urBeats3 Review | Bass Heave Earphone

urBeats3 Review
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urBeats3 Review | Bass Heave Earphone


If you want a pair of bass-heavy earphones at a bargain price, then urBeats3 is the one you need. It comes with dual-chambered acoustics that offers you amazing sound experience.


UrBeats3 is a device that will serve you well. Although the boxing experience isn’t as fancy as the other Beats products, it’s as basic as it gets. It contains the earphones quick start guide, warranty card, quick start guide, and ear tips.

Build and Features


Beats is a brand that has built itself on the quality of its superior style aesthetic. The brand does not mess around with style. So urBeats3 comes as no surprise. When you think about it, the headphones have some serious style. The headphones consist of a knot-free flat cable that goes into a Y-connector and finally to the drivers and in-line remote, the urBeats3 have magnetic earbuds, this prevents them from turning into a ball of knots in your bag or pocket. The in-line remote is made of plastic but it’s pragmatic and efficient. You can turn up or turn down the volume. You don’t have to take out your phone to shuffle songs or control your music. They come in an assortment of ear tip choices.

There are two pairs of secure-fit wingtips and three sizes of tips. The various ear tips aid you in getting a good fit. A decent bit of passive noise-cancellation is achieved through the secret wing-tips provided. We must categorize ‘perfect fit’ with more exactitude. While the wingtips do help keep the headphones remain sealed in your ear, even when you’re working out at the gym. While they not uncomfortable, they’re not super comfortable either. They easily for short periods like commuting and jogging, completely hassle-free. However, you can’t wear them to bed or fall asleep with them.

They’ll simply slide off. The cable noise is also problematic. You’ll hear a slight noise against the fabric of your cloth whenever you pause the music. It’s not particularly annoying if you listen to it for a short period. If you want to wear these all day long at work, be ready to be continuously yanking them in and out of your ear to prevent the constant bothersome cable noise. It makes it a bit of a nuisance and a ridiculous spectacle of sorts, to be honest. Yet none of these issues are problematic enough to make them undesirable. These headphones are great for a few hours, afterward you get listening fatigue and experience discomfort. That is if you have them on for too long.


The Apple W1 chip helps urBeats3 connect with other devices smoothly. These earphones are compatible with iOS. You can take calls and activate Siri with the RemoteTalk cable.

Sound Quality

By itself, the urBeats3 is a good pair of headphones, but it fails miserably against the competition. And that’s just the beginning! We’ll talk about the positive features sound-wise first. There is an interesting sound balance to be found in the urBeats3. The bass can get pretty loud but there is a lot of control that reinforces the iconic image of Beats that are most popular among bass lovers.

The highs are not very good at all while the mids are a bit muddled. In actuality, this gives you an eclectic experience, especially when juggling different genres of music, on your playlist. When it comes to crisp music, the headphones are somewhat mediocre. This may be, due to the fact, that the highs and mids are so soft in contrast to the lows. You still can understand all the words in the songs. You will be deprived through, of nuanced guitar riffs. Those tend to get muddled together when you wear the urBeats3.This still doesn’t make them that bad, by itself.

The issue is that these problems are easily resolved by other headphones which cost pretty much the same. For instance- the 1MORE Triple Drivers do a much better job at the same price point. The urBeats3 can consider for their bass quality. But then again, it’s a Beats specialty. Bass lovers flock to the Beats’ stores for this very reason. Their brand name has always been staked on their superior bass quality. It does not disappoint on that end! The bass sounds deep and punchy with the help of tiny dynamic drivers that help pump it out.

It’s frequently so intense that it actually vibrates and resonates literally! The buds move with the music. Talk about being moved! It’s not too drastic though. They won’t jump off your ears or anything light that. But if you up the volume for a bass-heavy tune, make no mistake, you will feel the heat.

The bass response is very decent. The design is pretty smooth and stylish. The best part is that it is compatible with new iPhones. That’s great news for Apple loyalists.

It’s very comfortable to wear for a short time, but it gets very wearying and uncomfortable over time. If you’re not too picky and just want a cheap pair of earphones with average sound quality, then you can check this out.

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