What is aptX HD on Headphones?

What is aptX HD on Headphones?
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What is aptX HD on Headphones?

What is aptX HD on Headphones?

AptX HD is an audio codec that employs a 24-bit audio file transmission format to optimize the signal-to-noise balance. The files are sent via Bluetooth, which aims to minimize distortion significantly. Simply put, this technology aids in delivering high-quality audio on wireless devices.

Advantages of aptX HD Over Common aptX

Before we go into how aptX HD offers you a competitive edge, it’s worth noting that it comes in two varieties: Qualcomm aptX HD and the more typical aptX classic.

  • The traditional version of the codec, which is more commonly used, allows 24-bit 48kHz LPCM audio data, which is a significant improvement above 16-bit 48kHz. 
  • Despite the popular belief that this is a lossless standard, it does rely on compression to deliver data across limited Bluetooth bandwidth. Qualcomm aptX HD codecs have a massive 4:1 compression ratio, giving its 576kbps bitrate a competitive advantage over standard aptX’s 352kbps bitrate. 
  • HD’s split-band solution supports distinct bitrates across a spectrum of frequency bands before converting them to a sound file. These bands can safeguard additional data without compromising the music quality if optimized.
  • The HD version also has competitiveness in terms of bit-depth. When compared to the traditional versions, this version has an extra 2-bits, ensuring greater accuracy at lower frequencies. When the frequencies are lower, we can listen to the audio with increased instrument sounds and harmonics.

Why opt for headphones with aptX HD?

Suppose you’re a fan of high-resolution music. In that case, you’ll notice a substantial change in sound quality when wearing a headset equipped with aptX HD. Most of us aren’t aware that a portion of audio data is lost during wireless transmission, reducing audio clarity. As a result, they may skip out on the finer details of the audio, leading them to miss out on the genuine core.

However, if you’ve tried headphones with and without this codec, you’ll understand the difference immediately. And once you’ve experienced the pinnacle of pure music with these headphones, there’s no going back. Overall, we can say that when compared to a lesser Bluetooth codec, headphones with it will outperform them in every aspect.

Is It Worth It To Buy Headphones With aptX HD?

Modern technologies are always well received by the wider populace, and this is no exception. It improves audio quality and makes Bluetooth a more stable music-listening platform.

Keep in mind that Bluetooth does, after all, have its restrictions. But we owe it all to the aptX HD’s clever use of split-band ADPCM, which has given us a new appreciation for music’s finer notes.

As a result, headphones with this codec will get the most out of audio data, which you won’t get with cheaper, simpler aptX headphones. Still, it’s not reasonable to believe it delivers superb wireless music. But it does enhance wireless audio quality over its competitors.
Check out the 4 Best aptX HD Headphones You Can Buy

Of course, aptX HD headphones will revolutionize the way audiophiles listen to music compared to people with normal hearing. But one thing is for sure, these headphones are the best-sounding Bluetooth headphones on the market.

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