SONY Sound Bar for TV and Home Theatre

Sony Soundbar
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Sony is one of the top brands for offering a significant variation in sound bars at different price points. These sound bars are well-built and perfectly suited for dialogue reproduction. This can intensify your experience of movies, series, audiobooks, and TV shows. This article will present the best Sony sound bars available in different price ranges at the market. Here take a look: 

SONY Sound Bar for TV and Home Theatre

sony HT-A7000


Sony HT-A7000 (Speakers + Bass Module)

One of the best Sony soundbars is the Sony HT-A7000, with Speakers and Bass modules. You will get excellent performance with additional surround sound support like Dolby Digital and Dolby Atmos! Just like formats object-based on the streaming services. SONY HT-A7000 has room correction capability, which can optimize audio reproduction autonomously. But depending on the specific acoustic characteristics of the room of course. 

This premium feature is called ‘Sound Field Optimization’. Activating this will make the sound profile reasonably neutral, which means the mid-range dialogues are detailed and precise in the mix. And with the subwoofers that come additionally, there’ll be no lack of rumble and thump in your bass range. As a result, the desired intensity of action and adventure moments of a movie or game will be just perfect!

However, alongside its excellent overall performance, there are slight laggings. That is if we compare this Sony soundbar to other premium soundbars. This Sony soundbar doesn’t offer a soundstage as immersive-sounding or wider as some other premium models. Premium Models include the Sonos Arc with Sub + One SL Speakers or Bose Smart Soundbar 900 with Speakers + Bass Module. Sometimes, this causes a bit of mismatch for the sound to get perfectly in tune with the action on the TV screen at several angles, specifically with Atmos content.

Sony HT-A9

Sony HT-A9 (with bass module)

If you desire a sound bar setup for your home that comes with an immersive and wide soundstage, then Sony HT-A9 with Bass Module is just about the perfect choice for you.  It can give you a unique feeling from other models available on the market! This Sony sound bar with a 4.1.4 setup is about its unique and stylish design, which outsmarts any traditional soundbar. Alongside left & right stereo and a control box Sony HT-A9 comes with two satellites as well, which can be placed at any chosen place in your setup. 

The soundstage of the Sony HT-A9 is quite more advanced than Sony HT-A7000’s. This can give you a feeling of a live experience of your movies, and you can so enjoy the events as if they are just happening in front of you. Also, you will be more comfortable with this Sony Sound Bar‘s design than any other traditional bar. This is actually enhanced by the ability to move all of the satellites to various locations depending on your preferences. The same Sound Field Optimization (the feature of room correction) that the HT-A7000 offers is offered by Sony HT-A9. Having it on, balanced mids will mean that the dialogue is quite clear in the mix, and added sub will bring a bit of additional punch within the bass range.

However, if you compare it to HT-A7000, this Sony Soundbar bar does not have a distinct center channel. This causes the dialogue to be not as precisely localized to a pinpoint location that matches perfectly with the action on your TV screen. You might just notice some holes in your system’s soundstage. Like some other brands, Sony incorporated the feature that allows you to use BRAVIA TV to be the Sony Sound Bar‘s center channel. It is also referred to as ‘Acoustic Center Sync’. 

But, one significant difference in the case of the volume levels between the TV and the bars is that while you are using this feature, it might not be ideal for enhancing the sound quality. And if you are not concerned about too many details of sound, then the holes mentioned previously in the sound bar’s soundstage might be very much avoidable.

Sony HT-X8500

Sony HT-X8500

SONY HT-X8500 is to rescue those who desire to experience immersive audio and yet can not have it because of a lack of space. This Sony sound bar is a single advanced unit! It comes along with a built-in subwoofer and the ability to bounce the height and side channels of the Dolby Atmos signals around the room. Though it might just not be as perfect as placing speakers right behind or right above your position, Sony’s is delivering great sound for a $300 price and with a single bar.

Sony HT-A5000

Sony HT-A5000

Another of the greatest Sony soundbar at present with an outstanding design is the Sony HT-A5000. This Sony sound bar serves as one of the perfect mid-range options, which is released in 2021. This is an affordable substitute for Sony HT-A7000, and the standalone design is just perfectly standard if you lack space for satellite speakers or subwoofers in the living room. The soundstage of the SONY HT-A5000 doesn’t come as wide as the HT-A7000 does, but apart from that, the bars almost perform similarly which makes it a perfect value pick.

You can have Sony’s Sound Field Optimization, ‘Room Correction Feature’, and the support for Dolby Atmos’s content. The room correction can provide quite a neutral sound profile, making the lead instruments and voices in the movies and music very accurate and clear. The strong thump from high bass is also there, but the low bass can’t reproduce as much. So the feeling might just be less intense in the heavy action scenes.

Sony HT-S200F

Sony HT-S200F

Sony HT-S200F is a budget-friendly offer from SONY. This 2.1 soundbar does not have as many features as the previously discussed ones on this list. However, if your priority is a simple upgrade over the TV speakers, it can be a solid choice. It comes with a small standalone design that can easily fit into any living room. Although the room correction feature is unavailable in this model, SONY HT-S200F brings you neutral sound. If you want to add more blasts into your sound and several EQ presets, you have an available adjustment feature in this SONY sound bar. Also, there is no support for Dolby Atmos in this sound bar.

All the soundbars discussed in this article are being offered at the various price range, which is why their features and functionality varies from each other. You can go for them within your affordability and according to your desired choice of features.

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