Sony WI-C300 Wireless In-ear Headphones

Sony WI-C300 Wireless In-ear Headphones
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Sony WI-C300 Wireless In-ear Headphones

Sony WI-C300

Since smartphones started to remove the 3.5mm audio port, Bluetooth headphones started getting more attention. It was popular before, but nowadays it’s a necessity. Most of smartphones don’t feature a 3.5mm port now. However, you still can use a wired 3.5 mm port with a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter but that’s another struggle and it occupies the only port. So, you can’t charge the phone with your power bank and listen to music at the same time. There are also USB-C headphones available in the market but they are very limited in terms of usage, you can’t use them with your pc or any device supporting a 3.5mm audio port.

The best solution would be Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth headphones don’t necessarily mean that they have to be expensive. So, you can afford one even if you have a low budget. There are a lot of budget options available in the market right now. You can even find Bluetooth headphones at as cheap as 20$. I would personally avoid those. But what if you could get a headphone at around 30$ from a brand like Sony? The Sony WI-C300 Wireless In-ear Headphones were released for casual music listeners and people who can’t afford the premium models or are not willing to spend that much on a headphone. So, let’s see what this low-budget option from Sony offers.

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Sony WI-C300

You can’t expect anything fancy from a low budget option. The packaging is very simple. After opening the box, you will get the headphones itself, a micro USB cable for charging, and 3 pairs of Hybrid Silicon ear tips of 3 different sizes to choose from; small, medium, and large. They could include a generic carrying case.

Build and Design

Sony WI-C300

The entire headphone is made out of light plastic which makes the headphone light as a feather. The cable which lengths in 7 inch connecting each earpiece are very thin which is a bit of a letdown. It feels that it might snap if not used carefully. The cables could’ve been rubberized and be more durable.

It’s available in four color variants; black, blue, white, and red. The colors add a nice touch to the overall aesthetics of the headphones. I, personally prefer the blue variant as it’s not flashy like the other ones, rather a low key and simple.

The left side earpiece cable connects with a remote which has the media playback controls like play/pause, skip tracks, volume controls and call receive/decline buttons and a micro USB port for charging.

The lightweight build of the headphones makes them extremely comfortable. It can be used for extended sessions without any discomfort or heating issues. So, you can listen to music for as long as you want with it. The headphone will easily fit into your pocket and it’s suitable for outside use as well.

The noise isolation is some type of okay, you will be able to hear ambient noise even listening at more than 50% volume. You cannot expect any more from a low budget option.


Wireless In-ear Headphones

These headphones can be connected with only Bluetooth. NFC pairing isn’t available, unfortunately. But the Bluetooth pairing works just fine, it’s also fast. Once you pair it with your device for the first time, turning the Bluetooth on the next time will get it connected. The Bluetooth connection is pretty much stable. You won’t experience any connection drops, latency or any major issue.


It offers a pretty decent battery life. It can go up to 8 hours of playback with a single charge. You can spend a full day or two depending on your usage. If you are a heavy user, it will surely get you through one day. This headphone uses a micro-USB port for charging. It needs two hours to fully charge and it offers almost 200 hours of standby time. Overall, the battery performance is great.

Sound Quality

Sony WI-C300

What can you probably expect out of a low budget option like the Sony WI-C300? Well, the sound quality is surprisingly good. The sound signature is a bit V-shaped, so clearly, the mids take a step backwards.

The lows are decent. It provides a good amount of bass. And in a general sense, low budget headphones cannot maintain bass. It distorts and tends to destroy other frequencies. But nothing like that happens in the case of these headphones. The bass is a bit on the strong side but enjoyable.

As the sound signature is V-shaped, the vocals won’t be very enjoyable. If you are a classical music lover, these headphones might disappoint you. The vocals and stringed instruments sound a bit mushy.

The higher ends hold up pretty well. The treble is very crisp and resembles a lot of energy. The treble isn’t harsh like other cheap headphones. Pop songs would be quite enjoyable.

The soundstage is what you would expect out of a headphone of this price range. It sounds like a closed wall. But the instrument separation is very good, it’s surprising. The frequencies don’t overlap one another at all so you can distinguish between every instrument and you will get an idea about where they are playing.

Overall, the sound quality of the Sony WI-C300definitely is excellent and it wins in this department which is the most important part of a headphone. It will surprise you with its quality sound. The clarity, powerful bass, crisp highs increase the listening experience by a big margin.

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The Sony WI-C300 is a great pick for people looking for a budget option. It is offering a lot in its price point which is very competitive. There are other options available in the market but I highly doubt that none of them can beat its sound performance. The build quality might be a bit of a letdown but the sound quality and the battery life compensate for it. This headphone is worth it for its price.


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