What is aptX Low Latency On Headphones?

What is aptX Low Latency On Headphones?
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What is aptX Low Latency On Headphones?

What is aptX Low Latency On Headphones?

AptX low latency is a newer concept for audiophiles out there. AptX low latency audio provides sound compatibility with what’s going on the screen. It makes you feel good about what you’re watching—perfect video and audio system compatibility. AptX low latency improves the end-to-end aspect of the audio transmission. This results in a perfect outcome of synchronized sound, which makes you feel you are in the mood.

Technical Specifications

In embedded BlueTooth devices, you can achieve around 40 ms latency from the audio adapter with the aptX low latency encoder. An effective population of packets can provide you with a sample-based codec at very low latency.

What is Audio Latency?

Audio latency determines the rate of delay and sync of the sound with its video source. It may range from movies to video games. Audio latency is measured through milliseconds. There is a specific reason to do so. Because duration longer than milliseconds indicates that the gadget is losing its capacity or has bigger issues. Any delay over 40 milliseconds makes the audio latency clearer and more obvious. As this is the situation, it interrupts the quality of the video play for any audience.

What is Audio Codec?

A codec is a software (used to be a device before) used for encoding and decoding data for delivery purposes. An audio codec is no different. It also serves the same purpose but with more adherence. It generally emphasizes the encoding and decoding aspect and provides overall finer output. Your listening experience will largely be responsible for the efficient work process of a codec. It doesn’t matter how good your speaker is if the codec process isn’t taken on sharply. The experience won’t be too good.

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What Does aptX Low Latency Do For You?

It’s a feature offered by Qualcomm. It’s the latest variation of aptX. The main purpose is audio processing. However, aptX low latency has its utility combined with BlueTooth. Apte’s low latency is solely dependent on BlueTooth technology to function correctly. This is the only way it connects your device with the speaker.

AptX low latency provides a smoother sound experience. You’ll be able to feel it while using this. Qualcomm guarantees you to provide top-notch sound quality and at least at around 40 milliseconds. It may vary depending on the content you’re watching/listening to.

Let’s assume you are playing a game. The latency rate that is acceptable for gaming is 100 milliseconds. Most of the games are made in that way. But when it comes to sophisticated works, for example, an audio speaker, you’ll have to pursue latency of around 20 to 40 milliseconds.

You can go for aptX Low Latency. It is completely up to you. However, it’s not lossless though it significantly reduces the streaming latency. This technology is more suited to android devices, to be honest with you. And they are created to provide you with better performance than CDs. Qualcomm also offers codec software that will help you get the best of both worlds. It generally varies between low latency and less lossy, which depends more on the type of connection you are having. Then what are you waiting for? Get the best aptX Low Latency device for yourself in the first place.

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