Sonos Bluetooth Speakers | Best in 2022 Review

Sonos Bluetooth Speakers | Best in 2022 Review
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Speakers are one of the most essential electronic equipment in any household today. Whether be it Bluetooth or wired, no set is complete without a proper set of speakers. With so many options out there in the market, it can be quite confusing to decide which one to spend your hard-earned money on.

For those who want something that is sure to deliver quality, Sonos Bluetooth Speakers is your choice. The reputable American audio company has been making audio products that not only sound great but are also known for some of the best designs and quality in the industry. And this article takes you through best speakers from their product line.

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Sonos Bluetooth Speakers | Best in 2022 Review


Sonos Sub

Product Description: Let’s face it, bass can bring any songs to life. There is where the SONOS Sub comes in.

Build and Quality: As is with all Sonos Bluetooth Speakers, the design is chic and modern looking. Cube-shaped with a slit right on the dead center makes it look like a piece that deserves to be on an alien ship

Product Features: Wi-Fi-enabled with Trueplay support, the SONOS Sub impresses at every point.

  • Clean and deep bass output
  • Great design
  • Slightly bulky

9. SONOS Playbase 

Sonos Playbase

Product Description: Built to be low profile yet providing impressive sound, the Playbase is a perfect choice if you are looking for a speaker bar that wirelessly pairs with other SONOS speakers and with TVs.

Build and Quality: The design of the Playbase is a rather interesting one. It sits flat on the surface, comes in a rounded rectangle shape, and has a sci-fi look to the whole thing.

Product Features: It can be coupled with other SONOS speakers for a truly awesome sound experience that is second to none. It supports Apple’s Airplay 2 and has a night mode with optical audio output.

  • Low profile design
  • Responsive touch controls
  • Great build
  • TruePlay supported only for Apple devices
  • No DTS

8. SONOS Playbar

Sonos Playbar

Product Description: If you are a genuine fan of the bar form factor, the Playbase from SONOS should be on your top priority list.

Build and Quality: Sleek and modern design that can blend into any room seamlessly

Product Features: It comes with a versatile soundbar that can be used under your TV or even as a wall-mounted accessory for the ultimate listening experience.

  • Voice controls
  • Great punchy bass
  • Easy multi-room integration
  • Expensive
  • Does not support 7.1 surround sound

7. SONOS Beam

Sonos Beam

Product Description: Best for TV setups in your homes, this one gives you a seamless music listening experience.

Build and Quality: Small and compact compared to the competitors, it comes at 25.6” x 3.9” x 2.7” with a great build quality and stylish minimalistic look.

Product Features: It is filled to the brim with smart features like smart assistant support and versatile mounting options.

  • Wide sound profile
  • Alexa support
  • Lacking bass

6. Sonos Play 3

Sonos Play 3

Product Description: Versatile speaker with great features and good build. The Play 3 has been in the market for long but still holds up.

Build and Quality: Slightly uninspiring design but still is good to look at and comes with good built quality.

Product Features: Easy to set up and comes with the trusted SONOS app that can be used to stream music from any of your music services.

  • Great Sound
  • Helpful app
  • Smart Assistant
  • Dated design


Sonos One SL

Product Description: The ‘SL’ is the name stands for speechless, so you get a great speaker just without a microphone. It is a great speaker perfect for any small to mid-sized room.

Build and Quality: Premium build quality and compact design SONOS is known for.

Product Features: The speakers support Apple's Airplay and are humidity resistant meaning you can use these in the bathroom. So, no more borings showers!

  • Great sound
  • Airplay support
  • Humidity resistant
  • No built-in mic

4. Sonos One (Gen 2)

Sonos One (Gen 2)

Product Description: Voice-controlled smart speaker with support for Amazon Alexa

Build and Quality: Outstanding and solid build quality with a compact and unobtrusive color scheme

Product Features: Room filling stereo sound that with indicator lights for the smart voice control features and capacitive touch controls

  • Balanced bass
  • Touch controls
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Lack of Hi-Res audio

3. SONOS Play 5 

Sonos Play: 5

Product Description: Large and powerful speaker that is capable of producing room-filling sound with extra smart features.

Build and Quality: The SONOS Play 5 comes in a boxy yet classy looking design that is nothing to get excited about.

Product Features: Boisterous sound with SONOS Trueplay enabled makes this speaker perfect for house parties.

  • Great sound
  • Easy step-up process
  • Lacks Hi-Res audio support

2. SONOS Play One

Sonos Play: 1

Product Description: The Play 1 from SONOS is your typical compact speaker that sits quite inconspicuously on almost any surface of your room.

Build and Quality: SONOS has a reputation for making some very well-engineered product. This one is no different, being very well built and having a rugged industrial look.

Product Features: A rich sound that fills the room and can be controlled with the SONOS app. It also supports Apple Airplay 2 making life easier.

  • Great sound
  • Airplay support
  • Humidity resistant
  • Some users might find setup difficult

1. SONOS Move

Sonos Move

Product Description: The Move is a speaker you get when merge a good standalone speaker with wireless features.

Build and Quality: Classic SONOS design language sporting the understated and professional look.

Product Features: It has a great battery life with USB-C charging with a rubberized base included for the rest speaker to rest on. These are also water and dust resistant.

  • Rich and balanced sound
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Slightly bulky

All in all, you really cannot go wrong with Sonos Bluetooth Speakers if you're in the market for wireless speakers. The tasteful and modern design with great sound quality and smart features make these speakers a very attractive offer. Simply pick the right one that best suits your needs and you're good to go!


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