Wireless Speaker Smart Tables
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Just like our mobile phones, every element in our household is becoming smart these days. One of the essential equipment of any home is speaker tables. Now imagine a table where you can charge your phone wirelessly without any extra accessories, and you can also listen to music through that speaker. Yes, now you can, with these smart tables, with wireless speakers.

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Best Wireless Speaker Smart Tables In 2021

9. Deco Home

Deco Home Wireless Speaker Smart Table

Product Description: Deco home smart table with wireless speaker comes with modern design from the mid centuries. You can also use headphones to enjoy your tunes with the aux port and charge other devices with the two USB ports.

Design and Quality: With a mid-century aesthetic mixed with modern design, the Deco Home smart table arrives with style and complements your décor. The speaker table lets you sip your coffee while enjoying your favorite tunes.

  • Besides the elegant design, the Deco Home smart table comes with wireless speakers with good audio reproduction.
  • You can charge your phone wirelessly on the tabletop.

8. Victrola VS-140

Victrola VS-140-WLN Bluetooth Wood Speaker Stand

Product Description: Victrola VS-140 is a smart tablet with a wireless speaker that comes with the classic wooden design.

Design and Quality: The VS-140 comes in farmhouse walnut and Oak. The tabletop has a wooden finish, while the base is covered with fabric-like material. The overall design of the table will complement any modern home or office setting.

  • The Victrola VS-140 comes with Bluetooth stereo speakers, and the maximum power output for the speakers is 88watts.
  • Not only can you stream your music with the smart table, but you can also answer your calls.
  • The built-in battery lasts ten hours, with just 4 hours of charging.
  • Also, you will find a 3.5mm aux port and 2 USB ports on the base of the table.

7. Alphasonik Decor Modern Home Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Alphasonik Decor Modern Home Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Product Description: Coming with an all-black design, the Alphasonik Décor is a portable smart table with wireless speakers.

Design and Quality: Alphasonik Décor is an accent piece for any modern home setting. Other color options for the table include white and walnut colors. The table stands 25 inches tall; the top of the table has the piano black accent, while the base is covered with black fabric-like material.

  • The Alphasonik Décor comes with a 360-degree speaker system that ensures excellent sound reproduction, and you can connect with the table via Bluetooth too.
  • With the passive radiators, you will find the bass reproduction satisfying.

6. NOA V800W

V800W Smart Table Decor Modern Home Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Product Description: NOA V800W is a luxurious-looking yet straightforward smart table with wireless speakers. The table also comes with 3.5mm jack for your headphones and two USB ports.

Design and Quality: NOA V800W has a luxurious design that will fit most modern home décor. Whether it is your living room, or in your office, the smart table with complement the décor, NOA promises perfect sound reproduction with the V800W chic table.

  • Besides doubling as a wireless speaker, the V800W smart table comes with a wireless charger, so you can charge your device while enjoying your favorite tunes.

5. Hannlomax HX-201Qi

HANNLOMAX HX-201Qi Wooden Table

Product Description: The Hannlomax HX-201Qi is an excellent speaker table that’s easy to assemble. Although, the legs are made of plastic and feel cheap.

Design and Quality: This table has an elegant yet simple design going on for it. It has a finished wooden tabletop, and the speaker has a smooth fabric around it.

  • This smart table has a few useful features. The battery life is good and is up to four hours on sixty percent volume.
  • The table has wireless QI charging along with a USB port and an aux port for wired connection.

4. Sierra Modern Home Classic

Sierra Modern Home Classic Speaker Table

Product Description: The Sierra modern home classic speaker table is simple, elegant, and functional. It looks good with any kind of contemporary living room setup.

Design and Quality: The Sierra Modern Home Classic is a very well-designed piece of technology with a dark walnut finish. The 360 speakers are covered with fabric. The sound is well balanced and is very clear.

  • The speaker table comes with a Qi charging spot on top of it, and also you will find a USB hub and AUX port discreetly set on the sides of the table.

3. Uuffoo Smart Outdoor Table

uuffoo Smart Outdoor End Table

Product Description: The Uuffoo smart outdoor table is an excellent overall speaker table that is feature-packed.

Design and Quality:  This speaker table has a sleek and smart design with multiple connectivity ports. The speaker meshes are right under the tabletop.

  • This table has a lot of cool features. There is a wireless charger in the middle of the tabletop.
  • It also has auxiliary cable input and USB ports.

2. I-Box Rest

I-Box Rest

Product Description: Coming from the United Kingdom, the I-Box Rest is a well-built and feature-packed table that has a triangular design.

Design and Quality: It comes with a glossy tabletop that looks good and is soft to the touch. The speakers are covered with very high quality and soft fabric. There are two surrounds sound speakers with fantastic audio reproduction.

  • It has a QI wireless charging tabletop.
  • There is also a USB charging port, and an AUX port. So, this is an impressive smart table with all the right features.

1. Soundstream Sound Table

Soundstream Sound Table Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Product Description: Soundstream’s Sound Table comes with a pure wooden vibe. It will add a classic and elegant look in your room with its stylish design.

Design and Quality: The Soundstream Sound Table is a smart table featuring an all-wooden design, with a fabric-like design for the base. The aesthetic look of the table and the audio quality of the speakers is excellent.

  • Besides wireless speakers, the table comes with wireless charging for your phone.
  • You can also take your calls with the speakers, and the table comes with two additional USB ports.

These smart speaker tables with wireless speakers don’t only look good, but they sound good as well. These speaker tables will suit most modern home and office décor.

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