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Sony MDR-XB70BT EXTRA BASS™ Wireless In-Ear Headphones Review

EXTRA BASS™ Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Bluetooth headphones are in and here to stay. They are convenient, easy to carry around and the sound quality has been improving year over year. There are many options for a great pair of wireless headphones out there in the market, but today we have a special one. The Sony MDR-XB70BT pair of wireless is a lightweight and durable pair of headphones that sounds great. Great built quality, thumping bass, and long-lasting battery life. That somewhat summarizes the Sony MDR-XB70BT Headphones.

Wireless headphones have been all the craze lately and Sony is out for that piece of the pie. Delivering good and reliable products across their product line, the veteran audio equipment manufacturer rarely disappoints. These headphones have their ups and downs but all in all, are a good option for music lovers who are in the market for a wireless headphone that looks good with a sound quality to match. This review will take you through a deep dive into the design of the headphones, build quality, sound, general features, and how the headphones are in general use. So, without further ado let’s dive right in.

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The Specifications

Sony has rarely disappointed us when it comes to headphones and sound equipment. From the high-end to mid-end, the company has always delivered quality. These headphones are no different, equipped with specifications to impress. It Checks all the right boxes, has all the features that make sense, and looks good while doing it.

  • Manufacturer: Sony
  • Form Factor: Neckband Style
  • Type: Wireless Headphones
  • Battery: Up to 9 hours
  • Noise Cancellation: Passive Noise Isolation
  • IP Rating: IPX4
  • Colors: Black



The design of the Sony MDR-XB70BT is very tastefully done. It is not over the top and looks very professional all around. The toned-down black color also makes these a good option to wear them in different circumstances as well. Whether you use them in a meeting or an extensive work out session, they fit in perfectly.

These are wireless Bluetooth headphones, making them your perfect companion for on the go music listening. What stands out to us most, is the material used in the product. The neckband is made out of silicone, giving it a rubbery feeling and quite a lot of grip to go along with it. It is flexible and light which ensures it does not get tiresome to wear these for extended periods.

The flexibility of the headphones also adds to the portability of the device. You can effortlessly fold or roll the headphones and chuck it in a carry pouch when you are on the go. Speaking of portability, the drivers themselves are on the smaller side, making them easy to handle and put them in your ears and more importantly to carry around.

Sound You Can Feel


When it comes to sound, the Sony MDR-XB70BT is a perfect pair for someone who likes a heavy bass. It is in the name, MDR-XB70BT. EXTRA BASS™ is a Sony’s Trademark for headphones that deliver thumping bass and provides some of Sony’s best sound in a headphone. You get around four earbud sizes in the box which makes it easier to find the right fit just for you.

Having a tighter seal in your ears makes sure that you get the sound the headphones are capable of outputting. Even though the sound is a dream for bass junkies, these headphones are more than capable of producing very soothing mid and high tones covering the full spectrum. Keep in mind, you can turn the bass down if that is not your jam.


Bluetooth Connectivity: These as the name suggests, are completely wireless Bluetooth headphones, which makes them super convenient to carry around. The range is also quite commendable. It can hold a connection up to 10 meters if it is in an open space. When you are talking about Bluetooth headphones, you are talking about a battery-powered device, and these headphones luckily have the juice to run for hours.

Long Battery Life: After the sound quality, the number one thing that matters is battery life. If your brand-new headphones do not have satisfactory battery life and you can’t listen to that awesome sound that you just paid for, what is the point, right?

Luckily, these headphones come with terrific battery life, 9 hours of playback to be exact. What sweetens the deal, even more, is it take only takes about 2.5 hours to take the battery to full charge. Meaning you do not have to be away from your favorite music for too long.

Remote Control Features: The headphones come with three buttons on the left side of the neckband which allows you to control the volume of the music. For the cherry on the top, you can also take and end calls right through the headphones as well.

Flexible and Lightweight: MDR-XB70BT is made from silicone and the design allows the actual headphones to be small but still packs quite a punch. The lightweight makes these headphones easy to carry and to put away. You can chuck them in the bag and forget about them until you need your jams once again.

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Sony’s MDR-XB70BT is a perfect match for someone who wants a well-designed pair of in-ear wireless headphones that produce some great sounding tunes with some punchy bass. It holds true to its name with the EXTRA BASS™ branding and brings the full-range audio experience. It does have some downsides, however, like not being IP rated. Which means the headphones are not rated for any sort of dust and water resistance. Having said that, MDR-XB70BT is a pair of really impressive headphones with very minor negatives in an all-around good product, an easy recommendation from us.


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