Sony WM1A Walkman
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Sony WM1A Walkman

Sony WM1A Walkman

Is there any need to have a Walkman? Does a product from the 70s century have any necessity? Sometimes, you desire to get away from your regular calls and texts. You might have not listened to music properly in a long time because of the disruption from your phone’s screen. You might have just listened to music, but hardly felt it. In fact, Sony revolutionized how we listen to music through their Walkman. In the ultra-modern era, we do not carry tape or CD players. Instead, we have mobile phones with space for millions of music. But Walkman were the ones to make portable music private. Even after almost four decades, Walkman might have lost its popularity but it still is on the bucket list of music enthusiasts. For any audiophile, it should be on the must-have item list. Either you are traveling or having a long weekday, the Walkman can always be your partner.

And if that’s about Sony WM1A Walkman, then I won’t ask you to think twice. You can surely have faith in Sony WM1A Walkman from their ‘Signature Series’ for comfortability. Sony’s R&D has definitely put a deeper insight into customer’s demand and made a great evolution. When comparison comes between WM1A and WM1Z, WM1A is always on the winning side considering the lightweight and sound performance. Sony WM1A has ‘MELF Registers’ for distributing power into circuits and maintaining consistency.

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Sony WM1A Walkman

The box itself is a mesmerizing sight reflecting the classic look of elegance. Sony WM1A comes in a decent cardboard box with a silver Sony logo embossed on it. It has foams inside to prevent any kind of damage. Besides, there are multiple compartments. One of the compartments contains the Sony WM1A. On the other compartments, there are warranty cards, Quick Start Guide, Wrist Strap, and USB Cable. They could have included a silicon case or at least a screen protector.

Design and Comfortability

Sony WM1A Walkman

Sony has a distinctive look which makes it separate from other brands. It understands the customers and designs them on their own choice. Sony WM1A is not any exception when you need to reflect Sony’s work. In fact, it is a well thought and designed product.

The buttons are separate from each other. You can feel the difference when you touch them. Also, the buttons have small dots for detailing. These small details are needed for ease of use. The device is 1.7 times lighter than the 1Z weighing only 267 grams. The 72.9X 124.2X19.9 mm device can easily adjust in your palm. With an aluminum body, the finishing of the surface is one of the best in the Walkman series. On the other side, the device is thicker than earlier Walkman’s. Overall, the Walkman is worth a try when it’s about design and comfortability.

Build Quality and Features

Sony WM1A Walkman

Rarely found finishing near the 2 headphone jacks at the top is something that you will surely love about WM1A. There are 2 jacks, one 3.5mm Single-end, and another jack is for the balanced output of 4.4mm a new JEITA STD. The backside includes a genuine leather finishing. The charging port and data transfer port (aka WM-Port) is on the backside. On the left side, there is just the Hold switch to lock the operation of the player and on the right; there are a set of playback buttons and the power button which clicks nicely.

WM1a is well renowned for its durability and with a full charge of 7 hours; WM1a can run for 33 hours. And for this long period, you can store up to 128 GB of songs with a micro SD slot for further storage. For connectivity, it contains 0.17″ balanced jack, micro SD slot, Stereo mini-jack, WM-PORT. You can also use Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. It can play various types of audio formats including mp3, WMA, Linear PCM. But the device cannot play WMV 9 or doesn’t have an inbuilt sound recorder. But with high-quality equalizers and Dynamic Normalizer, WM1A has gone above many other music players. The display is quite simple consisting of a TFT color video display. But why care about HD display, when you are more concerned about music playback quality.

User Interface

Sony WM1A Walkman

The User Interface of WM1a is separate from the earlier Sony Walkman series like ZX10. The UI is quite simple. The original software version was laggy. But thanks to the R&D team, the updates work much more smoothly and flawlessly. While playing music, you can move in 4 different directions reacting to your needs and easier operations. Customers have also liked the Spectrum Analyzer and Analog Level Meter screens. Sony has also offered a ‘Media Go’ app for the PC users where they can sort out there playlist, change song’s info and organize the database. Overall, with updated UI and other supports, there have been fewer complaints.

Sound Quality

Sony Walkman

Well, when we are reviewing a Walkman, the whole point would be incomplete without discussing the sound quality. WM1A offers smooth, dynamic, and realistic sound. It seems like the instruments and the music has come to life. Unlike other Walkman series, you can feel the emotion from the musician with the inbuilt sound quality. Left-right balance works in such a tremendous way, that it creates a 3D feeling around you without any distortion. The instruments are separable and bass can be felt while music is being played. You can take the actual feeling of the recording studio with the help of the Dual Gain, Native DSD playback, and improved EQ bands. But, only Native DSD is something Sony should have been thought over again.

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WM1A could have come with a screen protector or had many more accessories. Anyhow, with lifelike sound quality, 256 GB micro SD support, longer battery backup, easier UI, and a dynamic look, Sony WM1A is worth the price of almost $1200.


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