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Turntables have been the go-to for music lovers and audiophiles for many generations – all the way from the early days of music production to the roaring Golden Age of rock and roll and onwards. With the advent of modern technology, CDs did take over vinyl records at some point but it looks like turntables are fighting back. The sale of vinyl records is increasing every year, partly due to its analog-sounding output and its collectability. However, turntables and vinyl records can be expensive and difficult to maintain and will require several turntable accessories to perform flawlessly. Here are our top 10 accessories essential for a vinyl collector today.

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Top 10 Best Turntable Accessories In 2021

1. Audioquest Anti-static Record Brush

Audioquest Anti-static Record Brush - Turntable Accessories

Vinyl records are susceptible to dust, and dust collecting on vinyl records will affect its sound quality. Audioquest’s anti-static record brush removes dust and debris from records quickly and effectively and makes sure it keeps sounding as good as new.

It consists of carbon fiber bristles and gold contacts that can remove dust at a microscopic level, and sweep away any dust that may have collected on your records.

2. Original Master Record Sleeves

Original Master Record Sleeves - Turntable Accessories

Vinyl albums come in paper sleeves. Paper can fight against dust effectively but isn’t suitable in the long run as it is susceptible to wear and tear. The Original Master Record Sleeves are made from three-ply material and will keep your records fresh and spotless for a long time.

It is the first choice for many professionals like reviewers and record labels, and you can rely on them to keep your records scratch-free.

3. AmazonBasics Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

AmazonBasics Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

Sleeves and brushes are great ways to keep your records dust-free, but you do have to clean your records from time to time. AmazonBasicsMicrofibre Cleaning Cloth might not be your typical turntable accessory, but it is an essential one.

Using these soft and sensitive cloths to keep your records free from dust and dirt will ensure that your record runs smoothly.


Whilst vinyl records can collect dust and it is important to keep them clean, it is also important to keep in mind that stylus can collect dust too. The stylus can even transfer dust to your clean records, so why not protect them as well?

Whilst cleaning a stylus can be a bit more difficult, you can easily set the ONZOW stylus cleaner on top of your device and lift it back to protect your stylus and keep it dust-free.

5. BigBen

The job of a record weight, as the name suggests, is to provide weight to a record without affecting the record itself. This is necessary for many reasons. Rotation between the vinyl record and the platter can sometimes cause vibrations or be warped due to heat and humidity.

The use of a record weight can help maintain the sound quality, flatten out warps and allow you to maintain the durability of the records.

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6. Neoteck Digital Stylus Gauge

Neoteck Digital Stylus Gauge

Record weights are important. When there are unnecessary vibrations, you need to ensure that the record is not receiving unnecessary weight from the stylus itself. The Neoteck Digital Stylus Gauge is a miniature device that can be set to measure the force of a stylus when it plays a record.

Once you have that information, you can compare it with the recommended force weight of the player and adjust accordingly.

7. Audio-Technica


The adjustment of your turntable set up can affect the sound quality you receive you’re your vinyl records. To get a better sound quality, you can invest in a spirit level, which will allow you to control the horizontal positioning of your turntable.

The AT615 Turntable Spirit Level can make an audible difference in sound quality with the slightest adjustments.

8. Pro-Ject Leather It Platter Mat

Vinyl albums are often two-sided and their grooves will have to face the record platter when the other side is playing. Vinyl records are also delicate and fragile and can be damaged easily. Pro-Ject is the best choice to avoid this hassle.

To prevent your grooves from being damaged due to friction, you can invest in The Pro-Ject Leather It Platter Mat has a gentle surface that dampens ambient vibration, improving the audio output and protecting your records at the same time.

9. Kimber KableTonik RCA Cable

Kimber KableTonik RCA Cable

Clean records, a stable stylus, and a perfectly adjusted turntable are all well and good. However, you also need to make sure that the audio output from the turntable reaches your speakers seamlessly. Using cheaper, regular cables often results in signal loss and degradation and produces audio output filled with static noise. Using a high-end RCA cable, like the Kimber KableTonik RCA Cable, will allow you to listen to lossless, clear, crisp sound without sacrificing any of the details.

A good RCA Cable like the Kimber KableTonik is a worthwhile investment if you want to immerse yourself in the full vinyl experience.

10. Cambridge Audio Duo

Cambridge Audio Duo

A phono amp amplifies an audio signal to a level suitable for the AUX input and applies an equalization curve to rectify the frequency adjustment made during the record cutting process. This is an essential tool to have if your turntable does not come with one. Even if it does, it is still better to have a dedicated preamp like the Cambridge Audio Duo to handle your audio signal output.

The Cambridge Audio Duo features a subsonic filter that lowers frequency distortion and thus protects your speakers’ woofers. The Cambridge Audio DUO also has MC (Moving Coil) compatibility, which allows it to produce a detailed, crisp sound after amplification.

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The more attention is paid to turntable and turntable accessories, the better it functions and the better the quality of sound you receive. There are many other accessories for turntables other than the ones mentioned above. Which ones you choose to purchase and invest in will entirely depend on your budget and what you aim to achieve with your turntable.

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