What is True Wireless Technology?

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What is True Wireless Technology?

True Wireless Technology

Wireless accessories like true wireless earbuds have become popular in audio products. The revolutionary technology has brought about changes that have helped us get rid of wires from our earphones! When we hear devices claiming to be True Wireless, what does that even mean?

Wireless equipment like Apple’s classic EarPods or Old Earbuds is designed in a way where they do not need a cable connection to communicate with the source of the audio. Instead, they get connected in alternative methods! What methods? Well, much like Bluetooth or other means to establish a wireless connection.

However, these products still rely on cables if any of their items have multiple parts needing to be functioning together. But then comes the accessories of True Wireless technology that consist of zero physical cables. They rely entirely on Bluetooth connections by using the new chipsets of Qualcomm True Wireless.

In this way, they can allow the functioning of the True Wireless Earbuds and other equipment and connect to the source device of the media and the paired earbuds or speakers entirely wirelessly. In the case of audio signaling, True Wireless also delivers the audio channels separately to the receiving devices. They assign the right and left channels to two different earbuds.

The devices using True Wireless technology consist of multiple accessories which are all wireless and capable of connecting.

What does True Wireless Technology Mean?

True Wireless Stereo uses Bluetooth signals rather than cables or wires for transferring sound. As said above, TWS differs entirely from wireless accessories. Enough, that despite not connecting physically to any media source, still rely on some physical connections to ensure the proper functioning of the different parts of the device.

But true wireless technology is truly ‘wireless.’ The main motto is no involvement of any wires at all for connecting to a device that is the source of the media or linking one speaker or Earbud with the other. Thanks to the Bluetooth chips that help establish a total wireless connection. And this technology has helped True wireless earbuds to be so popular all around the world.

True Wireless devices use different ways to connect to media sources depending on the brands and the accessories. Many True Wireless earbuds feature a single earbud for the primary connection between the audio source and the second Earbud. The first Earbud sends a signal to the audio source device, which connects, and after that, the source device forwards this signal to the second Earbud.

Other True Wireless earbuds first connect the earbuds so that the audio source device can at a time connect to both. After the equipment’s Bluetooth chip simultaneously sends that audio to both the earbuds. This process allows the undue strain to be prevented on only a single earbud and improves the connection strength, providing clearer audio.

Advantages of this Technology

There are many advantages that True wireless technology offers. But initially, it is amazing because of its convenience and easy-to-use nature. Functionality that comes cable-free means the users can freely move around! They do not have to worry about the cables getting tangled in their pockets or maybe snagging on the door handles. Most True Wireless Earbuds come with a Bluetooth range upwards of 30 feet and yet offer a clear connection. This makes them perfect for any physical activities or workout. True Wireless earbuds are also easy to pair up, flexibly for use and have a 75 % longer battery life than any traditional wireless earphone.

Again, True wireless technology brings a high-quality stereo sound and an immersive audio experience. When the users put both earbuds in, they can experience clear, crisp surround sound. Even after wearing a single earbud, the user can still have a great audio experience. This is because the audio is not split. It doesn’t sound like the audio is delivered to separate earbuds.

Common True Wireless Applications

While earbuds are one of the most popular products of the current time, True Wireless technology is not just limited to earphones alone. True Wireless technology is also the latest edition and innovation in Bluetooth speaker tech. True Wireless stereos connect to the main speaker by using a laptop or smartphone. After that, the main speaker connects to the secondary speaker using Bluetooth signals.

The users can play music in their entire home during any event or party. For example, they can keep one True Wireless speaker in one room. e that bedroom or living room, and another at the pool-side, which will give you the feeling of music across an entire floor. However, the portable batteries have a life span of 15 hours at one charge. And without even a home theater, they can produce great surround-sound quality audio.

True wireless technology has been applied to chargers as well. True Wireless earbuds get charged by the charger box provided without wire or cables.

How Does This Technology Work?

True Wireless technology mainly exists within the Qualcomm microchips. The chips are inside your True Wireless earbuds and the speakers that control the wireless connection between the audio playback device. And also connects the media source through a Bluetooth connection. However, how the True Wireless devices will connect to the media source depends on the generation of True Wireless products. Currently, there are two generations of True Wireless technology. The first generation is “True Wireless” and the second generation is “True Wireless Plus.” However, both generations are currently referred to as “True Wireless.” So it is necessary to be sure by inquiring about the generation of the true wireless product before purchasing.

True wireless technology has brought revolutionary changes in the world of audio equipment. With its gradual further innovations, It is reaching a new height. And the sign of that is we are using audio equipment without the hassle of dealing with wires. I hope we will find more benefits from this advanced technology in other aspects of our lives.

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