Sony MDR-ZX330BT | The Outstanding Battery Life Headphone

Sony MDR-ZX330BT
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Sony MDR-ZX330BT

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There are a lot of wireless headphones out there. And wireless headphones make a lot more sense than wired ones in terms of portability. Comparatively, the wireless ones are expensive than the wired ones. Wireless headphones are more likely to have sound quality issues as it needs better Bluetooth hardware to provide better quality sound as well as remain connected seamlessly.

There are so many headphones in the market with so many budget options. Not everyone can afford the top tier headphones in the market. There are a lot of people who want a balanced headphone, at a reasonable price. But that’s very hard to find considering that a budget headphone is likely to focus on a particular feature. Sony has taken an attempt to target consumers who can’t afford the flagship premium headphones.

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What’s in the box?

Similar to other Sony headphones, the unboxing experience is very simple. The box contains the headphones itself, a micro USB cable for charging and other paper works.

Build and Design

Sony MDR-ZX330BT

In terms of aesthetics, these headphones are quite good looking. It’s made out of all plastic. It features 30mm drivers. The build quality overall is okay as Sony is not known for compromising build quality. But it does not feel premium or not very solid mainly because of its full plastic build. The headband is also not padded which is a bit of a letdown. The headphone is very light, it weighs 150 grams. So, you can’t feel it after wearing it for an extended period.

The round earcups sit tight on the ears as it is an on-ear headphone. The fitting might be a bit tight for people, but it’s okay. I would say it’s tight in a generous way cause the earcups are padded adequately. This won’t certainly fall off while running or workout sessions. The padding has a good amount of firmness. On-ear earcups are not super comfortable but these headphones might be the most comfortable on-ear headphones out there. The earcups can be folded flat to pack them for carrying or traveling purposes which comes handy. But because of its full plastic construction, shoving them in a tight backpack or luggage won’t be a wise decision.

The right earcup contains basic playback controls (play, pause, receive/decline calls) and a volume rocker. The buttons are large enough for fingers to find easily. There’s also a micro USB port for charging and mic for phone calls. The left earcup rocks an NFC chip which is also embedded in it.


Sony MDR-ZX330BT

The pairing process is simple, easy and fast. No issues can be noticed. There’s also NFC to boost up the pairing process and make it easier. The headphone cannot be connected through a 3.5mm cable as it does not include a 3.5mm port. So, if the battery goes dead which it eventually will, the only way to enjoy music through it is to charge it again. However, this headphone does not offer aptX which is a Bluetooth codec to improve audio quality and connectivity issues. But this headphone does not support aptX which is not much of an issue because aptX is not supported in all devices and the audio quality difference might not even be noticeable in a headphone of this price range.

Battery Life

Sony always performs very well in the battery sector. The battery life of the Sony MDR-ZX330BT is outstanding. It can go up to 30 hours with fully charged. So, it can survive 4-5 days even with heavy use. The battery performance might differ due to the volume level. The battery can take around 4 hours to fully charge. Overall, the battery life is insane.

Sound Quality

Sony MDR-ZX330BT

This is the most important part of a headphone. How well does it sound to the listener? The sound quality of Sony MDR-ZX330BT is surprisingly good. However, it will not offer an overall depth and richness like other higher-end headphones. And a headphone with a 30mm driver priced below 100$, we can’t complain about it. And we can’t expect audiophile-grade performance out of it as well.

The bass might be the fan-favorite aspect from a headphone of this budget. The lower ends are not very detailed but it is very boomy. Any bass-oriented song like hip-hop genre will sound okay but these headphones will not perform well in case of fast-paced songs like EDM. Songs that have heavy bass will sound fun but the sloth bass delivery can be noticed. But rock or country songs will sound much more pleasant as the mids sounds very well. Listening at a lower volume makes the music sounds somewhat a bit indistinct, cranking up the volume a bit more like somewhere in the middle area mitigates the problem.

This headphone does a very good job handling the higher-pitched vocals. To a lot of people, the mids are the most important as it portrays the vocal artist’s emotions. The vocals on this headphone is quite enjoyable. While listening to the “Bohemian Rhapsody” from Queen, it managed to handle the high-pitched vocals of their frontman and layers of harmony surprisingly well. And sound quality might vary for different sources. The higher notes were noticeably clean and not harsh sounding at all. And the soundstage is like what anyone would expect out of these headphones, not exceptional. The soundstage was quite narrow so it does not provide a feeling of enjoying live audio and also instrument separation. Overall, the sound quality is not something exceptional but okay and considerable.

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Sony MDR-ZX330BT is a decent pair of headphones. But it might not be able to handle every type of music listener. But it is well qualified for being a daily driver of a casual music listener as they don’t care about the sound quality that much. These headphones might be a good pick for bass lovers out there as it delivers punchy bass that they might appreciate.


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