Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
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Sennheiser Momentum earbuds are manufactured from the company Sennheiser who are known to be the market leaders in the headphones industry. They have always proven to supply headphones with the best sound quality in the market and their product, Momentum, isn’t any different. The headphone is lightweight but it is extremely durable. This means you can use it daily with comfort and without any damage. It is a fancy bud that has a great quality of sound overall.

Sennheiser Momentum Bluetooth Earbuds

What’s in the Box?

Sennheiser Momentum Bluetooth Earbuds

The box of the momentum by Sennheiser contains the headphones itself and a carrying case. This carrying case is mainly there for storage and protection from any damage. It comes with an adapter and a manual that shows the features and guidelines of using the device. You also get a charging cable USB and a cable for audio, which is 1.4m long.


Sennheiser Momentum Bluetooth Earbuds

The design of the headphone is circumaural and it can be connected easily using Bluetooth. The wireless technology that this device feature is easy and fast. The headband can be folded and it is robust, which means you can store it easily. The headband itself is made of leather and is extremely comfortable. The earbuds are made of leather as well; this gives a premium feel to the earbuds. Noise cancellation and isolation are impressive in this device due to the NoiseGard Active isolation technology.

You can communicate using this device easily due to the presence of two mics that are great with speech and can cancel out unwanted noise from the environment. you have the option to choose from two colors. This means that you can match the headphones with your phones. The two colors are Black and Pearl Ivory.

You can pair these headphones easily with any device. The manufacturers also provide a warranty for two-years, so you can buy this without any hesitation. The battery life is excellent and the quality of sound is really good in this device. The range of frequency is from 2.5-7 kHz. There is a balance between the high and low mid. Even the bass system isn’t too loud; it has been made so to ensure that you don’t feel discomfort due to the high bass.

There is a feature in this device known as the “transparent hearing”. This feature can pick up the surrounding sound and allows you to listen to it. The feature is great as you may need to be aware of your surroundings when you’re out on a run. However, if you think that the outside noise is a distraction and not useful, then you can easily turn this feature off in the settings.


Bluetooth Earbuds

The design of this headphone is modern and it looks good with the case it comes with. They don’t feature any old-school looks. We can guarantee that you will be impressed with the build quality and its construction. There is a cushion that is sure to provide comfort to you. besides, these headphones are waterproof, so there is nothing to worry about when it comes to water spills.

It comes with a glossy finish having a big Seinnheiser Logo that looks classy. The headphone is stylish in its own unique way. It also comes with a layer that can protect its wires from causing any damage.

It looks like a premium product as the steel construction is complemented with the elegant design. The headband and the ear cups are made from high-quality leather. It is considered a masterpiece because of this. The modern design mixed with excellent sound quality and supported by the comfort makes this product stand out in the market of headphones.

The ear cups will fit perfectly into your ears which will reduce the chances of them falling out from your ears when you’re on the go. Apart from that, the pressure provided from the buds onto your skin is minimal. This is because the headbands are soft in addition to being sweat-resistant.

Battery Performance

Bluetooth Earbuds

The battery life is pretty decent considering the high-tech features it comes with. In fact, you can use them for a long time approximately more than three hours at a stretch. You can charge it in the case it comes with using the USB cable. Thus you will get a total of 11hours. If you don’t use it at a stretch, then you can use it for more.


The high-quality headphone from Sennheiser is a great product because of its sound quality. This headphone can go all out in the department of sound due to its balance between the bass and trebles. The range of frequency allows it to sound natural. The signature of the sound is loud and clear. The bass system is not so loud that it will make your ears tingle. It is balanced and clear.

The headphones have a premium feel to it with the leather finish and modern design. This makes the headphone look and feel classy. The earbuds made of leather are a perfect fit for the ears and don’t fall off at all. The battery life is great as it can allow you to work for a long time wearing this headphone.


It is a bit on the expensive side. This is because of the high-quality materials that it comes with. The leather complements the headband and earbuds but it might deteriorate after a while, which might make the device look a bit worn off. The noise cancellation feature in the buds is not up to the mark when compared to other headphones at this price point. Besides, you can use this headphone to make calls but it sometimes fails to maintain the quality of speech.

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Momentum from Sennheiser is a premium high-performance headphone that looks stylish and classy. Apart from looking good, the headphones sound even. The battery life and the mix between technology and comfort make this headphone fall into the best category of headphones in the current market.

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