Sony MDR-DS6500
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Sony MDR-DS6500

Sony MDR-DS6500

The concept of surround sound is the immersive feeling while watching movies, playing games or even listening to songs. The movies will sound more real, the sound stage will be very wide and you will get the feeling of being inside the movie itself.

Suppose you are playing an open-world game, if a character is sneaking around, you can get accurate directional footsteps because of the surround sound. The trick is multiple audio channels, it provides sound from different speakers around us. There are two types of surround sound configuration, they are 5:1 and 7:1. The 5:1 is al 5-channel speaker configuration and the 7:1 is a 7-channel speaker configuration where each speaker is placed in different positions in your room and fires sound at the audience to create a surround sound effect. But these are only possible in separate speakers.

Can ever imagine that same experience enjoyed in a pair of headphones? Yes, Sony made that possible with their Sony MDR-DS6500. They haven’t included multiple drivers but it uses a virtual surround sound technology which will simulate a surround sound effect with processing. This is a Bluetooth headphone as well. Sony is one of the best headphone manufacturers in the market right now. Sony is reliable for their design and top-notch sound quality. The Sony MDR-DS6500 will not disappoint you.

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What’s in the Box?

The unboxing experience is simple as always, nothing flashy. Inside the box, you will get the headphone itself, a processor (DP-RF6500), one optical cord, one accord, an AA battery, and a battery charging stand. So, it’s a full-fledged set though the packaging could include a carrying bag.

Build and Design

Sony MDR-DS6500

This headphone features a very clean look. It is not flashy at all, rather very simple looking. It’s not filled with buttons like other Bluetooth headphones. The headphone is made out of black plastic which is quite visually appealing. It has a glossy finish on the earcups which contributes to its sleek design. The headset is padded with soft foam which is very comfortable. The ear cushions are also decently padded which will comfortably sit on your ears and create a nice seal. The headphone has an adjustable slider to adjust it according to different sizes. Fitting won’t be an issue for this headphone. The headphone is very comfortable and can be used for long sessions.


Sony MDR-DS6500

It comes with a separate processor. The installation process might seem a bit complicated but it is rather simple. The headphone comes with a base that acts as a processor. The base is a bit tower-shaped and it can fall off. So, you have to find a place which is stable for the base. The headphone needs to sit straight up on the base to charge itself. You can connect the base with your input device either with the audio cable or the optical cable. Using the optical cable to connect is recommended because it’s an additional cable though it might not support all devices.


Girl with Headphone

As it is a Bluetooth headphone, Sony MDR-DS6500 can work up to 100 meters of range which is impressive. It can easily cover if you are in your apartment. But you can’t use it outdoor considering its range limitation.

It has different options to tweak it according to your needs. You can choose between analog and digital input. There is an effect slider also to choose between cinema, games, music or no effect. The no-effect is a decent touch considering there are many listeners who might prefer a balanced sound. There is also a compression option, whether you want your audio to be compressed or not. You can toggle it on/off. Enabling the compression will soften the louder effects. Which might prevent distortion or harshness of the sound. If you prefer it to be loud, you can turn the compression off. So, the controls are very basic and easy.

It can charge really fast. It takes a bit more than an hour to fully charge. Moreover, it can last up to 20 hours with a full charge. The battery life can vary taking different sound levels and effects into consideration. Still, 20 hours is insane, you can go up to 3 or even 4 days with heavy usage. And charging it is pretty simple, you just need to dock with its base.

Audio Quality

Sony MDR-DS6500

Audio Quality is the most important part of a headphone. As is it a 3D headphone which promises to deliver surround sound, it is the main focus.

The virtual surround sound technology is not as near as the actual 5.1 or 7.1 channel surround sound, because stashing 5/7 drivers in a headphone is not practical and that sound stage cannot be created. It basically simulates the sound and tricks your brain to think that it is coming from a different location with the help of software and hardware processing. And most of the surround sound headphones out there are not convincing, they mix up the channel and worsens the sound quality. But Sony steps up its game here. It does a very good job of simulating the sound and creating a surround effect.

Suppose you are watching something like “Pirates of the Caribbean” and there’s an intense fight scene going on. The sound of water waves crashing, sword slashes, canons, and guns will sound very distinct and clear and you will get lost in the moment. So, it does a very good job giving you an immerse surround effect. Its gaming performance is also great. But one drawback in the case of gaming is that it has no microphone. If you play single-player games, that won’t be a huge issue for you. And the music listening experience is also overall good, if you switch to its no effect option, it will give a balanced sound which is preferred for listening to music.

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Sony MDR-DS6500 is a great deal considering its price and everything it’s offering. It also gives you a great surround sound experience as it promises.

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