Best Noise Isolating Headphones Review

Best Noise Isolating Headphones Review
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Noise-isolating headphones reduce the ambient noises and let you listen to music in peace. If you don’t want to be bothered by noisy environments, then you need noise-isolating headphones. Noise isolation isn’t the same as active noise cancellation.

While noise isolation lowers the external sounds, noise cancellation uses microphones to shut off the world completely. The following noise isolating headphones will let you listen to your music at a much lower volume, which is suitable for your ears.

Best Noise Isolating Headphones Review

1. Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

Product Description: For all-purpose use, the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro is the best noise isolating headphones for all music genres.

Design and Quality: Besides extreme noise isolation, these headphones offer great comfort with a leather headband, and the earcups are of soft skin. Made out of high-grade plastic, the DT 770 Pro is the most durable one.


Meant for studio use, these offer the best noise isolation and sound. Furthermore, closed-back provides a better sound stage and isolation.

2. Sony WH-1000MX3

Sony WH-1000MX3

Product Description: Sony is known for its noise-canceling headphones and, especially, the WH-1000MX3 has been the best noise-canceling headphones for the last two years.

Design and Quality: The WH-1000MX3 excels in comfort. The lightweight design with the soft-cushioned ear cups makes these perfect for extended use. Despite being lightweight, these are durable and foldable.


The closed-back design and the tight seal makes an excellent combination for stellar sound quality, impressive noise isolation, and cancellation.

3. Sennheiser HD25

Sennheiser HD25

Product Description: The HD25 is another pair of professional headphones that provide extreme noise isolation. Made for DJs, you get the best noise isolation with these.

Design and Quality: The HD25 is known as the best portable headphones. The headphones are very lightweight and offer outstanding comfort. Despite being made out of plastic, these headphones are very rugged and won’t disappoint when used roughly.


The sound reproduction on these is balanced. The HD25 performs well, even with your mobile devices. The earcups on these are replaceable as well.

4. Audio-Technica ATH-M50X

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Product Description: If you’re into bass, then the M50X is an excellent pair of headphones with noise isolation.

Design and Quality: With the M50X, you get top-notch comfort, with the sufficiently padded headband and earcups. Made with high-grade plastic and metal, these can survive rough use. Being foldable, these are easy to carry.


The over-ear style and the closed-back style makes these great for noise isolation. The headphones are bass focused. However, on lower volume, the sound is somewhat well balanced.

5. KRK KNS-8400

KRK KNS-8400

Product Description: You might not have heard about them, but these are audiophile-grade headphones made for studio purposes.

Design and Comfort: The KNS-8400 are incredibly lightweight and comfy headphones. The plastic build, along with the over-ear style, makes them great for extensive use. The earcups are big and soft and equipped with memory foam. Despite the plastic build, the headphones are durable enough to stand the test of time.


The headphones are studio-grade, so you can expect to catch every detail. The sound profile on these is flat and on-point.

6. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

Product Description: For people on a budget, the HD 280 Pro is the best choice. For $100, you’re getting the best value.

Design and Quality: The HD 280 Pro comes with a plastic build making it lightweight. However, the comfort on these is average. The durability of these is average too. since they are foldable, carrying the headphones is easy.


The HD 280 Pro offers flat sound but with punchy bass. The sound reproduction of these is excellent overall.

7. Etymotic Research HF5

Etymotic Research HF5

Product Description: If you’re a fan of in-ear headphones, then you need the Etymotic Research HF5. These are the best in-ear noise-isolating headphones you can purchase.

Design and Quality: The comfort of the HF5 depends on what ear tips you use. The ear tips that come with the headphones aren’t half bad. The earbuds are light and fit for most ears. Durability isn’t the HF5’s best suit. If good care is taken, these can last long.


These headphones have the highest rated noise isolation. The headphones excel at the sound. As an in-ear monitor, the music is excellent, accurate, and very detailed.

8. Jabra Elite Active 65t

Jabra Elite 65t True Wireless Earbuds

Product Description: For a pair of true wireless earbuds, the 65t is excellent when it comes to noise cancellation.

Design and Quality: With the Jabra Elite Active 65t, quality is assured. Furthermore, the winged design helps it rest in your ears comfortably. The 65t is durable too.


The 65t’s are water-resistant, making them perfect for a workout. The earbuds offer a wide soundstage and provide clear sound.

9. ISOtunes Pro

ISOtunes Pro

Product Description: If you’re looking for industrial quality headphones, then you need the ISOtunes Pro.

Design and Quality: ISOtunes pro headphones are very comfy. The included comply tips provide the best comfort. Build with durable plastic; the ISOtunes Pro comes in an ergonomic design.


The noise isolation of these headphones is OSHA certified, meaning they can easily block out industrial noises. The sound on these is average, as the headphones focus more on isolation. The ISOtunes Pros’ are sweat and rain-proof too.

10. Shure SE215

Shure SE215

Product Description: Shure SE215 is another in-ear monitor that is well known and very popular.

Design and Quality: Shure SE215 has an unusual design. However, once you know how to put these on, you’ll find these comfortable. With the right ear tips, you can wear them for an extended time. The build is excellent, and these are the most durable in-ear monitors out there.


Noise isolation on these are fantastic and improves with the type of ear tips you use. The sound reproduction is well balanced with enough bass.

Noise-isolating headphones let you enjoy music without harming your ears. There’s a wide range of noise-isolating headphones out there that will suit your taste. With the right pair, you can enjoy your music at peace in this crowded world.

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