Why should you get Positive Vibration XL?

Positive Vibration XL
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Why should you get Positive Vibration XL?

Positive Vibration XL


The positive vibration xl headphone is one of the most popular headphones of the House of Marley brand. You may not crack a conversation often with this brand name, but it sure does leave an impression on their appearance. That is one good reason why people buy from this brand.

But that is not all about this brand and its headphones. This is a must-have. Why? Read this article to find out why.


The House of Marley positive vibration xl headphone is very mediocre with the features that it has to offer. But it stands out in the competition in some departments, especially the design department. Here are the features of the this headphone.


The material used in this headphone is aluminum, wood, and fabric. Yes, this headphone has aluminum construction in some parts of its body and has a smooth finish with a wax texture.

The wood is used in each ear unit for branding. The wood is premium and FCA approved. The cloth is used in the headband. It all boils down to very premium and high-end-looking headphones. It is why a lot of people choose the positive vibration xl headphones.

Audio Quality

The audio quality is rich and balanced. There is nothing too exceptional about it. The bass and the vocals are at the perfect level. But if you consider the price range of the headphone, this rich and balanced audio quality is very exceptional. Many headphones in this price range fail to deliver such good harmony in their sound.

You can get the positive vibration xl ANC headphone if you go a little expensive. It can dampen ambient sound and provide even better sound quality.

So this one headphone is definitely a winner in this department.

Microphone Quality

It has a good microphone. There are no significant flaws here. It can capture the audio perfectly and deliver good audio on the receiver.

The noise cancellation used in the microphone also damps a lot of noise to improve the audio.

Active Noise Cancellation

The positive vibration xl headphone does not have active noise cancellation. However, there is an ANC version headphones. It is called the positive vibration xl ANC headphone, which costs double the price of the standard headphone.

The Active Noise Cancellation works perfectly, and we think it is a must-have.


It has a 24-hour battery, and the positive vibration xl ANC headphone has a 26-hour battery with ANC turned on. It is enough to get you throughout the day.


The cost is less than $100, while the active noise cancellation version costs under $200. In this price range, it provides some great features and delivers them in high quality.

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So don’t you think you should have these headphones? We think you should because no other headphones will provide such good features at such a low price tag.


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