Best Portable Headphone Amplifiers Review In 2022

Best Portable Headphone Amplifiers Review In 2022
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If you’re willing to break your bank on headphones, then an amp can genuinely make them sing. But there are different types of amps depending on portability and connections. Some are analog, which is traditionally connected to mp3 players. But nowadays amps tend to come with modern connectors and a built-in DAC. The form factor is getting smaller and smaller. Although some still need you to clear your table. that why we have to list Portable Headphone Amplifiers.

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Best Portable Headphone Amplifiers Review In 2022

1. Creative Sound Blaster E5

Creative Sound Blaster E5 - Portable Headphone Amplifiers

Description: Creative Sound Blaster E5 is a durable lightweight and portable amp.

Design and Quality: This amp looks appealing and sounds good. It has built-in NFC for one-tap Bluetooth connectivity. It allows you to stream high-quality audio even from mobile devices. The Creative Sound Blaster E5 comes with a sampling rate of 24bit/192KHz and features a 3200mAh battery.


The amp comes with built-in aptX technology, so the sound is higher quality. Although it has a flatter bass, the amp gives decent realism while playing back audio tracks.

2. Cyrus SoundKey

Cyrus SoundKey - Portable Headphone Amplifiers

Description: Cyrus SoundKey is a great amp for people with a budget.

Design and Quality: The amp has a built-in DAC and has a micro-USB input method. It is very pocketable. The sound is not as dynamic but still has a reliable sound quality. The SoundKey weighs around 18 grams. The amps height is 2.3 centimeter, the width is 5.4 centimeter and the depth is 0.8 centimeter.


The amp comes with a clean and open sound. It is very detailed and compact. The sampling rate of the amp is 24bit/96Khz.

3. Fiio A3

Fiio A3 - Portable Headphone Amplifiers

Description: FiiO A3 is the best portable headphone amp.

Design and Quality: The design is very premium, and the build quality is magnificent. It is minimal and portable. The sound performance boost makes a huge difference. It makes the bass-heavy and the overall sound balance. The A3 weighs around 92 grams and the height is 91 millimeters, the width is 56 millimeters and the depth is 13.5 millimeters.


It offers excellent sound boost and base control. It feels nice on the hands and is easy to carry around.

4. Sony PHA1A

Sony PHA1A - Portable Headphone Amplifiers

Description: The Sony PHA1A is a high-end, powerful, and beautiful amp.

Design and Quality: This amp looks simple and elegant with its white finish and gold accents. It is powerful enough to support high impedance headphones and deliver incredible sound. The amp has a sampling rate of 24bit/192KHz.


It is a very well made high-end portable and powerful amp that can power up 600-ohm headphones. The PHA1A comes with a battery life of 6 hours.

5. TEAC HA-P50

TEAC HA-P50 - Portable Headphone Amplifiers

Description: The TEAC HA-P50 is a lightweight and compact amp that delivers high-quality sound.

Design and Quality: This is a very lightweight plastic-built amp. So, it does not feel premium. It has an aggressive yet straightforward design. But this can entirely change your headphone experience. This is not cheap, but this gives you outstanding sound quality and pounding bass. The sampling rate of the amp is 24bit/96KHz and will last for eight hours.


The amp produces very detailed and distinguishable sound and has an outstanding bass. It is also quite easy to use.

6. Peachtree Audio Shift

Peachtree Audio Shift - Portable Headphone Amplifiers

Description: The Peachtree Audio Shift is a very good Hi-Res audio DAC for audiophiles.

Design and Quality: This is a specially designed headphone amp for audiophiles. It’s by far one of the most powerful amps of the list. It can power a vast range of headphones from sensitive in-ear ones to hi impedance headphones. This can give you an unforgettable sound experience, paired with the right headphones that are. The sampling rate is 32bit/384KHz and comes with a battery life of eight hours.


The Audio Shift is one of the most beautiful amps you can get. Very powerful and premium. It is an audiophile-grade product.

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7. Fiio E17k Alpen 2 USB DAC Headphone Amplifier

Fiio E17k Alpen - Portable Headphone Amplifiers

Description: The Fiio E17kis basically, all you will need for a superb listening experience.

Design and Quality: The E17kacts as an external sound card for your device. The amp has a built-in equalizer for you to adjust the sound for your taste: punchy bass and overall good design. The amp has a sampling rate of 32bit/96KHz and


Fiio E17k Alpen 2 USB DAC Headphone Amplifier comes with an adjustable treble and mids, and good bass. The amp also has a very excellent build quality.

8. Oppo HA-2

Oppo HA-2 - Portable Headphone Amplifiers

Description: Oppo HA-2is a high-quality amp that deserves to be mentioned.

Design and Quality: It is stunning straight out of the box. Some might even say it’s luxurious. Do not mind the extra price; this should be right on your list as it is a very premium and high-quality product that gives you a refined dynamic audio experience.


The Oppo HA-2 features a smooth and premium design and has great versatility in sound.

9. Fiio E10K

Fiio E10K - Portable Headphone Amplifiers

Description: One of the best made by Fiio is the Fiio E10K.

Design and Quality: It comes with a gorgeous aluminum shell with enhanced anti-interference ability. It is very reliable and durable. Supports USB DACs. It has four rubber legs and doesn’t move around your desk.


The amp has zero distortion, has a gain switch for a much wider range. Sound clean, flat, and accurate.

10. FIIO A1

FIIO A1 - Portable Headphone Amplifiers

Description: FIIO A1isa classic and tiny portable amp.

Design and Quality: Metal finish gives it a premium look. It has a tiny form factor. The samples you crank a massive deal of volume, and bass boosts up to 3 levels.


The amp features a classic design, budget-friendly, and bass-heavy.

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Portable Headphone Amplifiers are essential for one of a kind audio experience. If you’re an audiophile, you’ll surely enjoy using amps with your headphones. An amp can give you any sound signature you need. And, as they are getting very portable, it’s easy to use them. Every amp is more or less the same; some have a few extra features, and audio quality differs from brand to brand.

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