Sony ZX300
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Sony ZX300 Walkman ZX Series

Sony ZX300

Four decades ago Sony introduced the first Walkman and people began to listen to music on the move. Since then Sony has been designing several types of Walkman. With the rise of mobile phones, the popularity of Walkman started to decline Sony has clearly been trying to regain its place in the top tables. And by the grace of their Research and Development team, Sony has been able to produce some impressive Walkman which is at least catching eyes on the market. While it introduced Sony NW-ZX300 Walkman in 2017, they called it technically superior in every way” and we can hardly go on a debate about it.

Sony NW-ZX300 Walkman has been designed for great audio quality in a palm-sized design. The sleek matte glass touchscreen display allows you to carry the World of music inside your pocket. And all this comes to you within only $699.

In fact, the earlier version from ZX series, ZX2 came out with a price tag of $1000 in 2015. ZX300 is technically far better performing than ZX1 and ZX2. And after they introduced their own S-Master HX Digital amplifier, it has stable audio performance.

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Design and Outlook

Sony ZX300

The ZX300 follows the style of the ZX series. Different highlights are actually similar to the earlier versions. ZX300 is not as large as the ZX1, which had to hold in a large head capacitor. On the contrary, ZX300 is progressively detailed and unified together. The motivation for the keys on one side might have originated from the early tape players. However, after a lot of series of items throughout the years, the design and style look settled in ZX300. On the right side of the machine, there is a C-shaped arc face. Each key has a directional depression. So, feel free to work and play with ZX300 while tasting a slight flavor of the earlier tape players. You can choose between two colors: Black and silver.

The surface of ZX300 is made of CNC aluminum alloy and has very detailed oxidation and sandblasting process. The backside has thin soft rubber material. It feels good in the hand but is slightly easier to get dusty. Its size is about 57.7 x 120.4 x 14.9 mm and weighs only 157 grams. The dots in the buttons are great for blind operation.

The top of the Walkman has two jack output. On the right side, there is a 3.5 mm headphone interface for unbalanced output and a 4.4 mm interface on the for Sony Headphones. The bottom interface has space for the USB 2.0 interface.  ZX300 also has a separate micro SD expansion slot on the left side of the device.

Build Quality and Features

Sony ZX300

Sony Walkman’s design style has developed overtimes in cases of interfaces. The 4.4 mm is the new headphone interface that is a lot stronger than 3.5 mm. Contact areas for transferring high voltage and current are more in 4.4 mm. Along with that, 4.4 mm has the best quality of sound output. You can hardly find an interface where the sounds are so touching that you can feel the emotion of the singer.

The USB interface completely supports the USB 2.0 standard. ZX300 can be connected to the computer when the sound card is being used. Along with that, the ZX300 can also be used as a host for driving the external decoder. DSD128 can be supported. DSD Native is the default mode over here.  ZX300 can not only be used for storing songs but also works as a host to drive the external decoder. WM-transfer USB-A master interface is quite interesting but needs to be purchased separately

ZX300 has an in-built 16 GB storage space which is quite low. But it also has space or SD card which, according to Sony’s official website, has a limit of 2 TB. So, if you can consider attaching a separate memory card, you’ll have an enormous space to gather all your music collection. The average speed for copying is above 40 MB/s which are quite fast.

User Interface

Sony ZX300

The display has a TFT color display with a white LED backlight capacitive touch screen. It uses a 3.1 inch 800X480 screen. Sony has its own OS and it’s very user friendly. You can navigate in four directions and easily go through different menu and settings. The screen is quite small for those who have big thumbs or fingers. But the touch accuracy and response is quite accurate. On the right side, there’s lock switch, previous, play/pause and next buttons along with a larger volume up and down button. It also has a power button. The device supports mp3, WMA, FLAC, AAC, and many other popular audio formats. So, you can just plug-in USB cable and copy most of the audio files from your collection.

Sound Quality

Sony Walkman

ZX300 has a much more balanced output in sound quality and performance. It reduces noise by a lot which you can hardly find in your smartphones. DSEE HX, DC Phase Linearizer, and equalizers support to assure clear output. You can literally listen to the instruments separately and have the experience of micro detailing. ZX300 gives a lot of soft and smooth sound. But when you try 4.4 mm balanced output, you’ll find it more energetic, brighter, and powerful. The sound is quite satisfactory overall.

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Bringing all in a nutshell, ZX300 has a satisfactory sound output and quite mesmerizing design. UI has also developed overtimes. Even, it has Bluetooth to transfer files. But it doesn’t come with a screen protector. Neither does it have many features like recording options inbuilt. But with the price of only $699, ZX300 has been consumers’ favorite choice. In fact, its sale has been a great victory for Sony Family. So, their long time harvesting after ZX2 has actually shown success. If you have a fixed budget and you want crystal clear sound, ZX300 is a great choice for you.


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