Sony WI-SP600N Sports Wireless Noise Canceling In-ear Headphones

Sony WI-SP600N Sports Wireless Noise Canceling In-ear Headphones
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Sony WI-SP600N Sports Wireless Noise Canceling In-ear Headphones

Sony WI-SP600N

Music makes everyday life more interesting. Feeling sad? Music might help to lift your mood. Bored and have nothing to do? You can use some music to spend your time. Out for a morning walk or hitting the gym for regular workout sessions? Music can spice it up too.

So, you are out for a walk or suppose you are working out in a gym. You need music. You can’t use a loudspeaker or a Bluetooth speaker to listen to music because in outdoor situations, loudspeakers are not helpful, and using a loudspeaker in a gym and disturbing other people doesn’t sound very rational. More importantly, you need a pair of headphones. But do you think that an ordinary pair of headphones can get the job done? The answer is negative. You need to do a lot of bodily movements which might result in your headphones falling off from your head and the wires will give you a hard time as well.

Working out sessions can get pretty sweaty so your headphones might even die if the sweat reaches the hardware. So, you need the most suitable headphones for this particular condition. Your headphones need to be Bluetooth ones, grippy, comfortable and water-resistant as well for you to use it for work out sessions. Considering all these, the Sony WI-SP600N Sports Wireless Noise Canceling In-ear Headphones will be a great option!

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The unboxing experience is very simple like other similarly priced Sony headphones. The box includes the headphones itself, two arc supporter, Hybrid ear tips at four size options, and a micro USB for charging.

Design and Build Quality

Sony WI-SP600N

The build quality suggests that these headphones are rugged and designed to be durable. The Sony WI-SP600N looks like mediocre headphones so don’t let the build quality fool you. It’s available with four different color variants; pink, white, black, and yellow. These headphones look simple but smart.

The Sony WI-SP600N features 6.1mm neodymium drivers which are capable of producing decent quality sound and a moderate stage.

The headphone had a closed-back design which is ideal for noise isolation and sound bleeding. Considering it is built for working out or running, you don’t want the noise outside to distract you nor disturb people near due to sound bleeding out of your headphone.

Both sides of this headphone are connected with a cable and a remote controller placed on the left side. It is a bit big because it has buttons of different functionalities and the chip which enables the ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) functionality of these headphones. On the remote, you will find a multifunctional button that plays/pause music and receives or declines calls, a volume rocker. You can find the power button on the side and another button above it which controls and toggles noise cancellation and ambient noise function.

The headphones feature IP4x water resistance. It won’t protect your headphones if you submerge into deep water. But it will protect your headphone from rainfall or splashes and sweat when you are working out.


Sony WI-SP600N

The headphones are fairly comfortable. Sony included different ear tips and wingtips to ensure superior comfort and fit. The wingtips are designed to secure a better fit which will come in handy in case of working out or running. These tips contribute much to the overall comfort of the headphones and noise isolation.


Wireless Movement

It can be paired like other Bluetooth devices; the connectivity is pretty fast. No issues with Bluetooth connectivity. And as a bonus, you will get an NFC connectivity feature also which helps the pairing process by saving time. The headphone can be operated from a distance of 30 feet from the source device. There are no connectivity issues with the headphone. The connection is pretty much stable, you don’t need to worry about dropping connection or any delay.


Sony WI-SP600N

These headphones can last up to 6 hours being fully charged which is decent. But turning on ANC all the time might reduce its battery under 5 hours of playtime. But the batteries don’t take much time to fully recharge. It takes one to one and a half hours for the battery to fully charge. You can charge the headphones with the micro USB port.

Sound Quality

Sony WI-SP600N

The bass is pretty good. There’s also a bass boost function to satisfy the bass heads which you can turn on or off via the Headphones Connect app. You won’t feel any lack of bass using these headphones, and a lot of people like extra bass while working out.

The mid-tones sound average, nothing special. So are the high tones. You won’t get blown by the mid and high tones, there are better sounding headphones available at the same price point.

The sound staging is pretty decent. These headphones do a pretty good job creating a fairly wide soundstage. You can separate the instruments without any trouble.

The ANC functionality of these headphones works pretty well. It does great handling outside noise, but then again, nothing extraordinary. Enabling the ANC function will improve your listening experience but the battery life will take a hit. It’s not recommended to keep the ANC on if you are traveling.

The headphones can be further tweaked with the Sony Headphones Connected app which is available in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. By using this you can try different equalizer settings and control the ANC function. Using this app is highly recommended.

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It’s an average-sounding headphone. But will the average sound stop consumers from considering it? I don’t think so. It offers many useful features. So, it is a great deal for people who enjoy music while working out and running. People wanting decent Bluetooth in-ear headphones can consider it as well.


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