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Sound Modules, you may or may not be familiar with this instrument. It’s an electrical musical instrument that produces sound by connecting to devices such as a MIDI controller. Some devices with a human-playable interface such as a MIDI controller may not produce sound on its own and require a tool like a sound module. So, all this information might be confusing for you, and choosing the best one among all the available sound modules might be much more complicated. That’s why we have put together the best 10 sound modules in this list. Check them out!

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Top 10 Best Sound Modules in 2020

10. Roland Sc-88 Sound Modules 

Roland Sc-88 Sound Module - sound modules

It’s a classic sound module of the Roland brand that has many modern features.

With a weight of 5 lbs. 7oz it makes sure to deliver clear sound.

  • Headphones input allowing you to connect the external headphone
  • 64 different effects to help you create a sound

9. Ketron Sound Modules

Ketron Sound Module - sound modules

Simple designed Ketron has many excellent features to fulfill your need.

Lightweight and portable design make it easy to carry.

  • Headphones for sound focus
  • Volume controller for sound level control

8. S-Engine USB MIDI Sound Modules 

S-Engine USB MIDI Sound Module - sound modules

The affordably priced S-Engine sound module delivers decent quality sounds of a wide range. This simple module is suited for people who simply want to play the music connecting to a MIDI keyboard.

Simple design and portable size make it easy to use and carry it around. It comes with a USB connection, stop/play button, and many more.


7. Midiplus MiniEngine Sound Modules

Midiplus MiniEngine Sound Module - sound modules


Being lower-priced, doesn’t affect the quality and features of this sound module at all! In fact, for the price like this one, it’s the best one you can get for yourself.

This small-sized blue sound module comes in a unique design with a weight of 3.31 pound to work as a USB host, don’t require connection to a computer.

  • 3-digit LED display for better understanding
  • 3.5mm stereo headphone for ease of use
  • Built-in mini speaker for your convenience

6. Yamaha Tone Generator

Yamaha Tone Generator - sound modules


The Yamaha tone generator offers way more features than the average sound modules. Because of the excellent features it offers, it can be considered of “pro” category.

It’s a fully-featured module with 5 control knobs that offers authentic and dynamic voices.

  • Control buttons for adjusting sound level while you record or perform
  • Arpeggio function to simultaneously play multiple tracks
  • MOTIF-RACK editor for intuitive and convenient editing

5. Behringer Synthesizer 

Behringer Synthesizer - sound modules


Recently, Behringer Sound modules became quite popular. Of course, it’s because of its excellent quality and features. If you are looking for a budget-friendly sound module, you should purchase this one.

It comes with a classic design and offers a moderate quality.

  • Filter mode with switchable function for enhanced sound
  • Super-rich oscillator for clear sounds
  • Versatile arpeggiator that enables you to be creative

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4. Midiplus MiniEngine Pro Sound Module 

Midiplus MiniEngine Pro Sound Module - sound modules

It works as a USB host that allows you to connect the mini engine to the USB MIDI keyboard. It’s an excellent device to operate with zero latency. The preset buttons can be shifted easily.

Its compact size allows you to carry it anywhere and anytime. It can support 24 bit/ 48 kHz audio output and 64 complex tones.

  • Preset Buttons- 3(A, B, C) for smooth shifting
  • Supports MIDI IN and USB host to work simultaneously

3. Roland JP-08 Synthesizer Module 

Roland JP-08 Synthesizer Module - sound modules

This limited-edition sound module comes with about 36 knobs and sliders. It has all the modern features to handle most stage demands and studios. You can use it as a 24-bit/44.1kHz audio interface.

Its compact design retains the same character, feel, user interface, and sound as the Jupiter-8 synthesizer.

  • Ribbon controllers enabling you to pitch band
  • LFO waveforms and VCO range
  • Ability to chain 2 modules together for polyphony

2. Roland D-05 Synthesizer 

Roland D-05 Synthesizer - sound modules

The Roland company has been manufacturing good sound modules for a long time. While they used to produce those classic analog synthesizers before, the Roland D-05 is the newer version of those older versions.

It’s a vintage synthesizer with sleek designs and digital engines.

  • Built-in mini speaker for a better experience
  • Compatibility with optional boutique accessories
  • Joystick control with a user interface allowing you to enjoy it much more than any other sound modules

1. Moog Mother Analog Synthesizer 

Moog Mother Analog Synthesizer - sound modules

With its outstanding quality and some excellent features, Moog Mother Synthesizer has grabbed the top quality on our list. It comes with lots of patch points, allowing you to have abundant options for sound control. So, if you always been a fan of classic Moog tones but didn’t have the budget for it, here’s a good option for you with low prices!

This large black semi-modular synthesizer has an external input to process outside sound sources.

  • Aluminum enclosure to keep it secure
  • Assignable CV jack allowing to have 16 assignable sources
  • 32 patch-points for synthesis complexity

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Hopefully, this article was helpful enough to give you many ideas about the useful features of sound modules. As we analyzed many of them and came up with the list of the top 10 best sound modules, you can pick any of these without any tension. So, whether you are already familiar with this device or heard about it just now! If you think you might need it, grab the best one you find on our list and enjoy it for a long time. Best of luck!

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