Best Spade Plugs Review In 2022

Best Spade Plugs Review In 2022
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The great thing about being an audiophile is getting to play and tinker with all the high-end equipment. What adds to that is the sheer number of adapters and different plugs you can use to make the best audio system for your music listening experience or home theatre system.

Today we are bringing you a curated list of the top 10 spade plugs out there in the market. What is it that is so great about these? You can find these at different price points and also in different designs and qualities, meaning you are sure to find one that is perfect for your particular needs.

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Best Spade Plugs Review In 2022

10. KK-Y4 4 Pcs

KK-Y4 4 Pcs

Product Description: Reliable and simple double screw spade plus can get you going in no time if you are on a budget.

Design and Quality: The design of these is pretty straight-forward and unassuming. You wouldn’t be able to tell right away how powerful these are at first glance. But the 24k gold plating with its minimal design does wonders for these little plugs.

  • Reliable and solidly built plugs perfect for someone who wants to get in the audio scene without breaking the bank.

9. Geesatis 4 PCS 45 Degree Plugs

UCEC Y Plug 45 Degree Screw Spade Connector

Product Description: If you are in the market for a spade plus converter, then these are some of the best plugs you can buy at the time of writing.

Design and Quality: The connector is angled at a 45-degree which makes these perfect for use if your connector is at a weird angle and you have been scouring the market for the right connector. The gold-plated anti-corrosion design of these plugs also lends itself to the high quality.

  • Able to connect multiple speakers, amplifiers, and other electronic devices.
  • The durability of the product is also an added bonus.

8. SHTCUS 45 Degree Y Plugs 

SHTCUS 45 Degree Y Plugs 

Product Description: Very industrial looking spade plugs that are surprisingly good performers. This is an 8 pcs set of high-quality and well-built set of plugs.

Design and Quality: These are made with copper and safety in mind, you can plug in bare wires which also makes sure you do not get any unfortunate short circuits.

  • Easy to use and make a connection and comes in a 45-degree angle for hassle-free use and music listening.
  • You get 4 red plugs and 4 black plus clearly marked in this set of 8.

7. UCEC Spade Connector

UCEC Spade Connector

Product Description: Ever wanted a spade plug that simply works with your speakers? Then UCEC spade plus is the one for you.

Design and Quality: Built and designed especially for DIYers, this spade plug features can be used as an alternative of banana plugs for a tighter fit.

  • With these at your possession, you no longer need to worry about connecting bare wires which gives you a better overall sound and no short circuits.

6. GLS Audio Safe-Connect

GLS Audio Safe-Connect

Product Description: An innovative and well-made plug that can keep up with the high-end spade plugs out in the market.

Design and Quality: The insulated design of the GLS Audio Safe-Connect is made to be solderless and screwless which makes these a joy and easy to use.

  • Industrial and high-performance spade plugs from the guys over at GLS Audio that is built to keep up with the top of the time spade plugs without costing too much.

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5. Mediabridge Ultra Series Fast-Lock

Mediabridge Ultra Series Fast-Lock

Product Description: Made to be durable and rugged, the Mediabridge Fast-Lock is suitable for those who are looking for something they can use for years to come.

Design and Quality: Corrosion-resistant design that will be long-lasting with a gold plated outer shell. The plugs itself are also quite versatile, with its dual -width prong design, these can fit almost any speaker in the market.

  • A great and solid option with 10 – 18 AWG wire compatibility.

4. Viborg Pure Copper Plugs

Viborg Pure Copper Plugs

Product Description: The name of the product pretty much tells us all that we need to know about these. A durable and high-performing spade plug from Viborg.

Design and Quality: These are built from pure copper and boasts a silverfish finish which makes these stylish as well as very premium. It also has rhodium coated as well for the utmost performance.

  • A great option for high-end audio equipment.

3. Viborg HiFi Audiophile 6 MM 

Viborg HiFi Audiophile 6 MM 

Product Description: Non-magnetic spade plugs that ensure the safety of your audio equipment no matter what.

Design and Quality: These come gold plated for best in class audio performance and a carbon-fiber body makes these quite the durable bunch of spade plugs.

  • Great sound quality, a solderless design coupled with locking functions makes these perfect for use in the home or professional audio setups.

2. Sewell Direct Deadbolt 45

Sewell Direct Deadbolt 45

Product Description: Sewell Direct is one of the most reputable brand names when it comes to audio equipment and these do not disappoint.

Design and Quality: Great design and copper built with a 45-degree angle for easier connection. A very thoughtfully designed product.

  • You get 6 pairs of spade plugs in the set all of which are high quality and provides a solid connection and audio quality given the price.

1. AudioQuest SureGrip 300

AudioQuest SureGrip 300 - spade plugs

Product Description: Top of the line spade plug with a price to match, but that is what you pay for quality.

Design and Quality: These come with a cold-weld system which is miles better than solder and provides a better connection for this reason. The design is also very colorful and minimalistic. The ABS casing further adds to the outstanding quality of these.

  • You get 2 plugs for speakers and 2 for amps.
  • A premium and high-quality spade plug for enthusiasts.

Give your audio equipment and music listening to a new life and boost with any of this curated list of the top 10 spade plugs in the market.

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