Best Vocal Harmonizers Review In 2022

Best Vocal Harmonizers Review In 2022
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You have seen the effect pedals that guitarists use during their performance. Well, they are not only there for adding flavor to the tone but also can reshape the perception of the song you are listening to. They are known as Vocal harmonizers. It is one of the favorite accessories for guitar players in the World. But, for a good harmonizer, there are some distinct qualities like clear text appearance, smooth switch, and good quality sound. It seems quite tough for amateurs to choose a harmonizer. So, we’ve handpicked some of the best vocal harmonizers for you.

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Best Vocal Harmonizers Review In 2022

10. DigiTech VLHM Vocal Harmonizers

DigiTech VLHM - Vocal Harmonizers

Product Description: Digi Tech VLHM offers a budget-friendly vocal harmonizer with excellent components. Its pedal is quite accurate and the processor is supportive.

Design and Quality: There is an automatic adjustment option in this harmonizer. It senses the guitar chords and sets up natural vocal tunes to it while you are singing on a sustained note. So, you don’t have to worry about the setups even when the playing pattern changes.

  • Double-effect technology.
  • It has built-in guitar tuning options.
  • Can loop vocal up to 70 seconds.

9. TC-Helicon Vocal Harmonizers

TC-Helicon Harmonizer - Vocal Harmonizers

Product Description:  This vocal harmonizer comes with six delay combinations. You can also stack up additional two vocals through the processor.

Design and Quality: You can update the processor’s software and manage processors according to your needs. It automatically detects and develops the correct harmonic parts.

  • It has 10 presets with a/b options.
  • Comes with USB for up-gradation and management.
  • Users can connect the voice and guitar at the correct harmonic order.

8. TC Electronic EQ Vocal Harmonizer

TC Electronic EQ Vocal Harmonizer - Vocal Harmonizers

Product Description: If you are looking for signature effects, then you might consider TC EQ Effects Vocal harmonizer. Out of all those models we have selected, it is one of the classic ones.

Design and Quality: You can create creative tones with it. You can even customize your effects and shape the music in any way you wish. This device literally gives you full control over the effect’s parameters.

  • It comes with built-in Toneprints for high-quality effects.
  • You can gain optimum clarity by True Bypass.

7. BOSS Acoustic Processor (VE-8) Vocal Harmonizers

BOSS Acoustic Processor (VE-8) - Vocal Harmonizers

Product Description: If you are looking for a compact-sized device that can suit all types of singers, then this is your option. It is very helpful for the acoustic guitar users as it uses a special sound processing system. It is quite easy to install and control.

Design and Quality: Its sound quality is enough to set it apart from the other devices. BOSS VE-8 comes with powerful features and great sound.

  • The harmonizer uses pitch correction in live performances.
  • It comes with double vocal options and dramatic processing.

6. Fishman Aura Vocal Harmonizers

Fishman Aura Vocal Harmonizer - Vocal Harmonizers

Product Description: This vocal harmonizer is great support for any sort of acoustic instrument player. The chromatic tuner and 128 pre-loaded images are a great benefit for the players.

Design and Quality: Fishman Harmonizer comes with a chromatic tuner. It uses award-winning Aura Acoustic technology to mix studio sound with soundhole pickup.

  • It has 3-band Equalizer and a knob compressor.
  • The user can blend, control volume, and select images through the control pad.

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5. TC Helicon Harmony-G Vocal Harmonizers XT

TC Helicon Harmony-G Vocal Harmonizer XT  - Vocal Harmonizers

Product Description: The Harmony-G is particularly designed for harmonizer effects. It requires pre-setup before using all the features of this VoiceTone harmonizer.

Design and Quality: It comes with built-in advanced processors. The pedal is operated through the guitar. Coming with compact construction, it is easy to operate and contains a variety of options.

  • With the 2 switch stompbox, the user can use it with guitar and edit vocal effects.
  •  The built-in system contains doubling, reverb, delay, and micro mod options.

4. Grace Design Preamp Boost Harmonizers

Grace Design Preamp Boost Harmonizer  - Vocal Harmonizers

Product Description: Coming with refining ability for your vocal and acoustic instruments, Grace Design Preamp Vocal Harmonizer is a great choice. If that’s not enough, it comes with Semi-parametric EQ setting options.

Design and Quality: The quality of the output is beyond questioning. It has various boost settings. You can now accelerate your vocals and synchronize it with the tone harmony.

  • It comes with a warranty.
  • The system contains a variable boost and tuner mute.

3. NUX Cereberus Vocal Harmonizers

NUX Cereberus Vocal Harmonizer - Vocal Harmonizers

Product Description: It comes with the multi-effects pedal. And above all, it can be a ‘one-man army’ type stand-alone device or a team-player type device that connects 4 cables.

Design and Quality: It comes with an IR loader along with Analog Overdrive. Unlike many other devices, digital effects come without any mess or hassle.

  • It comes with 16 effects and 128 presets.
  • NUX Cerberus has IR loader, Distortion, Analog Overdrive, Digital Effects, and Inside Routing.

2. BOSS Vocal Harmonizer (VE-2)

BOSS Vocal Harmonizer (VE-2) - Vocal Harmonizers

Product Description: It generates vocal harmony in real-time. This might be something you are looking forward to. VE-2 will hardly let you down in effects and sound quality.

Design and Quality: VE-2 is quite affordable and easy to use. It automatically acknowledges the chords and matches them with harmonies.

  • The detection technique is automatic which can even detect mid-song key alteration.
  • It is also helpful for solo performers as the song key can be manually set up.

1. TC Helicon Mic-Mechanic 2

TC Helicon Mic-Mechanic 2 - Vocal Harmonizers

Product Description: If you are seriously considering developing your performance, this device might be for you. This professional vocal harmonizer automatically adjusts setting, so you can leave your tensions and extra pressures behind.

Design and Quality: Its high-grade echo and reverb set right into your vocal. Before you ask, the device is easy to operate and set up. Your voice would undergo smooth manipulations.

  • It comes with 3 reverb and 3 echo types.
  • It automatically adjusts the microphone’s setting for the user.

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In the end, you may have selected one for yourself. If you haven’t, remember to choose a user-friendly and compact design from our list of the best vocal harmonizers. The best ones for nowadays, have sophisticated processing with simple controls. So, get ready for better performance and become an ideal singer.

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