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100 years ago playing vinyl record for music was a regular thing but nowadays we call it a vintage thing. The record has a historical appeal and also there is an established thought which is listening experience is much superior in the vinyl record than in any modern digital medium. If you are looking for a vintage taste in music then here is a list of top 10 record players that may help you to make your purchase decision.

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Top 10 Best Record Players In 2021

1. Raga Planar 3/ELYS2 Record Player 

Raga Planar 3/ELYS2 Record Player

Product Description: Rega is one of the most popular budget devices of its genre and it is in the market for quite a few decades with reputation. It comes with a sleek glass plate and belt drive motor to reduce vibration and other unwanted noise.

Design and Quality: This record player comes with highly polished optic white and the glossy acrylic finishing on the plinth. The other impressive features are redesigned sub-platter and main bearing housing.

  • Excellent quality of sound
  • Easy setting system
  • Well-made and nicely finished for its price
  • High-quality Phono cable
  • External power supply connectivity
  • Affordable and highly upgradable

2. Audio Technica AT-LP 60

Audio Technica AT-LP 60 - record players

Product Description: This comes with a belt drive system which reduces the motor noise. It also has a built-in speaker which is not the best among its counterparts but it has a built-in preamp which will allow you to connect this to an external sound system and if it is connected with a good quality sound system it is capable to produce really good audible sound in a low budget.

Design and Quality: This record player is fully automatic with excellent value. It is made of Die-cast-aluminum and Belt drive motor.

  • Quickly starts
  • Portable
  • Fully automatic turntable
  • Phono and line compatible
  • Budget-Friendly

3. Denon DP- 300F Record Player

Denon DP- 300F - record players

Product Description: This record player is the bestselling model of this brand which comes with great sound quality for its price.

Design and Quality: It is mainly made of plastic and includes DSN-85 cartridge which provides clear sound. The plate is made of sleek aluminum and it is designed with a start-stop feature that helps to automatically restart the album.

  • Automatic
  • Built-in preamp
  • Upgradeable cartridge
  • Reasonable Price

4. Fluance RT81 Record Player 

Fluance RT81 Record Player - record players

Product Description: This is one of the best starter record players with easy features. Its premium components show a high quality built from top to bottom.

Design and Quality: This model comes with a very classic high-gloss walnut finish which is crafted from a great sense of woodwork. It comes with a sturdy aluminum platter, rubber slip, and isolation feet.

  • Phono and Line switch
  • Auto-off feature
  • Easy to set up
  • 33/45 RPM speed

5. Sony PS-HX500 Record Player 

Sony PS-HX500 Record Player - record players

Product Description: If anyone is looking for a record player and wants to go for a high-end brand, this model can be highly recommended. This product comes with superior quality with its price and Sony calls it hi-res turntable. It can record up to DSD 5.6. Ergo.

Design and Quality: This product didn’t follow the footstep of sony’s colorful design rather it maintained the tone of simplicity. There is a dial in the bottom-left corner which will allow you to witch speed from 33 1/3rpm to 45rpm.


6. Technics SL 1500C Record Player 

Technics SL-1500C - record players

Product Description: This model is the living room version of this brand’s legendary professional DJ deck SL 1200. It comes with similar ruggedness like its predecessor but in fine polish touch.

Design and Quality: It comes in black and silver finish. It has a heavy aluminum top-plate which is a bit overweight, utterly stationary, and resonance-rejecting.

  • Built-in phono stage and Line output
  • Switchable arm auto lift option
  • Easy to set up

7. Jensen JTA-222 3- Speed Turntable

Jensen JTA-222 3- Speed Turntable - record players

Product Description: It comes in a sturdy, solid construction design with its simple easy to use functionality. It is a very low-cost entry-level record player that you can start with.

Design and Quality: For its price point it comes as a heavy, sturdy and small package that is not comparable with its high-end counterparts. It comes in a vintage style wood cabinet which will look amazing in the living room.

  • Lowest-priced
  • Quick set up
  • Ceramic cartridge
  • 300 to 400 hours of playtime

8. Electrohome EANOS501 Winston Turntable 3 in 1 

Electrohome EANOS501 - record players

Product Description: It comes in a truly classic vintage design in a wooden cabinet. From every angle, it shouts out the rich history of the vinyl record player system and under the hood, it has all the modern technologies.

Design and Quality: It has an old fashioned dial control which goes perfectly with its design. It has a radio and CD player which makes it an all in one option for your living room. The quality resembles the price and you cannot expect great quality sound from this device but the look is not disappointing.

  • Not fully automated
  • The arm and cartridge are not built to last
  • Phone connectivity through the cord

9. Electrohome Kingston 7-In-1 Vinyl 

Electro home Kingston 7-In-1 Vinyl - record players

Product Description: The model comes with a similar vintage look of its previous 501 models but with fully loaded features. It is capable play almost everything which is a stereo System with Turntable with features like Bluetooth, Radio, CD, Aux-In, USB and Vinyl to MP3 Recording

Design and Quality: It maintained the pedigree of its vintage look in the classic wooden finish but the more appealing aspect of this product is its functionality with loads of features. It has sleek dial designs with fewer nobs and buttons neatly placed at the bottom center.

  • Low price
  • Real Wood Veneer
  • Ceramic, Sapphire Tipped Stylus
  • Auto-stop facility
  • Remote control

10. Audio Technica AT-LPI20-USB 

Audio Technica AT-LPI20-USB - record players

Product Description: This device also comes with a different version where USB connectivity is available which makes it capable to connect with different devices through USB cable.

Design and Quality: This comes with a high torque motor that makes the machine start quickly. This device is convenient enough to connect with different devices like USB cable, PC and Mac and that enables you to convert any digital music into vinyl record format.

  • Budget-friendly price
  • Starts and stops quickly
  •  No belt to worry about wearing out over the years
  • Optimum comfort

These ten record players make the marketplace competitive because they offer the best services. In short, you are getting your money’s worth, when you look to buy a record player.

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