Just like it has 2 options for you to connect your music to it. And you may never have thought that but this speaker table can also work as another type of power bank. It likes your life savior too. Moreover, most of the speaker tables have up to 2 options for charging whether it is wireless or wired charging too. During your long working hour day, you can play slow music in your room via that speaker table to make you relax just another day went pass easily. And even during your party mood, you can also place it anywhere even indoor or outdoor party type as well.

What will the future be for furniture audio systems?

Currently, the technology is being updated so fast in a blink of an eye. Within what you have experienced in the past of technology and nowadays, can you guess what is the future looks like of the furniture audio systems? At present, there are many new audio systems that design through various furniture types. Just like our topic of speaker table.  But it can have more than just a speaker table. A number of people from next-generation are using smartphones which is a device that can easily be connected to another device through Bluetooth, Wifi, or more than just that. So there will be more audio systems design with more types of furniture like chair, closet, door or more that higher than what you have expected.

In nutshell, there are entrepreneurs, tech experts, science experts that work as those who think and create it to become a product or service for buyers to buy. If there are demands or problems happened, those key main human types who are working to solve all the problems existed. So you do need to worry about how you gonna live happily as long as you have the power to buy things you want or need. Because the supplied of those goods are coming along the way.

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