Best Speakers for Coffee Shop Review in 2022

Best Speakers for Coffee Shop Review in 2022
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With the changing World, coffee shops have changed too. People don’t just want to sit there and sip on their mugs. They want to feel the environment. They desire to have the perfect vibe. That’s why coffee shops with speakers have a higher rating than others. But you can’t just set up any speaker over there and expect people to love it. The sound quality, amplifying options, and frequency need to be considered. So, we have handpicked our top 10 speakers for coffee shop over here.

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Best Speakers for Coffee Shop Review in 2022

9. Sonos Play 5

Sonos Five Two Room Set

Sonos is known to make some of the most high-end and exquisite speaker systems for both home and commercial use. Their products are versatile, filled with cool technology and most important, sound great.

This one from the guys over at Sonos is no different. The sound is very loud and fills the room with ease. For a coffee shop, given how large this is, it is a great addition. You can really feel the bass and clarity of this speaker once you turn it on and start jamming some tunes.

It is designed to provide deep thumping bass with a room-filling sound and features what Sonos calls Smart Sound. You can place it either vertically or horizontally.

No matter which orientation you place it at, the speaker automatically pumps the music through the correct channels.

8. Bose Virtually Invisible 591

Bose Virtually Invisible 591

We quite love the design of this one. Although for an in-ceiling speaker, it does not matter much. But there is something to be said about the attention to detail Bose put here.

It features a bezel-less design with grills you can paint over. This makes it super easy to blend it into the walls of your coffee shop.

You get a 5-inch woofer with two ¾ inch tweeters. All in all, this is one powerful combo that makes rich and loud sound without distorting the tracks.

We love how consistent this product is, as well. Drop-off is a non-issue with this one. When it comes to speakers for a coffee shop, this one gets an easy recommendation from us.

7. Sonos In-Ceiling Speakers

Sonos In-Ceiling Speakers - Pair Of Architectural Speakers

We can’t review in-ceiling speakers from all the other manufacturers and leave out Sonos. These speakers from Sonos will give others a run for the money. Albeit it is a little expensive compared to some other solution in the market.

Nonetheless, what you get with this one are Sonos’s great sound quality and modern techie features. Let us talk about the sound first.The sound that comes from this one is one of the best we have heard in a while. They sound crisp and the room-filling with no distortion or crackling when turning up the volume.

Plus, the amp is also smart. Here is where the Sonos shines. It has something called Trueplay. It dynamically adjusts the sound for the size, layout and construction of the room.

6. Klipsch CDT-5650-C II

Klipsch CDT-5650-C II

Whenever you have a product description that says ‘titanium tweeter,’ you know it will sound good. But we are not the ones to fall for marketing fluff. So, we tested just how it sounds for ourselves.

So, how does it sound? Well, in a word, it rocks. The sound is robust and also filling. There is a certain clarity in the music we played when testing it, which we did not quite find with some of the speakers here.

This leads us to believe the titanium tweeters are doing their job. The construction is super durable too. If you know anything about Klipsch, you know they make high-quality premium speakers.

5. JBL 8128

JBL 8128 | Full-range In-Ceiling Loudspeaker

With a clean aesthetic and easy mounting options, this in-ceiling speaker from JBL easily takes a top spot on our list.

The fidelity of the sound it produces is up there with the best of the best. The mounting option, as mentioned, is very easy too. It will fit in very well into the walls and practically disappear.

Leaving you with just great sound and no ugly tweeters sticking out. The color is white on this one. So, if your coffee shop has a white wall, that is even merrier.

4. Yamaha NSIW360C 2-Way Speaker

Yamaha NSIW360C 2-Way In-Ceiling Speaker System

This might not have the sexiest name, but as far as speakers for coffee shops go, this one is a banger. It comes with AmazonBasic wires, so you can find replacements easily.

Not to say you will need to replace them often. The quality and build are solid, along with the sound. As you can tell from the name, it is an in-ceiling speaker and produces some of the cleanest sounds.

3. Rockville Ceiling Speaker

Rockville Commercial 70v Amp+(8) White 5" Ceiling Speakers 4 Restaurant/Bar/Cafe

Product Description: Rockville produces commercial amps that come with multiple ceiling speakers for coffee shops and restaurants. You would be amazed by its power.

Design and Quality: Rockville has a fully functional remote that allows quick and efficient control. It comes with adjustable equalizer, built-in radio, dual cooling fan, and multicolored display.

  • 2 mics, 2 video sources, 1 audio source, and a recorder can be added.
  • It can add up to 3 additional amplifiers.
  • The cooling fans prevent the device from heating up.

2. Technical Pro 6000w

Technical Pro 6000w 6) Zone, Home Theater Bluetooth Receiver+12) 6.5" Speakers

From bass to the treble, this speaker dishes out loud and clear tunes no matter where you use it. You can install it in your coffee shop or use it as a home theater set up.

It is versatile and very powerful, which you can probably tell from the 6000-watt rating in the name. You get 12 6.5-inch speakers with this one. This makes it easy to strategically place them in your shop to fill it with sound.

1. Klipsch CDT-2800-C II

Klipsch CDT-2800-C II

A good balance between price and performance, this in-ceiling from the guys over at Klipsch strikes a sweet spot with the CDT-2800 C II. It has a 1-inch silk dome tweeter that can produce a balanced and clear sound.

