Top 10 Best Sony Wired Headphones

Sony Wired Headphones
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Sony has made a name for itself when it comes to electronics and other technological innovations. Through its market positioning, it has built such an image in our minds that whenever we see a Sony device, we know it’s going to be good. Even though Sony is still struggling with the smartphone market now in 2021, the TV’s and headphones they offer come in a wide range and offer immense quality and a great value for money. If you are not yet ready to go wireless and are willing to spend a few bucks on wired headphones, you can surely trust Sony. Sony offers a wide range of headphones, be it over-ear or in-ear, and they come with the perfect balance of price and practicality.

So here are 10 of the best wired Sony headphones that you can buy:

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Top 10 Best Sony Wired Headphones

1. Sony MDR7506 Professional Large

Sony MDR7506 - Sony Wired Headphones

Product Description: This is a mammoth of a headset from the tech giants.

Design and quality: This pair of Sony delivers professional and studio-quality sound and you definitely have to pay for it. The pair of headsets sport a classic retro look. If you are into that kind of look, these are the headphones for you.


The 40mm drivers are able to dissipate quite a clear and crisp sound. No matter what you use these for, you will not be disappointed.

2. Sony MDRZX110/BLK ZX Series Stereo

Sony MDRZX110 - Sony Wired Headphones

Product Description: This offering from Sony can be called the most basic pair of headphones that delivers what it promises.

Design and quality: If your ultimate goal is to get a pair of decent headphones from Sony that will not leave a hole in your pocket, pick these ones up from your closest store.


They are very comfortable to wear. They are extremely lightweight and very comfortable to put on.

3. Sony MDR-ZX310 Dynamic Closed Type

Sony MDR-ZX310 - Sony Wired Headphones

Product Description: If you are someone who wants good bass by spending a little more money, these are the ones to get.

Design and quality: This is another one in Sony’s budget lineup of headphones. Although they are relatively on the cheaper side, they look quite stylish and sport a modern look.


The trebles of these headphones aren’t the best, but they do offer great audio overall.

4. Sony MDRXB50AP

Sony MDRXB50AP - Sony Wired Headphones

Product Description: This pair from Sony is one of those in-ear earphones.

Design and quality: These headphones are said to be one of Sony’s best offerings in the in-ear segment. They are perfectly portable as they do not eat up much space and you can basically use them with everything. They offer quite a deep bass for their size and the sound quality is also fantastic.


Those of you who are into hip-hop or metal genres will absolutely love this pair of earphones. They are very lightweight and compact. The stereo controls are built-in with physical buttons.

5. Sony MDR-G45LP

Sony MDR-G45LP - Sony Wired Headphones

Product Description: These headphones offer great sound quality and they fit your ears perfectly.

Design and quality: If you are someone who is looking for wired headphones that have ear cushions like the big sized ones this one is for you. The built-quality of these headphones is also quite good. They are truly durable and since they are from Sony, you automatically have a lot of reliability.


This features a behind-the-neck system that is a bit unconventional, but many people seem to prefer this setup.

6. Sony MDR-AS210/B Sport In-ear

Sony MDR-AS210 - Sony Wired Headphones

Product Description: These headphones are perfect for those looking for Sony headphones to wear while working out.

Design and quality: They feature a sporty design and are perfectly crafted for convenient use by athletes. They come in different colors too and so it automatically appeals to the younger generation. The sound quality can also be considered premium.


They are water-resistant and very lightweight. The sound durability makes them perfect for workouts.

7. Sony Over-Ear Headphones

Sony Over-Ear Headphones - Sony Wired Headphones

Product Description: From Sony, this pair of headphones is just classic.

Design and quality: They bring out the retro feeling into this modern world. They do offer a lot of features, which is why they come at a higher price. Their over-ear design doesn’t make them the best choice for running around with them, but the large cushions do offer significantly better comfort.


The headphones have great bass too. The audio is quite clear and crisp.

8. Sony MDR-Z1R

Sony MDR-Z1R - Sony Wired Headphones

Product Description: This is a rather premium offering from Sony.

Design and quality: It does not cater to everyone with a high price tag. But it does give you a fantastic build and finish. Everything about this pair of headphones screams premium. They are large on-ear type headphones that weigh quite a bit.


These headphones definitely are not for the common buyer, but it delivers the sound of unrivaled quality. The price tag can actually be justified since the quality if the headphones are just that good.

9. Sony MDR-EX650AP

Sony MDR-EX650AP - Sony Wired Headphones

Product Description: This pair of in-ear headphones from Sony are practically everything budget headphones should be!

Design and quality: They are specially made from a material called trombone. They are quite affordable and they don’t fail to give you a fantastic sound experience. The headphones also have a good fit and offer punchy feedbacks. The feel of the headphones is also quite good in your hand. They are quite the buy for their relatively small price tag.


They offer punchy sound and fit your ears perfectly regardless of what size they are.

10. Sony MDR10R

Sony MDR10R - Sony Wired Headphones

Product Description: These are another pair of classic Sony headphones.

Design and quality: You will be greeted with fine-tuned Sony-quality audio by wearing these headphones. The cushions offer superior comfort so that you can wear these for a long period of time. The 40mm drivers let you hear the clearest of sounds and offer decent bass. The overall performance is pretty much mesmerizing for the price.


They have 40mm drivers for crisp audio. The headphones offer compatibility with almost every device.

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Finally, if you are not looking to go wireless and want to choose headphones from the wired options from Sony, you can check any of these headphones out. They are come in different price ranges and offer versatile functionality!


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