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Sony MDR-7506
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Sony MDR-7506 has been around for a while, garnering recognition as a high-performance headphone. The headphone is compatible with DSLRs, phones, and even voice recorders. You can even use these headphones in the studio if you’re looking to entertain some people. The headphones come with sound isolation and noise cancellation features, which allows you to concentrate on your music without any worries. It can produce good bass and a clear sound without any distortion. Most importantly, it comes at a very affordable price.


Sony MDR-7506

What’s In the Box?

Sony MDR-7506

The headphones are shipped in a polypropylene. The case is secured and built such that it protects the device from any damage. You get an adapter along with a service manual inside the box. There is also a carry pouch where you can store your headphones so that they are not lost when you take them for travel.

Design and Quality

Sony MDR-7506

The design is built in a way that ensures its long-lasting performance. These headphones have been in the market for a while and they have proved to be really durable. The construction of this device is solid and strong. The device has a bit of plastic construction but the ear cups on the outside are made of metals. You can adjust and fold the device according to your head shape and your convenience. These large, racetrack-shaped headphones are great at forming the perfect fit without any discomfort.

When the headphones are clamping to your skin, it does not create a lot of pressure. The closed-back design adds to the noise cancellation and sound isolation features of this device. They are really tough headphones, so you can regularly use them without worrying about causing any damages. The metal construction of the adapters and plugs shows the hardness of the device. And the height adjusters are from stainless steel.



The sound is natural and loud due to the presence of neodymium 40mm drivers. You also get a cord that is not detachable. The range of the frequency is around 10-20000HZ. Most importantly, this headphone is known for its durability.

The lightweight design will allow you to walk and move with it without feeling anything. They have a resistance of 63-ohm. The earpads and the headband do not uncomfortably attach to your skin. They provide a good fit but they are also really comfortable.

All outside noises are blocked out due to the noise cancellation feature and the sound from the headphone does not go outside due to the sound isolation feature. This will allow you to solely concentrate on your music as it cancels out distractions from outside.

You can also enjoy great amplification of sound in this device. You won’t even need to push the volume to maximum but even if you do, it won’t create any sound distortion or discomfort. It will also be able to provide you with the perfect sound in DSLRs.

The bass system in this device is excellent and it is able to produce a deep, strong sound without any distortion. The low midrange is a bit thin but it makes up for it with sound performance. You also get a flexible case to carry and store your device.



Sony MDR-7506 is compatible with any music genre. It is a high-performance headphone known for its efficiency. The headphones are great with noise cancellation and isolation. They are also impressive due to the production of clear, natural sound without any distortion. The bass system of this headphone is great as they focus on the depth of the sound.

In addition, the headphones provide a perfect fit. The right fit allows the noise cancellation to work better. Besides, the Sporty racetrack design of this headphone along with the compatibility of connecting this headphone with many devices is why many choose this headphone in the first place.


The device is really sensitive to sound production. It is so sensitive that it can even turn you deaf. Since the headphones are able to produce very loud sounds, if turned into its max capacity, it can actually damage your eardrums. The fake leather on the ear cups makes the design look a bit wrinkled. The headphones might look a bit boring as well. As they were made a long time ago, their design now might seem a bit outdated when compared to the modern design of the headphones that are built today.

The cable of the headphone is a bit heavy as it can pull the headphone down due to its weight. Besides, it has a thin lower mid-range which is a downside to the amazing sound quality it brings. These headphones were not made for listening to music; these were rather made for the production and mixing of music. The earpads can also slowly get damaged after some years. The deterioration might happen soon or later depending on how many times you used it.

If you want a headphone that has the latest features at an affordable price, then this headphone is for you. Sony MDR-7506 is a high-performance device with features that allow you to listen to music or produce music with the help of this headphone. It is a great headphone because of the quality it brings within the price. It is up to you to decide whether you want this headphone or not but you should know that, with this device, you are going to get a lot of value for your money.


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