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Cables are the lifelines of a speaker. Imagine having a super-powerful speaker with a very low-end cable that cannot flourish the brilliance of the speaker, how would that sound? Pretty bad, that’s for sure. While some cables can make your speakers sound better than they are, you should at least settle for a cable that does justice to your speaker. You need to buy a decent speaker cable to make sure your speaker sounds like it’s supposed to sound.

When looking for a good speaker cable, we need to keep in mind that expensive cables are necessarily not the best product on the market. You should buy according to your requirements, so choose a cable that fits your speaker and its surroundings. To help you out on this searching process, we have created this list:

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Top 10 Best Speaker Cables In 2021

1. AudioQuest Rocket 11 Speaker Cables


AudioQuest Rocket 11 - Speaker Cables

Product Description: A cable that does its work so fluidly that you’ll forget there is a cable connected. Smooth, precise, and good technique mixed with peer flexibility makes this one our first pick for speaker cables.
Design and Quality:
Very classic black and white design with red tips, this cable won 2019 What Hi-Fi? Award.

  • Smooth, flexible building
  • Compatible with almost all speakers
  • Clean, clear, and fluid sound.

2. Chord Company C-Screen

Chord Company C-Screen - Speaker Cables


Product Description: The thing about cables is that people tend not to spend money on it. While it is true that expensive cables provide quality sound, some budget cables are almost as good as the expensive ones. This cable comes second in our list because of this affordability nature.

Design and Quality: Thinner diameter comes with a conductor that is multi-stranded and made from oxygen-free copper.

  • Expressive features that will enhance your musical experience
  • Can mirror the drive and punch of your system
  • Some of the rivals might provide more features and space.

3. Monoprice 2747 12-gauge Speaker Cables


Monoprice 2747 12-gauge - Speaker Cables

Product Description: Thicker gauge, excellent sound system, wide availability- these are the reasons why we have picked this very speaker cable as the third choice. The gauge system is unique here and provides durability to the cables.

Design and Quality: A solid construction coming with relatively thicker gauge and good design.

  • Sounds fuller and richer than most other cables
  • Very well made with the solid construction process
  • Pretty available throughout the world

4. Atlas Equator 2.0

Atlas Equator 2.0 - Speaker Cables


Product Description: This is just what your system needs. Not very expensive, offers clear and perfect sound, has the features to rival other pricier brands. A very solid budget option if you’re short of money on this.
Design and Quality:
Very flexibly built speaker cable with metallic tips and a cream white body.

  • Has a good balance and weight
  • Sonic spring clean system for sound clarity
  • Quite affordable

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5. Chord Company Rumour 2 Speaker Cables

Chord Company Rumour 2 - Speaker Cables


Product Description: When it comes to cables, it’s mostly about the sound it makes the speaker produces. So if the speaker cable’s delivery is clean and crisp, then that is the cable to consider. Simple. And that is where this very cable excels.
Design and Quality:
This is a very unique cable designed for the users’ comfort. The sleek looks and easy setup makes it lucrative for people who don’t like a lot of hassles on this one.

  • Provides a very cohesive and lively sound
  • Adds a punch to the sound it produces
  • Decent accommodation

6. AudioQuest Rocket 22

AudioQuest Rocket 22 - Speaker Cables

Product Description: Availability and compatibility are two features that people expect to see in most speaker cables. This cable fulfills both features and adds the flexibility feature to make sure it’s a safe pick for anyone.
Design and Quality:
This cable is a sibling to the one topping our list, AudioQuest Rocket 11. While they are of similar designs, the former has more features.

  • The configuration system is pretty flexible
  • The sound is authoritative and clear
  • Works well in most kind of systems

7. Van den Hul The Clearwater

Van den Hul The Clearwater - Speaker Cables

Product Description: A cable that can fit in anywhere. The super-flexibility isn’t its only features though, because it provides loads of power and depth even from lower frequencies.
Design and Quality:
A balanced, slim cable with dinky plugs and jelly jackets coming with a transparent visual.

  • Provides one of the clearest sounds ever
  • Very detailed and refined sounds
  • The vocal would sound very natural

8. QED XT25

QED XT25 - Speaker Cables

Product Description: Another budget speaker on the list, because again, most people tend not to spend a lot on these. This one isn’t just cheap though, it has a lot of details and focuses on the sound dynamics. The cable is good with places that are not spacious.
Design and Quality:
The cable is quite transparent and comes with a flexible design that makes sure it doesn’t cover up a lot of space.

  • Provides excellent clarity and space
  • Very detailed and dynamic sound
  • Subtle and sophisticated cable specialized for warm sounding places

9. AmazonBasics 16-Gauge Audio Stereo Speaker Wire Cable

AmazonBasics 16-Gauge Audio Stereo Speaker Wire Cable - Speaker Cables


Product Description: A stereo speaker cable that can be used for larger spaces, the 50 feet length ensures you of that. Coming at a pretty economical rate, this cable makes sure the sound you get matches the quality of the speaker.
Design and Quality:
It has a plastic jacket shield that is transparent and quite durable. The plastic jacket also ensures uninterrupted and undistorted signals.

  • Easy and convenient dispensing
  • Makes sure no distortion occurs
  • Quite easy to distinguish which side is polar

10. InstallGear 14 Gauge AWG 100ft Speaker Wire Cable Speaker Cables


InstallGear 14 Gauge AWG 100ft Speaker Wire Cable - Speaker Cables

Product Description: This cable is as big as it can get, with a 100 feet capability. This one is also good for car audio and the home theatres, so this speaker cable can be stated as ‘jack of all trades’.
Design and Quality:
The cable comes with a rugged PVC jacket and is striped to easily figure out the polarity.

  • The conductor is made of aluminum and is copper-clad.
  • A stranded wire with very decent specifications

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Always remember the fact that when you go to buy a speaker cable, don’t settle for less. Pick a cable that is suitable for your sound system and enjoy the music!

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