The sound signature is very balanced, as well. The high, mid and low notes on almost all the tracks we tested are clear and balanced with nothing overpowering the other.

The quality and design are something we have to commend. Klipsch did a fantastic job on this one.

Finally, there are several types of devices around. Some of them can be hung, some can be put on the table and some are soundbars. There are many characteristics that differentiate each other. So, you might need to think about your demands and buy the best speakers for coffee shop.

Getting The Right Speakers for Your Coffee Shop

Getting The Right Speakers for Your Coffee Shop

Ever been to a party where there’s no music? Chances are, the attendees are super awkward as everyone shuffles in small clusters, struggling to initiate or keep a conversation going. The moment the stereo goes on, it’s like someone has moved a magic wand. The room almost lights up with connection, cheers, and smiles.

Coffee shops are the perfect place for a chill hangout with your family or friends, spending quality time with your significant other, or sipping on a piping hot cup o’ joe as you enjoy your “me” time. Smart café owners are aware that it’s no secondary concern. The effort that goes into creating the right ambiance by setting the music just right can be compared to fixing the perfect menu for the customers to enjoy.

And to get great music, you need great speakers! Let’s dig deeper into the factors you should keep in mind while shopping for the perfect speakers for your coffee shop.

Understanding the Concept

coffee shop concept

There are a few core elements that make up a professional coffee shop sound system, and many of them you probably know and understand quite well already. Diving deeper into specifics can either help you – 1) choose and assemble the correct café audio system, or) effectively and smartly instruct the hired professional to do it on your behalf.

A lot of the restaurateurs went into business as they loved the game of flavors and textures; wires, speakers, and amps aren’t the primary concern. We get it. But you can’t deny the power music has on people. If there’s ever been a time when you spent too much time in a particular coffee shop long after you were done munching on your muffin, it was probably because you were enjoying the music and your brain made you stick around for longer.

Every factor represents a point in your speaker’s journey in delivering constant, enjoyable music for your customers.

Guide to Buying the Right Speakers for Your Coffee Shop

1. Space

coffee shop space

Consider the space where the speaker will be operating in. Any professional would ask you the size of the room before recommending any speakers to you. Why? Because they’re trying to understand what impact the dimensions of the room will have on the speakers’ sound. You also need to think about how open your space is.

If you have a small, cute coffee shop without any large windows that constantly remain open, really large speakers wouldn’t be a good fit. Because – 1) they consume too much space, and 2) they tend to fill the room with excessive bass, making the sound muddy.

If the café is slightly bigger in size, larger speakers can make the sound more immersive and lifelike. It’s likely that the speakers won’t be kept inside a cabinet in a café, but even if they are being kept there, keep away from monitor speakers that create tons of bass. The bass will just bounce around inside the cabinet and create unwanted resonance.

2. Atmosphere

coffee shop atmosphere

How do you measure the atmosphere through speakers? “Soundstaging,” or stereo imaging. Speakers providing decent soundstaging allows the customers to perceive/hear the “location” of all the different sounds to replicate the feeling of the musician playing right in front of them

Sadly, you won’t know anything about a speaker’s soundstaging from its specs, so it’s a bit more complex task. To really test the speaker’s soundstaging specs, sit right in between the speakers and play an acoustic recording or a simply produced live. Avoid artificial, multi-tracked studio production as they won’t give you the answers you were looking for, not truly.

The human ear reacts better to spatially correct cues that come as mild reflections from the room’s surface (the room where the music is recorded). When these reflections are captured perfectly and replayed, the result is crisp, incredibly true sonic image of a musical event.

3. Sound quality

speaker sound quality

Speakers push the music in a particular direction with restricted coverage area. Depending on the shape and size of the café, you might need four, eight, 12, or maybe even more speakers to find the right coverage.

Low frequencies generally need big speakers to force that much air out. The largest speakers go by the name “subwoofers.” Be careful of speakers will smaller bodies that claim they offer rich bass. For most of the cases, that simply isn’t possible – physically, however, the renowned high-end speaker produced brand Bose is specialized in this department (and charge accordingly).

Lightweight speakers pose multiple red flags. At higher volume, these fragile things will tend to shake, making reductions or distortions during air compression. To put it in simpler terms, heavier speakers are much more durable and produce cleaner, crisper sound.

4. Budget

speaker budget

Taking into account the number of speakers and the quality of amps you require is your budget realistic? Are you considering professional wiring and installation, if needed? What’s the standard you have planned to set for your coffee shop, sound-wise? Do you need to add in a few more bucks to really do your café justice?

5. Design

coffee shop design

A coffee shop can be the kind where people walk in, order something, and leave without spending an extra second. Or, it can be a place where customers walk in, and a smile spreads across their place. They look forward to grabbing a seat and relaxing in the atmosphere. The décor plays a huge role in determining how welcome these people will feel inside the coffee shop. You surely have a theme in mind while planning for the café (if not, think right now). Fortunately, the market is filled with some downright beautiful speakers featuring furniture-grade finishes that will fit like a glove with the rest of the shop.

These speakers are an investment in your journey toward making a hospitable, warm coffee shop that the customers will keep coming back to. So, put some real thought into this and shop wisely.

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