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Sony A100 Walkman
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 Sony A100 Walkman

Sony A100 Walkman

Sony came out with a Walkman that tries to rekindle the love that a whole generation had for the portable music player and also hopes to grab the attention of the new generation that is so hooked on doing everything on their phones. From listening to music, streaming audio and playing games the modern smartphone can do all of those and then some. But with the Sony A100 Walkman, Sony hopes to impress us enough to start listening to music on portable media players once again. It has been over 40 years since the first Walkman launched way back in 1979, the brand, as well as the devices themselves, have come a long way from its humble beginnings.

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The Specifications

Sony A100 Walkman

Let’s get right down to business with the specifications of the Sony A100 Walkman, with its solid build quality and overall great performance, this compact piece of machinery brings a lot to the table. Before we take a deep dive into the specific features, let’s take an overall view of what it has to offer on paper.

  • Manufacturer: Sony
  • Form Factor: Bar
  • Type: Walkman Music Player
  • Battery: 20 hours (MP3 128 kbps)
  • Noise Cancellation: Yes
  • IP Rating: No
  • Colors: Black, Red and Blue, Green and Orange

The Walkman Design

Sony A100 Walkman

Sony kept things very minimal and subdued with the A100 Walkman. It did not try anything too flashy or too over the top with the design of this one. It comes in a solid bar shape with all the buttons on one side and has a 3.6-inch touchscreen at the front, running Android v9.0.

The build quality is also solid and exudes confidence when in the hand. Sony always had a reputation for making well manufactured and long-lasting products and the A100 does not disappoint. One of the things we really liked about the device was how compact and easy to handle the player is. The dimensions come in at 10cm x 5cm and weigh 108g.

The USC C charging port is conveniently placed on the bottom of the player along with the micro-SD slot, yes, of course, it has a micro-SD slot. You get 16GB of built-in storage with the device too. You also get a good range of color options to pick from. The Walkman comes in black, blue, ash green, red and orange, all punchy and great colors just add to the overall character of the product.

The Sound Quality

Sony A100 Walkman

Sony has loaded this thing with the latest technologies and most importantly, the years of experience the company has gathered in making music players over the years. It comes with the S-Master HX digital amp that helps in reducing noise distortion in hi-res audio giving it that extra oomph.

Most of our generic tracks are compressed. To combat this issue, the Walkman comes equipped with Sony’s DSEE HX processor to upscale compressed tracks and bring them to life. Another great thing about listening to music on this device, is that you do need to worry about the file format your audio comes in. The A100 comes with support for MP3, WMA, FLAC, AAC, ALAC and even MQA for streaming.

The actual sound of the player is quite impressive. Coupled with a good pair of headphones this compact device produces sounds in wide ranges with little to no distortions on the high notes. The low bass sounds are quite punchy with balanced mid-tones to compliment the overall experience. The tracks sound very rich and full. For hardcore music listeners, the A100 is sure to impress. We were quite impressed by the performance of the compact device.

The Walkman Features


Given the price of the player, the Sony A100 comes with quite a few bells and whistles in the box.

Hi-Res Audio: With hi-res audio, you can enjoy every little nuance of a track in a high-quality studio format. Give your tracks new life and listen to sounds and subtle differences that you never heard before. Once you hear how your tracks sound like in hi-res audio, it is quite difficult to go back.

DSD playback: With DSD playback you have the option to playback audio formats up to 11.2 MHz, thanks to the new PCM conversion.

Wi-Fi Support: You have the freedom to use the player to connect to the internet and stream music and even download them. It truly is a digital device. The best feature of the device is probably the connectivity options that make this device a true music player of the future. You can use music apps on the player which grants you instant access to millions of songs from various artists or you can also connect it with your PC and access all your songs right from there.

Android-Powered: The Sony A100 Walkman is powered by the Android operating system and that instantly sweetens the deal for us. What you get with the operating are essential all the smart features that make using the device day to day a pure pleasure. All the thousands of media and music apps can be used right on the player itself thanks to Android.

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The Sony A100 Walkman is a perfect portable music player for those who want something that is solidly built with great attention to detail and uncompromising sound when coupled with a good pair of headphones. You can clearly see the efforts and research that went into the product from Sony by the sheer attention to detail put into this.

The sound quality is great, producing rich and full sounds throughout our testing. The extra features also make using the product an absolute joy. The inclusion of Android as the operating system also makes the deal even sweeter, an overall great little player.


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