Samsung Galaxy Buds+ | Next Level Music Experience

Samsung Galaxy Buds+
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Samsung Galaxy Buds+ | Next Level Music Experience

Samsung Galaxy Buds+

If you prefer the ease of going wireless, maybe it’s time for you to drop your old earphones and look for a good pair of earbuds. But how do you know which one to choose when there are so many options available? Your personal preference and priorities will help to narrow down the choices and lead you to the most suitable pair. Right now we have our eyes on Samsung Galaxy Buds+. Let’s see what it has to offer! Upon hitting the retail stores in early 2021, Samsung Galaxy Buds+ has been picked up by music lovers all over the world. But is it worth the hype?

Design and Build

While the hardware remains largely the same to its predecessor in terms of the silicone wings, ear tips, and plastic build, the only amendment made to its design is a glossier case. The case has raised the left and right indicators for earbud cradles. The Buds+ come in the colors- Cloud Blue, Cosmic Black, White, and Red.

The set includes extra three pairs of tips and sleeves so it’s unlikely that you won’t find a correct fit. It’s important to find the right fit since it has a role to play in blocking external noise and optimizing audio quality. Comfort also matters.

Neither construction nor appearance should be a reason why you should throw in extra twenty bucks to get this new model if your original plan was to get the older version- Samsung Galaxy Buds. Go through the detailed features and see for yourself who the winner is.

Detailed Features

Samsung has finally added the most sought-after feature by music lovers on the go to its latest Galaxy Buds+. It wowed the audiophiles with its unique Spotify integration. Put them on, long press and hold till your favorite tunes start playing. Not like what’s being played? No problem! Press again and Spotify will present you something you might like according to your previous song choices or preferred genre. This popular music streaming app will also randomly generate tracks from its Daily Mix playlists and keep you entertained. However, this feature is currently restricted to devices that run on the Android operating system since Spotify is the default music player on all Samsung devices for two years now. Galaxy Buds+, the latest true wireless earbuds by Samsung, has an enhanced microphone array in comparison with its forerunner. It effectively reduces ambient noise while two external mics provide a dedicated focus to your voice. You wouldn’t have to worry about sounding unclear having the advanced neutral frequency response of this technology at your disposal.

So, if you’re an iPhone user, you need to manually enter Spotify from your phone and select music of your choice. Samsung Buds+ doesn’t support standard Bluetooth multipoint connectivity. However, easy switching is made possible as Buds+ remembers the previous devices that it paired with. The brand didn’t go for an aptX support but the Scalable Samsung Codec, SBC and AAC. Although the scalable codec is only compatible with Samsung devices running on Android 7.0 or later, the firmware is Bluetooth 5.0 and the listeners enjoy reliable connections within a wireless range of 10 meters.

To your disappointment, a pair or Buds+ won’t last in the water. They earned an IPX2 rating; which means they can be sweat-resistant. So, if you were thinking about joining the gym or going out for a run in one of these days, Buds+ are ready to have your back.

Sound Quality

Samsung Galaxy Buds+

The Galaxy Buds+ support three ambient sound modes- low, medium and high. They allow the passing of outdoors sounds through onboard mics to keep you aware of the surroundings. It’s a safety feature for when you use these buds outside. Samsung removed the “voice focus” mode amplifying vocal frequency through the earbuds in this model although it was present in the previous one. However, the brand new dual-driver design and AKG audio-tuning provide decent audio performance. Samsung described it to be “balanced, detailed and natural.”

While the first-gen Galaxy Buds produced accurate midrange and low frequencies for a neutral-sounding audio performance, the Buds+ are equipped with drivers that beef up the bass notes and give more emphasis to mid-range harmonics. Can’t have enough of that funk track you’ve been listening to all day? Put on Buds+ to hear the bass lines more prominently with their newly added bass boost option through the Samsung Wearable app or be your DJ by switching between soft, clear, dynamic, normal and treble boost- few of the EQ presets that Buds+ offer you.

They also include ear tips and wingtips for optimal music experience.

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Battery and Charging

The Galaxy Buds+ knock quite a lot of earbuds of similar pricing out of the game with its superior battery performance. It goes eleven hours on a single charge. The case provides one complete recharge- that’s 22 hours of playtime! Samsung Galaxy Buds+ support Wireless Powershare. It lets you recharge the USB C case on top of a Galaxy smartphone. The pill-shaped case can be charged on a Qi wireless charging mat as well. Your Buds+ feature fast charging. Just three minutes in the case and they are good to go for an hour-long jam. Yes, you heard that right!

Samsung announced that it will launch an iOS app to give the iPhone users a fully customizable control of the Galaxy Buds+. On top of that, Buds+ supports software updates via the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app. Samsung has indeed provided decent quality in its latest Buds+ for the price; considering all the specs. So, are you siding with Buds+ or do you have another pair of earbuds in mind?

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