Best Samsung Headphones Review In 2022

Best Samsung Headphones Review In 2022
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Samsung is a tech giant manufacturing not only smartphones, but also TVs, desktop monitors, and soundbars. Recently, they have entered the truly wireless headphones market with their latest and greatest Galaxy Buds and its different versions. Before Galaxy Buds, Samsung used to ship mostly AKG headphones.

AKG is a renowned brand when it comes to headphones, manufacturing headphones for average users to artists in the studio.

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Best Samsung Headphones Review In 2022

10. Samsung Active InEar Headphones

Samsung Active InEar Headphones

Product Description: Samsung Active InEar Headphones are cheap and made for fitness-oriented people.

Design and Quality: These headphones are a pair of basic lightweight headphones. It comes with removable wingtips that provide a secure fit when you’re on the run.

  • They come with an in-line remote for your media and call controls.
  • Other than that, the wingtips have soft gel in them helping you get a better passive noise isolation.

9. Samsung Type-C Headphones

Samsung Corded Type-C Earphones

Product Design: At the same price tag as the Active InEar, the Samsung Type-C headphones are fabulous for any device with a missing headphone jack.

Design and Quality: Design-wise, the headphones look very basic. The headphones are made with high-grade materials, and these are lightweight. Furthermore, the cable is made out of fabric-like material, preventing your headphones from dangling up.

  • The headphones feature a well-balanced audio reproduction, with the built-in DAC in the headphones.
  • Furthermore, the headphones are tuned by AKG.

8. ANC Type-C Headphones

Samsung ANC Earphones Type-C

Product Description: For just a hundred bucks, with the ANC Type-C headphones, you’re getting an in-ear headphone with active noise cancelation.

Design and Quality: These cables feature an interesting design. From the in-line remote to the type-C jack, the headphone features a braided cable, and earbuds are connected to the in-line remote via thick rubber wires. The headphones come with multiple choice for ear tips and winged-tips, helping you find the best fit and combination.

  • The main feature of this headphone is the active noise cancelation.
  • For a hundred dollars, the noise cancelation of the headphones is excellent.
  • Also, the type-C connection makes it a plug and play headphone for any device with a Type-C port.

7. AKG N200 Wireless

AKG N200 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Product description: The N200 is one of the best wireless headphones from AKG.

Design and Quality: It features a slick design with metallic and magnetic earbuds. The cable is made it fabric-like material, preventing the headphones from dangling up.

  • It gives eight hours of playback time and speed charge that gives you an extra hour with a ten-minute charge.
  • The sound of the headphones is well balanced without an overpowering bass.

6. AKG Y100 Wireless 

 AKG Y100 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Product Description: The Y100 is an excellent wireless headphone for just a hundred dollars.

Design and Quality: The connecting wire is made of soft and flexible materials that take the shape of your neck as you wear them. The headphones are lightweight too.

  • Firstly, the headphones pack eight hours of battery life.
  • Secondly, you can connect this headphone to two devices and switch back and forth.
  • Lastly, the overall audio reproduction of the headphone is awe-inspiring.

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5. AKG N5005

AKG N5005 Reference Class 5-driver Configuration In-Ear Headphones

Product Description: If you want to break your bank behind a Hi-Res headphone, then get the AKG N5005.

Design and Quality: For the price, you’re getting a headphone with earbuds made out of ceramic. The wireless headphones come with customizable ear tips so that you can find the best fit for maximum comfort.

  • The N5005 is a studio-quality headphone with a lot of customizable options.
  • The headphone comes with a 5-drive hybrid system that acts as a layer separator so that you can listen to every beat and instruments.

4. AKG N60


Product Description: The N60 is one of the best noise-canceling on-ear headphones from AKG.

Design and Quality: The N60 is a very travel-friendly headphone, as it is very compact and lightweight. Furthermore, the headphones come with a foldable design.

  • Besides being one of the best noise-canceling headphones, the N60 is also a wireless headphone with AptX codec.
  • You can get fifteen hours of playback time with both Bluetooth and ANC turned on and thirty hours if you use these with wires.

3. AKG N700NC M2


Product Description: The AKG N700NC M2 is another excellent wireless headphone with ANC.

Design and Quality: The N700Nc M2 features a premium build quality. The headphones are foldable, and both the earcup and headband have sufficient padding to provide comfort over long hours of usage. Furthermore, the headband is adjustable.

  • The headphone comes with adaptive noise cancelation and multipoint pairing.
  • The battery life on this is a whopping 23 hours.
  • Also, the headphones come with technology that lets you control the noise cancelation, so when you want to talk, the volume will drop.

2. Galaxy Buds

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Product Description: Galaxy Buds are the first TWS from Samsung.

Design and Quality: Size-wise, the galaxy buds don’t have the smallest form factor. However, these are comfortable and sits well. You can increase that by using the addition of ear tips and wingtips provide with the headphones.

  • AKG tunes the Galaxy Buds and the sound of the Buds is impressive.
  • The headphones come with ambient mode, letting you control the amount of noise you want to slip in.
  • A full charge will last you for six hours, and a fifteen-minute charge will give you an additional 1.7 hours of playback.

1. Galaxy Buds +

Samsung Galaxy Buds+

Product Description: The Galaxy Buds+ is an upgrade over the Galaxy Buds.

Design and Quality: Design-wise, the Galaxy Buds+ don’t have any difference from the Galaxy Buds. The Buds+ still have that slightly big form a factor but comes with the same comfort as the Galaxy Buds.

  • Feature-wise, the Galaxy Buds+ has some minor improvement.
  • The ambient mode is more customizable than before. Furthermore, with the buds and the charging case, you’re getting 22 hours of playback time.

Samsung’s headphones and TWS, along with AKG’s headphones are a vast collection to buy from, if you’re on the hunt for a pair.

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