Best Record Player Stands Review In 2022

Best Record Player Stands Review In 2022
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Who doesn’t love vinyl? After all, it’s a thing that can take us from the digital realm and give us the serene feeling of the old days. Arranging the discs on a record player stand can also be a fun part of the day. Getting a stand for them can help you to keep them organized. But you can’t buy any stands you find in the market. It has to be stylish enough to go with the room-theme, has to be in the size so that it fits the spot. To make it easier for you, we have gathered 10 best record player stands with the best features.

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Best Record Player Stands Review In 2022

10. Crosley Record Storage 

Crosley Record Storage - Record Player Stands

Product Description: Wooden-made and with a mid-century vibe, this handcrafted wooden storage will help you keep organized. For secure record storage, this stand comes with a decorative wired record slot. The simple, classy design lets you assemble the record players without much effort.

Design and Quality: The rubbed finishing touch gives the stand a much better look and matches your home décor. The dimension of this stand is 18.5x25x13.75 inches. On the cons side, it might seem easy to assemble, but you might be scratching your head out of confusion for a long time.

  • It comes with a direction book for easy assembly
  • Enough nuts to join the parts
  • 4 different colors to match your taste.

9. VASAGLE End Table 

VASAGLE End Table - Record Player Stands

Product Description: Vintage, charming, and what not? This stand is modern furniture that is stunningly simplistic as well as slightly rustic. It is not only a good-looking stand but also useful in quality. The super sturdy and adjustable steel legs are coated with strength powder.

Design and Quality: The large front compartment is in the ideal size for storing records. You can even store other stuff like books, magazines and so on. You can stack two tables together for double storage space.

  • Illustrated instructions for easy assembly
  • Big front compartment for storage
  • Adjustable metal legs for stability
  • Strong powder coating for durability

8. KAIU Vinyl Holder

KAIU Vinyl Holder - Record Player Stands

Product Description: The style of this record player stand is quite exceptional. It’s even good in quality. To store your lovely vinyl, you can’t use regular cheap stands. Use something extraordinary and durable like this one.

Design and Quality: As its design is quite simple, you don’t need to worry about its assembly. It is shatterproof and break-resistant. So, if you have kids or pets in your house, you don’t need to worry.

  • Break-resistant body to keep your collection secure
  • 2 angled plates for smooth movement
  • It can hold up to 50 LPs of 12 inches or singles of 7 inches
  • Space-saving design for a better experience

7. Pangea Audio Record Holder 

Pangea Audio Record Holder - Record Player Stands

Product Description: This heavy-duty record holder is a little different from the previously mentioned ones, but of course, in a good way! It can hold up to 100 LPs. The shelves are coated with scratch-resistant material, so you won’t need to worry about taking care of them much.

Design and Quality: The four Sonic Saucers won’t ruin your tile or wood floor. The top platform is heavy-duty, which is much thicker than other regular record stands.

  • A heavy-duty platform for security
  • Multiple layers for extra storage
  • Scratch-resistant finish for durability
  • Strong X-braces to support the LP shelf

6. Crosley Furniture- Natural stand

Crosley Furniture- Natural stand - Record Player Stands

Product Description: If you are looking for a unique and durable record player stand, here’s the one for you!

Design and Quality: This rustic looking stand will easily go with your room’s theme. It has enough space to hold your record player, and a small compartment to hold the discs.

  • Adjustable shelf for a better fit
  • Extended durability
  • Sturdy legs for a stable position
  • 3D logo for a better look

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5. Line Phono Record Storage 

Line Phono Record Storage - Record Player Stands

Product Description: It has 4 layers of different sizes for you to store various equipment easily. The top shelf can be used for storing the record player.

Design and Quality: This basic designed stand can hold up to 10 LPs.

  • Sturdy design for durability
  • 4 available colors to match your preference
  • 4 layers for extra storage
  • Back holes for wire access

4. Retro Clarence Record Player Stand Retro Clarence Record Player Stand - Record Player Stands

Product Description: This big metallic furniture can hold much more than any other.

Design and Quality: It has four holes where you can store attractive items and store the easier ones in the lower compartments.

  • Grey legs for a different look
  • Spacious design for extra space
  • Several compartments for organized collection
  • Easy to assemble

3. Victrola Record Player Stand

Victrola Record Player Stand - Record Player Stands

Product Description: This beautiful stand can hold up to 50 vinyl. The brand offers several colors for you to choose the one you desire.

Design and Quality: It is so easy to assemble that you don’t need any help with tools.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Several color options for a better choice
  • Real wood used for more extended durability
  • Pre-drilled holes for better adjustments

2. Crosley Furniture- Mahogany 

- Record Player Stands

Product Description: Unlike any other record player stands, it comes with a front door. It can hold up to 75 albums.

Design and Quality: The mahogany finish gives it an old and beautiful look.

  • Full front door for keeping things safe
  • Record slots for secure storage
  • 2 available sizes to match your preference
  • Sturdy legs for durability

1. Lumiwood Record stand 

Lumiwood Record stand - Record Player Stands

Product Description: This record player stand can meet all your needs. You can keep the record player on top. And keep all your vinyl or other items in the big compartments.

Design and Quality: Large-sized and beautifully designed record stand.

  • Wired slots to keep things organized
  • Big compartments to hold many things
  • Drawers to store small items
  • Sturdy legs for stability

By now, you must have selected record player stands; we assure you that each of the products on our list is of high-quality. So, there’s no chance of regret! Buy the one you like and enjoy your free time!

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