What To Look For While Buying Wireless Headphones

Wireless Headphones
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What To Look For While Buying Wireless Headphones

What To Look For While Buying Wireless Headphones

New technology is everywhere. But are they worth it? Sometimes become too confusing, right? How many times did you feel that the earlier version of the product was better than the new one? Yes, these experiences make us more confused about pursuing new and updated technologies. For wireless headphones, the process is no different either. From sound quality to acquiring them to our phone, the whole process differs from other models. There are many things for average joe’s to know. Let’s get started.

The Specific Type You’re Looking For

There are so many different types of headphones available on the market. Choosing the one compatible with you is hard without good market research. Headphones can be of different sizes and portions and have a wide range of audio peripherals. We typically see the basic forms of headphones: over-earphones, on-earphones, in-ears, and true wireless earbuds.

What Determines The Quality Of  Sound & Bluetooth?

The audio quality of your headphone will primarily be depended on the codec. Codec is the software that processes and transmits the sound into your earbuds. The connecting devices need to have a synced approach to get the best output. Several codec systems like SBC, aptX, aptX HD, AAC, Latency, etc.

How Long Is A Good Battery Life For Wireless Headphones?

Generally, over-ear headphones comprise a larger battery, which can be charged with a USB cable. A maximum of 30 hours and a minimum of 20. That’s it. It would be best if you weren’t buying something which gives back up for like 15 hours only. Take this into consideration before buying your headphone.

Does The Bluetooth Quality Matter With Headphones?

The quality of your BlueTooth also matters heavily. Because you don’t know when to switch devices, it can be frustrating if the device doesn’t switch with your headphone quickly enough. The W1 chip in some Apple headphones has sped up the connection process to only three seconds. To use the AirPods, open the case (or click a button on the side of certain Beats headphones), then hit an onscreen instruction.

Consider The Size, Type, and Proportion Of Headphones

Generally, wireless headphones have three types of styling. On-ear, in-ear & over-ear. Over-ear & On-ear are very similar and works in the same manner for the wired version too.

In-ear format is the most distinctive one and is considered true wireless earbuds. The in-ear format has also been a recent trend for the youth especially.

However, the problem with these earbuds is the latency. If your Bluetooth device isn’t the most compatible and its codec system is anything less than aptX. Your sound quality will be hugely affected. Along with that, battery life is not that great. They’ll provide backup for approximately 5 hours at most. They are also more expensive than wired earbuds. Another disturbing thing I must say is the size of the earbuds is small and more prone to be easily lost.

Maybe the time isn’t too far when the wired headphones will be distinct, and wireless will be the only option. Eventually, BlueTooth is the future. Wireless headphones provide great utility, are affordable, and, most importantly, optimized sound quality. Keep in mind that a pair of wireless noise-canceling headphones can be the best gadget to encourage your creativity.

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