Top-Notch PC Sound Bar for Gaming

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Gaming is not just about the gameplay, and the graphics only; instead, gaming is also about the sound that makes the whole thing alive: this is where the PC Sound Bars come in! A gamer knows the importance of premium quality sound and how it can affect the entire experience. However, the regular TVs and computer speakers come with a low-quality, muffled sound that doesn’t fulfill the requirements of a great gaming experience. But that’s when soundbars come to your rescue from this. So if you are planning to go for soundbars that can take the gaming experience to the next level, this article will help you find the top-notch PC sound bars for gaming.

Top-Notch PC Sound Bars for Gaming


TaoTronics Gaming Computer Speaker Soundbar

TaoTronics Gaming Computer Speaker Soundbar This PC sound bar is one of the finest introductions of TaoTronics’ to the world of gaming. This device can expand the gaming audio with zero distortion. This device comes with vivid RGB lights showing various colors all at a time, unlike the regular intermittent flashes.

To provide you with a better audio experience, the tiny compact speaker features a small profile capable of generating simulation 360-degree surround audio. And for connectivity, there are always options between wireless connections via Bluetooth or 3.5 mm and cabled connections. Additionally, the TaoTronics Gaming Computer Speaker comes with a headphone jack that helps you greatly for late-night gaming and a record feature.

Pros of TaoTronics PC sound Bar

  • Vivid RGB lights
  • Both Wired and Wireless Connection
  • Strong Audio
  • Expansive sound
  • Jack for Headphone
  • Recording feature
  • Handy Size

Cons of TaoTronics PC sound Bar:

  • Their buttons are unable to light up in darkness
  • Couldn’t provide static RGBs
  • Razer Leviathan

Razer Leviathan

One of the most excellent PC sound bars you can encounter in the market on today’s date is the Razer Leviathan. Razer Leviathan is certainly great for gaming as well. The design is developed with the help of cutting-edge technology for a high-end premium sound quality. Razer Leviathan is one entire sound system built into quite a compact profile.

This PC Sound Bar measures as 19.7 inches wide and can be nicely placed in front of the desktop monitor or the PC. This speaker also comes with a design that incorporates quite a wide connectivity options range that includes 3.5mm input and Bluetooth.

You can wall-mount this speaker rather than place it on the computer desk. This PC Sound Bar features aptX technology and Dolby 5.1, which offers a great dynamic audio range via Bluetooth.

Apart from all these, Razer Leviathan PC Sound Bar has the functioning option of connecting to your PC, and you can instantly play your games. This also allows you to play movies and music from the other devices.

Pros of Razer Leviathan

  • Excellent sound drivers designed for outstanding performance
  • Thumping bass by the Subwoofer
  • Virtual surround sound system from Dolby Digital
  • Bluetooth connectivity along with aptX technology
  • Premium quality of sound and volume in a reasonable price
  • System setup with simplistic design
  • Wide range of connectivity options like optical, 3.5mm input, NFC, and Bluetooth

Cons of Razer Leviathan

  • Using TV might not deliver the desired performance as it is better suited with PC only.
    HDMI input option unavailable
  • Sound BlasterX Katana

Sound BlasterX Katana


If you are looking for an expertly tuned PC sound bar, the Sound BlasterX Katana sound bar is a great option. This PC Sound bar uses a five driver design for its excellent performance overall.

One major noticeable thing about this PC soundbar is the glossy design with Aurora Reactive lighting. The lighting system is top-notch in this PC Soundbar that it intensely enhances the gaming experience, which is why this is the favorite of many gamers. Also, the wide array of colors you can choose from offers you 16.8 million different colors. These will always keep your soundbar colorful with a vast variation no matter where your soundbar is connected, be it a laptop, desktop, or gaming console.

Sound BlasterX Katana can support Dolby Digital technology as well. However, it’s just not the actual surround sound that comes from Dolby Atmos. Still, its sound quality is pretty good and can fill in a large room.

Another great feature is the Bluetooth which can save you from the hassle of cable management. Also, you can stream music alongside playing mobile games without any wired connection to your soundbar.

However, the slightly negative side of this amazing device is its price. Sometimes you might not even be prepared with your budget for things like this. But it can guarantee that the sound quality, audio performance, and sleek design make every penny worth it and make it one of the best PC soundbars.

Pros of Blaster X Katana

  • 5 drivers for impeccable volume and full-range audio effects
  • 16.8 million colors’ Aurora reactive lighting
  • Transportable and easy set up process due to the sound bar’s compact design
  • Features virtual surround sound due to Dolby Digital technology
  • Easy wireless streaming due to Bluetooth connectivity
  • Seamless control

Cons of Blaster X Katana

  • Smaller Remote control
  • Comes with a comparatively bigger expense
  • NJSJ V-181 Computer Speakers

NJSJ V-181 Computer Speakers


NJSJ V-181 Computer Speakers are the option that will attract you with its affordable price. Its soundbar is unique, and its detachable design can convert the soundbar into two different separate speakers.

Your gaming experience will have strong bass and stereo due to its powerful speakers. As with most gaming soundbars, The NJSJ V-181 also offers you an LED backlighting in various colors.

Another great thing about this PC Soundbar is its high compatibility with many other devices as it offers 3.5 mm, Bluetooth, and USB connection. Also, there are headphones and microphone jacks as well for gaming.

PROS of NJSJ V-181 Computer Speakers

  • The compatibility is versatile
  • Comes with a detachable design
  • Various forms of connection
  • LED backlights
  • Headphone and microphone jacks
  • Control with One-Button
  • Bass enhancement
  • Reasonable Price

Cons of NJSJ V-181 Computer Speakers

  • Shorter length of cords
  • Unavailability of Subwoofer

The above-mentioned PC soundbars are just the perfect ones for your need right now at the market if you are among the passionate gamers. Certainly, this article’s devices can quench your craving for an intense sound quality during gaming here. I hope this article has helped you differentiate between them and pick one that suits you and your gaming experience best.

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