Which are safer Earphones or Headphones for your Ears?

Which are safer earphones or headphones for your ears
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Which are safer earphones or headphones for your ears?

Every health-conscious person has thought about their ear safety. Especially when you are buying headphones for your kids, you must’ve wondered which one is better. Before we jump to the answer, let’s talk about both of them a little bit.

Which are safer Earphones or Headphones for your Ears


Over-ears are the most popular. People just buy them for their looks sometimes. Apart from being used as a device, it has also been included as a fashion accessory. They can be wired or wireless. Also can be closed back and opened back. Take a look at the pros and cons of these headphones:


  • Better sound quality. Over-ear headphones use advanced technology. Manufacturing quality is better than other types, but it depends on brands.
  • Bigger earcups stick to the ear properly but depend on whether you got the right size for you or not. Earcups don’t directly rest on ears. Rather surrounds it.
  • Another type of over-ear headphones is closed-back headphones. They are over-ear headphones but with cups completely sealed from the outside. These kinds are known for better noise cancellation and noise isolation.
  • If you get a good pair of over-ear headphones, you can use them in the professional to the personal sector.
  • They don’t pass the audio directly into their eardrums as they get bigger ear cups. More oversized earcups allow them to distribute music evenly on the ears.
  • Great for the musician, studio workers, and gamers.
  • It’s hard to lose them.
  • Their wires get tangled less.


  • As they are chunky, they create pressure on the head.
  • If the volume isn’t maintained, then it will cause a headache.
  • They are hard to carry around.
  • Unfit for people who sweat more, workouts, or live in a warm country. Because if you sweat, your earcups will become a sweaty mess causing odor.
  • They don’t come with replaceable pads. The earpads will wear out eventually.
  • Over-ear headphones are on the pricey side, so not everyone can afford them.
  • The bigger headband is fragile but depends on the brand. Earcups can be fragile as well.

Which are safer Earphones or Headphones for your Ears


They are probably the most common headphones. Everyone has seen them, and everyone has them. Because nowadays people get it for free as they buy new phones. People may not know them by the name” In-ear headphones”. I used to call them smaller headphones when I was young. There must be something in them why people keep using them. Let’s get to some pros and cons about them,


  • They are lightweight, so doesn’t put a lot of pressure on the head. Wireless ones are even more invisible as if you are wearing nothing at all.
  • Easy to carry because they fit easily anywhere. People carry their in-ear headphones when they step outside the house.
  • Speaker. I find it hard to speak through over-ear headphones. Because I’m don’t speak aloud. In-ear wired headphones have a movable speaker. So you can just bring the speaker closer to your mouth and talk.
  • They are cheap compared to other ones. Even the wireless ones are cheaper. But it depends on brands. As they are affordable and available, people use them as expendables. They are low maintenance, so it has become a go-to go headphones to many.
  • In-ear headphones won’t sweat. Manufacturers use materials like rubber and plastic in earbuds as they stay inside our ears. The inside of our ear doesn’t sweat, so earbuds won’t catch any sweat.
  • You can wear other head accessories while wearing in-ear headphones.
  • It goes with any outfit.
  • Easy to charge if wireless.
  • Wireless ones are ideal for working out.
  • You can listen with one ear if needed. Two people can listen together, which is very wholesome.


  • You won’t get the best sound quality
  • They are not long-lasting
  • You can lose them quickly. Even more if wireless
  • Fragile wires. You’ll lose the audio of either ear if your headphone goes through strain
  • Plastic-built earbuds can make ears hurt if worn for a long time
  • Directly channels audio to eardrums. So if you aren’t careful with your volume level, it can damage your ears.
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Which is safer?

None of the headphones are great for using for a long time. They both deliver audio to our ears but choosing the right one can make a massive difference in ear health.

In-ear headphones reach the eardrums more than over-ear headphones. They lock the eardrums from the outside. Audio reaches directly to the eardrums, which is very harmful. Because even when you are listening to audio within normal range, it’ll increase by 9 decibels just because it’s closer to your ears. Also, you’ll have to turn the volume higher than normal because it doesn’t block out external noises.

I got surprised when I switched to over-ear headphones. I didn’t have to turn the volume up as much, whereas I had to use max volume in in-ear headphones. There is hardly any in-ear user who hasn’t been disgusted after pulling out their earbuds. Earbuds catch ear debris and wax. If you don’t clean wax after every use, it’ll catch dust. Dust contains germs, and your eardrums will get infected after putting on unclean earbuds.

Over-ear headphones aren’t saints too. Longer usage of over-ear headphones causes headaches. But when it comes to the safety of eardrums, then over-ear headphones are comparatively safe. Because they sit far away from the eardrums so no chance of eardrum infections. It cancels external noises, so you don’t need to turn your volume up. Also, it channels music evenly in the ears. Read more on Why Over-Ear Headphones are Better

Over-ear headphones are the winner in this case. They are safer than in-ear headphones. Their size may be a bit too much, yet they stand out in the matter of safety. In-ear headphones are great. Not all of us can live without them, but you know how harmful they can be, so try to maintain a balance. Investing in good over-ear headphones will ensure both sound quality and safety because it is easier to buy good products than to cure a disease.

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