Sony IER-M7 in-Ear Monitors Review

Sony IER-M7 in-Ear Monitors Review
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IER-M7 in-Ear Monitors


IEMs (In-Ear Monitors) is not your regular earbuds. They are small, the drivers are tiny but they are supposed to sound like speakers in a big room which is very challenging. The main purpose of IEMs is to monitor every detail of a song and you are an audiophile who is passionate about music. Satisfying an audiophile is not an easy job. They will observe the details of a headphone. There are a lot of IEMs available in different budget options; you need to pick the right one. And you won’t regret spending a lot on a decent IEM. Sony has released many IEMs throughout the years. If you don’t want to invest in something like the IER-Z1R or the IER-M9, you can consider the IEM-M7. The IEM-M7 is a downgrade from the M9 with a reasonable price cut. Still, it’s not a cheap IEM. It is priced around $500 which is way too much for casual music listeners, even audiophiles. So, let’s see what it’s offering for its price.



The unboxing experience to the IER-M9. A very decent unboxing experience. Inside the box, you will get the earpieces detached from the cables, a 3.5mm regular cable and a 4.4mm cable, both the cables are the same as M9, it is braided and durable. The packaging includes a solid carrying case that can be used to carry the IEMs without causing any damage. The packaging also carries a clip and a microfiber cloth to wipe off any fingerprint or grease.

Build and Design 


The IER-M7 is equipped with 4 balanced armature drivers per earpiece instead of 5 which was used in the M9. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it sounds worse or anything. It will sound different but your ears must be trained enough to get the difference.

The IER-M7 weighs nine ounces. The chassis has a glossy black finish and made out of magnesium alloy which holds the four armature drivers. It won’t catch scratches easily. It might be a bit of a fingerprint magnet but the included microfiber cloth will take care of that. The magnesium alloy construction helps to minimize vibration and distortion as well. Sony uses its signature capacitors to reduce the distortion by up to 90%. So, you won’t be facing any distortion while you are listening to a high volume. Both the M7 and M9 uses the same cables but different colors to match with the overall headphone’s aesthetics. These are very high-quality cables.

So overall, these are well built and simple looking headphones. It is not aggressive-looking like the M9 or the Z1R, which a lot of people might prefer.

Fit and Comfort


These IEMs are very easy to pop in your ears. Even though the wire goes around your ears, the wires are memory wires and you won’t notice after using it for a while. Sony crafted the wires in such a manner that it does not create any pressure on your ears. The wire will adjust according to your ear shape. The fitting is great and can be compared with the best IEMs on the market right now.

The comfort of the M7 and the M7 is fundamentally the same. You will get 7 pairs of Hybrid tips and 6 pairs of triple comfort tips, a total of 13 pairs of tips. You can try different types of tips to ensure the perfect fit and comfort for your ears. The noise isolation is also very decent, the headphones will create a very decent seal in your ear. Overall, the IEM is extremely comfortable, it will fit almost every ear size and after wearing it for a while, you won’t even notice that it is there.

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Sound Quality


If you prefer a bit extra punch of bass, you will like how the lower end sounds with the M7. Pop and fast-paced EDM songs sound very detailed and clean. It won’t face any problem keeping up with fast-paced bass effects. You can feel the presence of the bass and the sub-bass at the same time which many top tear headphones fail to do. Overall, the bass is very deep, detailed and clear but if you compare it with the higher priced M9, the M9 has a more spark of clarity to it.

The mids are very pleasant and enjoyable with these headphones. The vocals sound very crisp and clear, the separation is also on point. But the mids aren’t balanced and flat like the M9, it’s a bit heavy on the vocal side. The strumming sound of stringed instruments sounds reasonably detailed and does not tend to overlap any detail. The separation is very good. Every sort of instrument in the lower mid will sound pretty much decent.

The IER-M7 does a very good job handling the higher frequencies. Instruments like guitar or violin which can reach very high pitch sound very detailed and natural. Even higher vocal notes with heavy instrumental work sound decent and distinct. The overall higher frequency sounds very decent, distinct and natural.

The M7 does a great job maintaining a wide soundstage. It’s not the widest sounding out there but it’s great considering its price. The staging is wide enough to separate the position of each instrument. It will give you the feel of enjoying a live concert of your favorite band. Compared to the staging of M9, the M7 is almost an equal match.

Overall, the sound quality is the IER-M7 in-ear monitors are great and up to the mark. The M9 is slightly better in every aspect which is obvious considering its price. It’s not as balanced sounding as the M9 also, which might be an issue for people who prefer a neutral tone. It’s a bit heavy on the bass side. But the frequencies do not overlap each other and maintains their details pretty well.

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These headphones come with great features. Everything comes with it is very premium. If you want your sound to be a bit dynamic, this is your pick. The IER-M7 won’t let you down.

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