Surround Sound Headphones
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There are headphones of different types in the market today. But almost all headphones aim to give you the clarity and depth of sound when you watch movies or listen to songs wearing these headphones. Surround sound headphones have been really popular nowadays for their ability to deliver sound in a three-dimensional manner. These headphones will pass the sound from one side of the room to the other by giving a three-dimensional experience throughout. The surround sound headphones are mainly used for gaming as you can use them to target and locate your enemies. These headphones will give you the upper hand in gaming. So with all the points into consideration, here are the top 10 best surround sound headphones of 2021.

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Top 10 Best Surround Sound Headphones In 2021

1. Audeze Mobius Surround Sound Headset

Audeze Mobius Surround Sound Headset - Surround Sound Headphones

Product Description: Audeze Mobius Headphones are professional headphones that are made to give a great sound experience.

Design & Quality: The headphone has a design that is a bit traditional but it still manages to look really good. The product is made out of premium materials only. The earpads and headband are made out of foam that gives a lot of comforts. The quality of sound is really good and neutral. This means you will clearly and distinctively understand whatever you’re listening to.


It has a mic that is removable. The headphone is also equipped with Bluetooth connectivity.

2. Hyperx Cloud II

Hyperx Cloud II - Surround Sound Headphones

Product Description: Hyperx Cloud II is a headphone that has high-performance and is mainly considered as a premium device.

Design & Quality: The product has an aesthetic design that makes it look really good to the eye. The ear cups can be swiveled and they are made of foam which means you can wear them for a long time without any discomfort. The sound quality is really good as the output of audio is maintained well enough. The sound is natural and clear.


There are an adapter and a cushion for storage or carry. The ear cups can be replaced.

3. Sennheiser PC 373D

Sennheiser PC 373D - Surround Sound Headphones

Product Description: PC 373D headphones are from the company Sennheiser who is known to produce the best headphones in the market.

Design & Quality: The design will match your gaming setup because it has an aesthetic design with a black color mix. The quality of sound is out of the world as it has Dolby sound. The sound is surrounded throughout allowing you a better experience.


The equalizer can be utilized through an app that is given by the manufacturer. You can turn the mic’s noise cancellation as per your wish.

4. Sony MDR-DS650

Sony MDR-DS650 - Surround Sound Headphones

Product Description: The MDR-DS650 headphones are from Sony that mixes technology with comfort.

Design & Quality: The sleek jet-black design of the headphones looks really great in the dark or the light. The soft foam on the ear cups gives a lot of comforts and also gives the perfect fit to the ears. The sound quality is excellent because of the neodymium drivers and fast response.


It has a Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound feature.

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5. Corsair Void Headphones

Corsair Void Headphones - Surround Sound Headphones

Product Description: The corsair void are gaming headphones who are high-performance and are made of high-quality materials.

Design & Quality: The headphone is plastic but the design is unique which gives a premium feel to it. The signature of sound is well-balanced and the sound is natural. The clarity of sound is also maintained.


The range of wireless is a lot and it shuts off when it is not being used.


6. Logitech G633

Logitech G633 - Surround Sound Headphones

Product Description: The Logitech G633 are headphones that can surround the sound well and give an overall better experience.

Design & Quality: The design is a bit thick which is why it is durable. The color white and black makes this look like a real premium product. You can shape the headband according to your shape. The quality of sound is great as it can provide natural, raw sound keeping its bass response intact.


You can set up the headphones from the app and customize it according to your will.

7. Turtle Stealth 600

Turtle Stealth 600 - Surround Sound Headphones

Product Description: The turtle stealth 600 are high-performance headphones that are comfortable.

Design & Quality: The design is modern and the ear cups can be swiveled. The headband is adjustable as well. The sound signature of this headphone is neutral and it has stereo sounds as well as surround sounds.


There is four equalization mode and you can toggle each of them at your convenience.

8. LucidSound LS31

LucidSound LS31 - Surround Sound Headphones

Product Description: The LS31 is a great headphone that can surround the sound well enough and also provide a better gaming experience.

Design & Quality: The simple design makes this headset look like a regular headphone. The mic in this headphone when attached makes it look into a premium headset for gaming. The sound quality is great as it can maintain a balance between mid-range and the bass.


It has three settings for sound and has a decent battery life.

9. Runmus Gaming Headset

Runmus Gaming Headset - Surround Sound Headphones

Product Description: The Runmus gaming headset is great at sound isolation and it is used by most professional gamers throughout the globe.

Design & Quality: This ergonomically designed product looks simple. The earpads can be adjusted as per your convenience. The sound signature in this product is really good as the audio drivers come with a fast response. It can cancel the outside noise as well.


You can easily connect it with other devices as it has nice connectivity. It has a cable for audio that is durable and strong.

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10. Vinpie Surround Sound

Vinpie Surround Sound - Surround Sound Headphones

Product Description: The vinpie surround sound headphones are premium headphones that are comfortable and great with the surrounding of sound.

Design & Quality: The design of this headphone makes it look really good and premium. It has leather built-in headbands that will allow you to wear this for long without any discomfort. The surrounding sound capability of this headphone is great and the clarity of the sound is also maintained.


The headphone can be connected with other devices and even with mobile phones. The connectivity process is really simple and easy.

The surround sound headphones can actually deliver a three-dimensional experience and you can use them at gaming or even in music. These headphones are great at maintaining the quality of music. So, you can check each of the reviews as all of them have impressive features!


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