Sennheiser CX 300-II | Perfect Headphones For EDM Music

Sennheiser CX 300-II
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The Sennheiser CX 300-II is considered great headphones set due to its impressive sound isolation features and bass system. The headphone supports all types of music genres but, mainly, it is popular for complementing EDM music because of its great bass system. It is a versatile product; it is quite different from the other products that Sennheiser has built in the years. The build quality is average but for the price it comes with, it has excellent sound quality and some decent features.

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Sennheiser CX 300-II

What’s in the Box?

Sennheiser CX 300-II

The packaging is a bit unique; you might even face difficulty to open them because of the blister-style. It comes in a pouch that has a Sennheiser Logo to it. In the box, you also get three pairs of ear tips, which are made of silicone.

Design and Quality

Sennheiser CX 300-II

The product has a weak construction but it has a minimalistic design. If you see earbuds as a fashion accessory, then you won’t like them. But if you only want to enjoy the sound quality, then these earbuds will satisfy you. Besides, the earbuds don’t even look that bad.

You also get to choose between two colors and match your phone with it. The colors are white and black. The buds that come with the product give the perfect fit to the ears but it doesn’t have foam attached to it and so it creates a bit of discomfort for long sessions of usage.

Besides, the small earbuds are useful as you can put them under your pillows or your helmet and use them without any problem. The perfect fit of the buds stops them from falling out from your ears if you’re on the go.

This headphone can be used for over 30 hours at a stretch. The battery life is great as you can charge it once and forget about charging it back for a while.


Sennheiser CX 300-II

The sound quality of this device is what makes this product stand out in the market of headphones. It has a clear sound; the bass quality is what draws people to buy and use this at parties or even at gyms. The soundstage is really good and natural, which means you can listen to this for hours.

You can use this device at the gym as the bass sound that it provides can give a boost to your work. The balance may seem off at times as the mid-bass may sound a bit loud. The higher mid is crisp, however, and the sound is not distorted at all. The trebles are clear and as a result of that, you can enjoy the clarity of sound.

There is a bit of sound leak that might happen if you decide to push the volumes at a max level. So, the sound cancellation may be weak. But, the sound isolation of this device is top-notch. This means you can easily pick up small details from your songs or movies.


Sennheiser CX 300-II is a great headphone when you look at the sound quality it provides. The bass system in this headphone is one of the best as it can provide a loud and deep bass. The lower vocals are clear and not distorted at all. The sound isolation is also great, which means you won’t get mixed up sounds.

If you install an EQ, then this device will respond to it quite well. Thus, you can control different aspects of your music listening experience. There is a balance between the mids and so, the higher mid sounds crisp and clear.

The buds fit perfectly, which prevents your headphones from falling out. As a result of this, you can use this headphone at the gym or even when you’re in public. You can also carry them under your helmet because of their small size. Overall, with an affordable price, you get a lot of decent features and advantages from this headphone.


The packaging is not pleasant at all. The blister packaging makes this headphone look average. It is actually tough to open the packaging at a first try. On top of that, the construction of this headphone is weak and this means that it always has a probability of getting damaged. The weak construction is the reason why it doesn’t last long. It can get damaged if sweat or water enters into its driver and it cannot be repaired again.

It has a sound leak when the sound gets too high. So, the people around you will listen to what you’re listening to at that moment. The higher midgets a bit harsh if it is pushed too much.

Apart from that, it can seem to produce a bit too much noise for the listeners who want soft music. If you want a headphone that looks cool and has a modern design, then this one is not for you. The cables in this headphone are asymmetrical and that means the buds might fall off anytime. The buds that come with the package don’t have foam on them; that means the comfort factor is a bit low here.

These headphones might have a bit of a disadvantage to users. But the bottom line here is that the headphones are great at providing you with the features that many high-end headphones are providing but at a lower price.

At a lower price point, it still provides a great sound system. And the sound system is the reason why many choose this headphone over many high-end devices.


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