Best Ukuleles Review In 2022

Best Ukuleles Review In 2022
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Music can be a beautiful and powerful thing. It can bring people together and uplift moods and help people grow. Perhaps one of the most fascinating things about music is the instruments themselves. With so many thousand different types of musical instruments, you are bound to find the one that is just for you. And if by chance that instrument happens to be the ukuleles, then you are in the right place.

The ukulele is a rather interesting musical string instrument, that is fun to play and can produce very soothing and mood-lifting tunes. We curated for you a list of the best ukuleles out there in the market, so you can start your musical journey the right way.

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Best Ukuleles Review In 2022

10. Fender Montecito Tenor

Fender Montecito Tenor - ukuleles

Product Description: Comes in tenor size and made from a mix of solid koa wood, this ukulele produces some great-sounding tunes.

Design and Quality: Superb design and quality from the solid koa top, back and side construction.

  • Great sound from a reputed brand
  • Comes with a hardtail bridge
  • Has a gig bag with it.

9. Lanikai QM-BLCEC

Lanikai QM-BLCEC - Ukuleles

Product Description: Being a wide neck for comfortable playing and chrome strap buttons for safety, this Ukulele will give you the comfort you seek.

Design and Quality: Eye-catching design with a vibrant and colorful finish, makes this one stands out from the crowd.

  • Great performance
  • Well-designed packaged
  • Comfortable to use.

8. Kala KA-SBG Baritone

Kala KA-SBG Baritone - Ukuleles

Product Description: Kala is known to produce some of the best ukuleles in the market and this one is no different.

Design and Quality: A well designed and quality baritone ukulele with a mahogany neck.

  • Superior sound
  • Solid spruce top
  • Has Rosewood fingerboard.

7. Ibanez UEW15E Concert

Ibanez UEW15E Concert - Ukuleles

Product Description: Reputed brand name ukulele with cutaway concert-style body shape.

Design and Quality: Superb design and quality just as we would expect from a brand like Ibanez with a flamed mahogany top.

  • Rich sounding ukulele
  • Grover chrome open-gear tuner
  • Nylblack strings.

6. Luna Tattoo Tenor

Luna Tattoo Tenor - Ukuleles

Product Description: Not only Luna products look great, but they also perform just as you would expect from a brand like this. The Tattoo tenor is no exception either.

Design and Quality: Possibly the most unique looking ukulele on our top 10 best ukulele list. This one great for someone who is looking for some added character with a solid construction and sound quality to top it all off.

  • Quite affordable
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Resembles traditional design.

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5. Fender Venice Soprano

Fender Venice Soprano - Ukuleles

Product Description: Another great addition from the legends over at Fender. The Venice Soprano comes in the soprano side with a 4-in-line painted tele headstock.

Design and Quality: Sturdy build quality and made from basswood makes this ukulele a perfect starter for someone looking to get into the ukulele game.

  • Superior build
  • Basswood constructions
  • Produces a smooth and rich sound.

4. Martin T1K Tenor Ukulele

Martin T1K Tenor Ukulele - Ukuleles

Product Description: Classic looking performance ukulele that comes in a tenor size and capable of producing a rich and full sound.

Design and Quality: Made from solid koa, you can rest assured this ukulele will not disappoint. The finish is also top-notch and feels very premium.

  • Glossy finish
  • Dovetail neck joint
  • Comes with a gig bag.

3. Yamaha GL1 Guitalele

Yamaha GL1 Guitalele - Ukuleles

Product Description: Yamaha is a legendary name when it comes to musical instruments and the GL1 Guitalele upholds the Yamaha badge. This is a 6 string baritone guitar that is sized as a ukulele which makes it quite an interesting addition to our lineup.

Design and Quality: The strings are made from nylon for crisp and strong sound and the fit and finish is also top quality just as we would expect from a name like Yamaha.

  • Premium finish
  • 17” scale
  • Comes with a soft gig bag.

2. Fender VanderWaal Signature

Fender VanderWaal Signature - Ukuleles

Product Description: Great for concerts and playing your heart out, the Fender VanderWaal will impress even the most hardcore of musicians.

Design and Quality: The dark walnut finish gives the VanderWaal a premium and classical feel. The added warranty just sweetens the deal even further.

  • Quite affordable
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Comes with a warranty.


MAHALO EUK-200 - Ukuleles

Product Description: For the ones that do not want to settle for anything less. Its electric, it’s loud and it’s proud.

Design and Quality: Rosewood body ukulele, so you can rest assured you are getting the best sound you can get. The design is superb and grade-A quality as well.

  • Versatile sound
  • Mahogany body
  • Comes with a headphone jack and a 9V battery.

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Ukuleles are some of the most enjoyable instruments to play. You can find almost anything that suits your taste if you look at the right places and our list just made that task much easier. Get the one that is best for you and start playing.

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