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Powerbeats3 is the latest and greatest headphones from Beats and it is a must-have if you are into heavy bass and fitness. In today’s world of wireless headphones, PowerBeats3 is a good choice, as it offers smooths connection, secure fit, no issues with sweat and a punchy bass it offers. Made for intense workout sessions, the PowerBeats3 is sweat and water-resistant. Along with these features, PowerBeats3 comes with fast charging, amazing battery life, and other incredible features.


PowerBeats 3

What’s In The Box?

You will receive the PowerBeats3 is a white and red box, and opening the box the headphones are placed in a paper bed. Under the first layer lies all the accessories. With the PowerBeats3 you will be getting an additional three pairs of ear tips, a USB-to-micro USB charging cable, collection of Beats stickers, manuals and a rubberized case that looks like a coin purse. The rubberized case helps to keep the headphones safe from drop damages and also helps them from dangling up.



The PowerBeats3 is a feature-rich headphone. The Powerbeats3 was made for intense workout sessions, however, they are also a perfect pair for your day to day use.

The ear-hooks and the band of the headphones make sure they don’t fall off while you are about your training. The ear-hooks ensure a secure fit over you’re your ears and the neckband can be tightened, so, the flexible wires do not dangle. The cable length is 130cm.

The Powerbeats3 are sweat and water-resistant, meaning you do not have to worry about the moisture while working out. However, do not expect them to survive a trip underwater.

These headphones also offer good isolation thanks to the snug fit but allow some noise to come in. The bass focused produce good vocals too, and with the PowerBeats3 you can enjoy almost all genres of music. However, if the song is too bass-heavy, then it gets a bit messy and loses the dynamics and details of the music.

The PowerBeats3 comes with Apple’s W1 chip inside, meaning connecting it with your iOS device will feel like a breeze. Just like Apple’s AirPods, the PowerBeats3 will pair itself with your iPhone automatically. Furthermore, once connected to an iOS device, the PowerBeats3 will automatically pair with other iOS devices under the same Apple ID. This makes using the PowerBeats3 among your iOS devices seamless and smooth.

Beats have significantly improved the Remote Talk inline remote. The remote is now not only slimmer but also very responsive. The headphones weigh, including the cable, 29g.



The PowerBeats3 comes in three colors. You can choose from black, white, and defiant black and red.

The design of the PowerBeats3 has been slightly altered from its predecessors; for example, the position of the ear tips has been slightly altered, allowing you to get a tighter seal. Without a proper seal, the sound on this earphone will sound cheap and disappointing.

Android users can also enjoy the PowerBeats3, as it comes with “Class 1 Bluetooth Technology” for a wireless experience. Usually, the Bluetooth connectivity range is 10 meters or 33-foot range. However, you can expect an extended range with this earphone.

The PowerBeats3 also comes with a mic and in-line controls, which means you can receive calls and handle your music at a moment notice. The connection button doubles as a music control button for play/pause, skip tracks forward/backward depending on how many times you press the button. The headphones have volumes keys on either side, but it is mostly hit or miss with the volume keys. However, it is always good to have them at your disposal.

The PowerBeats3 comes with a 10mm driver, and if you are a bass-head, then these are perfect for you. Beats is known for the bass focused headphones. However, they have improved more since pairing up with Apple. Previously, Beats used to offer unnatural and sometimes too much bass, but now it much better thanks to Apple.

Battery Performance


The PowerBeats3 offers 4 more hours of battery life than the PowerBeats2. The headphones have a battery life of 12 hours making it perfect for even the people who listen to music all day. Furthermore, The PowerBeats3 comes with a feature they call “Fast Fuel”, that gives you an hour’s worth charge in just five minutes! In fact, base heavy wireless headphones with this kind of battery life is hard to find.


The wireless headphones come with a 10mm sound driver, 130cm long cable, in-line remote mic, and a staggering 12 hours battery life. The headphones are water and sweat-resistant but have not IPX rating.

The PowerBeats3 is a good fitness earphone. Moreover, the ear-hook ensures a secure fit and it can be bent to your liking. The pros of the PowerBeats3 also include bass-heavy, fun sounds. Paired with the new W1 chip from Apple, it is a good fitness earphone that will survive both the intense training sessions and the daily usage.

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Design-wise, the PowerBeats3 is better than its predecessors, but when it comes to sound, it is not so much different from the PowerBeats2. For the slight improvement, breaking your bank feels unnecessary.

Besides, it can lack clarity, dynamics, and details when the song is bass-heavy. Another con for this earphone is its price. After the minor sound improvement, the PowerBeats3 costs around $200, not making a very compelling argument to upgrade from the PowerBeats2.

PowerBeats3 is a good fitness headphone that looks good and has decent features. Design-wise it’s a huge step-up from the PowerBeats2. But, when it comes to sound, the improvement is insignificant. The $200 price tag seems overkill. When you consider the value, you’re not getting much out of this. But its for you to decide whether it is worth it!

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