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Sony MDR-1AM2
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Sony MDR-1AM2

Sony MDR-1AM2

Sony was always known for its outstanding products especially if you’re looking for a new pair of headphones, you may have come across Sony, which has become well known for high-quality noise-canceling headphones and wireless earphones. Moreover, Sony never cuts corners when it comes to sound quality and pushes its audio technology as far as they can with the promise to deliver only to the best audio reproduction to the audiophiles and the average consumer. With this goal in mind, Sony has been making the best headphones in the market for a long time and now they are slowly branching towards the wireless and truly wireless section of the market. Furthermore, not only are they branching, but they are also succeeding to keep their promise to market only the best headphones for the best listening experiences.

With Sony headphones. You will always find the right combination of comfort and sound quality. Whether you’re just listening to music or working on a project, there is a headphone from Sony ready to give the service you expect from the Japanese giant of the headphone industry.

We use these headphones as a means to escape from our day-to-day life, from boredom, and stress. At this point in our lives, headphones have become a commodity and we need these headphones very badly. You can only use headphones for escapism when they are comfortable and sounds stellar. With Sony headphones, you get just that.

Furthermore, with the new active noise-cancellation feature, you can truly achieve musical nirvana with Sony headphones. The ANMC features let you drown out all the ambiance sound and lets you reside in a world where only you and your favorite track exists.

Sony produces headphones that are always on the top ten list of headphones. They have made a headphone that defeated the pioneer of the ANC, Bose. Not only that, to ensure that you can enjoy music and also work, these headphones come with ambient mode, which lets you tune down your music just by raising your hand to one of the cans.

That’s not all, the headphones come packed with eight microphones, designated to shut down the world, and increase the quality of your voice during calls. Even in the wired department of headphones, Sony thrives without a doubt. They have headphones at all price points for all sorts of use. Whether you want to enjoy music or use these to mix and tune music, you will find the right pair of headphones from Sony. And, with every release, they are bringing in new technology to the table. The Sony MDR-1AM2 is such a headphone that will fulfill all your average and professional musical needs.


Sony MDR-1AM2

The detailed sound and wide range clarity of the MDR-1AM2 headphones steal every music lovers’ heart everywhere, the headphone features a lightweight build and comfy cushion with foams made for comfort guarantees listening to music for an extended period isn’t an issue.

If you’re an audiophile you will love these headphones as these come packed with aptX HD and Sony’s LDAC. This is one of the best combinations for listening to HI-RES audio. Despite being old headphones, the revamped version as the name implies, M2, offers a ton of new features over the older models. Moreover, the closed-back design does a great job of isolating you from crowded places and the overall sound reproduction of the headphones is unbelievable at this price point.

Design and Quality

Sony MDR-1AM2

As equipped with a 40 mm driver, it may not feel like a lot but you will be shocked with its impressive sound quality right out of the gate. The drivers are protected by a grille designed specifically for the 1AM2, with a pattern that minimizing the sound damping of higher frequencies, and you can listen to every detail. However, design-wise, there are very few differences. Color aside, the headphones look and feel amazing. The Sony MDR-1AM2 sounds better, brighter, cleaner, and detailed than its predecessors. The previous MDR-1A came with warm and dark audio reproduction, with punchier bass and minor lacking in mids and highs. It isn’t possible to say if the improvement is worth considering.

The balanced cable helps to separate the left and right audio channels. Aside from that, Sony added a ground connection to lower the cross-talk and increase the efficiency of the audio. With the 3.5mm cable, you’re getting superior sound quality which is enough if you’re trying to DJ or work professionally with these. Moreover, the headphones feature a 360-surround sound. The mic on the headphone is of decent quality.

The MDR-1AM2 comes with many accessories. In the box, you will find a soft carry pouch along with two cables. The 3.5mm jack attached with an inline remote control which houses a microphone for playback control and managing calls when connected to your phone. The other cable is a balanced cable from Sony, the 4.4mm balanced connector. Sadly, there are only a few devices that have an input port for a balanced cable. If you’re looking for wireless headphones then you should be fine with the 1AM2.

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Sound Quality


Highs are resoundingly clean and enough warm for enjoyment, but by no means tiring. The bass reproduction is sufficient enough. However, you will not find an excessive amount of bass. Bass heads might be pleased but it’s nothing astounding. The mid-department is where the 1AM2 shines. The mids are clear and detailed. You will also find clear and constant treble and voice reproduction, which sounds nice to hear. At this price point, it’s amazing what the 1AM2 can reproduce. Owing to its warm and clear sound profile, you can use these as your primary headphones when you’re doing a gig. Besides the treble and voice reproduction, you will also find amazing work of instruments when listening to instrumentals and classical songs through this pair of headphones.

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If you’re looking for inexpensive headphones that will meet all your needs, then the Sony MDR-1AM2 is perfect for you. Whether you just want to blast some music or play professionally, this headphone has your back.

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