Ortofon OM Pro S | Record Player Needle

Ortofon OM Pro S | Record Player Needle
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Ortofon OM Pro S: The All-New Upgraded Record Player Needle

Ortofon OM Pro S - Record Player Needle

Are you an old soul when it comes to music? Do you want to play under the shadows of influencers of modern DJs? Or are you just a minor speed bump away from becoming one of the world’s best mixing DJ artists. Either way, this article is for you. Then again, you could be one of those bummers who’s still befuddled as to what a record player needle is and why it exists.

While there are DJs who would like to use their DVS with a control record and needle cartridge, there are also golden DJs who play strict vinyl sets and are raising the roof, all with the help of a record player needle.

If you’re not completely certain what a record player needle is, then here is brief as to what it is and how it is used. The needle isn’t generally sold separately and comes mounted in an entire cartridge. The cartridge is fixed with a head shell with the help of wires and carries sound from the stylus, aka the actual needle. It is the job of the stylus to groove along vertically and horizontally when a record is played. Yes, the stylus does the main job, but often comes with a cartridge for our ease. There is however replacement stylus in case your needle has worn out from all the scratching and turntablism tricks.

Although there are companies who have stopped making record player needles due to low demand from DJs, the number of audio equipment manufacturers who still serve folks who love their record player needles. These record player needles can either be used for listening to music or playing vinyl sets and bring an extra note to DJ controllers. Out of the many DJ oriented companies, some long-standing companies have brought innovation to age-old equipment. One of these sellers is Ortofon. Ortofon is a century-old micro powerhouse company that has been providing superior vinyl records and phono cartridges and is still reliable by DJs for playing cartridges in weddings and gigs.

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Product DescriptionOrtofon OM Pro S premounted on headshell

The Ortofon OM Pro S is from the Omega series by Ortofon. The cartridge is an upgraded version of the rest of the Omega series and has proved to be much more efficient and durable. The Pro S consists of a wide stylus that plugs in the front part of the body of the cartridge after the headshell. You will be surprised to see that, unlike other record player needles that do not survive to scratch and easily wear out, the Pro S is known to have minimal record wear. So scratch and back cue all you want instead of safekeeping it to prevent vinyl damage.

As opposed to the single version of the record player needle, the Ortofon OM Pro S is pre-mounted with an SH-4 Black headshell, thus making it easier to mount. The replacement on the tonearm is quite an advantage as it fits a massive variety of tonearms. When removing the actual needle aka the stylus, lock up your turntable tonearm, and slowly unscrew your cartridge before inserting your new stylus. Just pull the stylus straight out opposite to the arm of the turntable. Using force in the insert and removing any of the parts is highly discouraged.

Build and Design

Ortofon OM Pro S premounted on headshell

The OM Pro S is designed to function steadily and provide the performance of an all-rounder. The needle is attached strongly to a small magnet and a coil of wires that create audio signals. You can see and touch the coil of wires as it has no cover. That means you can easily tweak with the wires and position it to a ground that works for you. The projecting cantilever is fashioned to endure heavy abuse at your turntable. Now, you can enjoy performing all your new turntablism tricks and transition seamlessly from one song to another.

The shape of the needle is one of the most prominent features of the Pro S. The tip is made of industrial diamond like any other record player needle. The shape of the needle is spherical and this shape is a favorite in the DJ community. They are located in a higher area of the groove and so minimizes scratching and wearing out of the record. I try taking care of my needle by cleaning the tip before and after EVERY playback of records with an antistatic brush. That being all, the Pro S needs a weight of 3 to 5 grams for optimal tracking.

  • Stylus Type – Spherical
  • Headshell – Black SH-4
  • Tracking Force – 4.0g
  • Output Voltage – 5 mV
  • Frequency Range – 20-18.000 Hz
  • Product Dimensions – 4.7 x 3.5 x 1.3 inches
  • Spherical-shaped needle increases durability
  • Solid sound reproduction
  • Clear crisp bass
  • Easy scratching and mixing
  • The strong suspension system of needle
  • Not the most appealing
  • Bulky size in contrast to Concorde


The OM Pro S by Ortofon is indeed a favorite among audiophiles and DJs alike when it comes to record player needles. Those who are not directly connected to the music industry also set it up at home to listen music to. Usually, when you have to choose a record playing needle, you have to decide whether you want one for scratching, or more nuances of music, or for the stylus stability. But the OM Pro S has it all. I will have to admit that it is not sleek looking due to which it is shoved off to the prehistoric category. And you will find record player needles with a slim design even among other cartridges of Ortofon. But the OM Pro S is efficient as a cartridge set and enjoyable as music equipment.

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For anyone who spends time behind a turntable, the Ortofon OM Pro S is an ideal choice. The price of the device ranges from $79.99 and even the replacement stylus is readily available.

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