Best Neckband Headphones Review In 2022

Best Neckband Headphones Review In 2022
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If you are wondering what neckband headphones are, how to choose the right one for you and why they may be better for you than traditional headphones or earphones in the first place, you are reading the right article. They are designed for efficiency and comfort and come in a wide range of styles based on what they will be used for. Without further ado, we present the best neckband headphones for you.

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Best Neckband Headphones Review In 2022

1. Sennheiser HD1 Free

Sennheiser HD1 Free

If you want something subdued with the same Sennheiser sound quality, you cannot go wrong with the HD1 Free Bluetooth headphones. The sound quality is taken care of with the Qualcomm aptX and AAC to provide rich and immersive tunes.

The bass is powerful too! Delivering some of the best low-ends, we tested so far. It even has other quality of life features like long 6-hour battery life, USB charging, Bluetooth 4.2 and calls support as well. This is an easy choice for the best neckband headphones Review in 2022

2. Sennheiser Momentum In-ears

Sennheiser Momentum In-ears

Sennheiser is another powerhouse when it comes to audio gear. This review roundup really would not have been complete without mentioning their Momentum in-ear wireless neckband headphones.

These headphones have the classic tried and true Sennheiser sound signature. They sound great in all situations and are capable of providing an immersive listening experience no matter what track you are listening to.

What makes this headphone a bit special is the build quality. It is super comfortable to use, partly due to the stitched leather on the neckband. This small addition makes this headphone quite the premium one.

3. Bose Soundsport Wireless Headphones

Bose Soundsport Wireless Headphones - Neckband Headphones

Everyone knows about the best-selling, award-winning Bose headphones. It is perfect for you if you are an audiophile who is also into sports.

Popular headphones are usually over-marketed through celebrity sponsorships but Bose headphones are one of the few that live up to the hype generated around them. The Bose Soundsport wireless headphones provide high-quality sound that is superbly smooth.

It is a very comfortable neckband that is lightweight and easy to maneuver but it does have a shorter battery life than the other ones on this list. It comes with the Bose Connect App which lets you track battery usage, call time, and your heart rate. Like most Bose headphones, it is more expensive than many on the market. It is $99 on Amazon right now.

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4. LG Tone Flex HBS-XL7

LG Tone Flex HBS-XL7 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Neckband Earbuds

Taking the 4th spot in this best neckband headphones in 2022 is the LG Tone Flex HBS-XL7. All the LG headphones seem to have one thing in common. They are very well designed and sleek looking.

This is true in this case, as well. The earbuds, along with the wires, can retract into the neckband, leaving you with a very clean aesthetic. The sound is also tuned by the people over at Meridian.

So, naturally, the sound is crisp and very clear. The bass is deep, and the high notes are crisp and clear. We love the smart features it has too. It uses a 32-but Hi-Fi DAC that gives you a clear and rich sound.

Competing with so many high-end headphones, LG needed to bring something else to the table. And they have. The headphones have a dedicated Google Assistant button, dual microphones for crystal clear calls and great battery life.

5. LG Tone Style HBS-SL5

LG Tone Style HBS-SL5 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Neckband Earbuds

LG is going to come in strong in this review. We included a total of 3 products from the brand due to its high-quality offering. This is the 2nd one. The Style HBS-SL5 is a neckband style wireless speaker that has the same premium design quality as the previous one.

The sound is tweaked by Meridian this time. They managed to eke out every decibel of performance on this one. These headphones provide a heart-pounding bass with clear high tones.

A lot of headphones that have a good bass sometimes sacrifice the treble. That is not the case here, though. The sound quality is balanced all around. It will give you 8 hours of playback and talk time.

This is made even more impressive with the fast charge feature. With only 10 minutes of charging, you can use these for 3 hours!

6. LG TONE PRO HBS-780 Wireless

LG TONE PRO HBS-780 Wireless Stereo Headset

Taking the 6th spot in this top 10 best neckband headphones in the 2021 review roundup is the LG Tone Pro HBS-780 Wireless. We have to give it to LG here, they made one of the prettiest looking neckband headphones till now.

The design is very sleek and modern looking. With a class stealthy black color scheme that only adds to the premium look and feels! It has low-profile wires that simply are a joy to work with.

Onto the main thing now, sound quality. The sound is outstanding, all thanks to the advanced quad-layer speakers. This produces deep bass and clears mid to high tones.

The overall sound signature was very close to the highest end LG speakers you can find on the market – only a bit scaled-down. It does not only shine in the music department.

The plethora of smart features makes it one of the most modern and up-to-date headphones available. You can use voice memos, Find-me and other features like Tone & Talk.

Calls are also very clear thanks to the Dual MEMS microphone. We were able to understand everything from the other side of the call easily.

7. Anker Soundcore Life U2

Anker Soundcore Life U2 Bluetooth Neckband Headphones

Anker has seen a lot of success with the Soundcore line of audio products. They are durable, well-designed and most importantly, sound great. The Soundcore Life U2 brings all the same hallmark features to the wireless neckband headphone category.

The design is stylish and lightweight. You will not be fatigued wearing these for too long. We also love the small attention to detail, like gold plates on the earbuds. Design details like these make the headphones feel premium.

The sound is blasted through the 10mm drivers. These drivers are capable of delivering some solid tunes over a long period of time – 24 hours, to be exact. No, we did not pull that number out of a hat.

That is how long the batteries are rated. This makes these headphones the longest-lasting yet. It impresses on other fronts as well. Calls with this one sound very clear.

If you ever find yourself in a crowded place and want just to get immersed in your music, the CVC 8.0 noise cancellation allows you to do exactly that.

8. Sony C400

Sony - C400 Wireless Behind-Neck in Ear Headphone

Sony takes it up a notch with these wireless headphones that feature NFC technology. The headphones will give you 20 hours of playback. That is quite an impressive number.

The claims held up pretty well during our testing too. We constantly managed close to 20 hours of battery life.

On to the sound quality, then. These C400s have 9mm drivers. They might not be the most powerful drivers you have seen, but the sound quality is very clear and crisp. The signature is very distinguishingly Sony with balanced tones throughout and deep pronounced bass.

Plus, there are all the quality of life features you expect from a wireless headphone of this caliber. You can take calls with this one too. It gives off a subtle vibration to alert you that you have a phone call.

9. AUKEY Bluetooth 5

AUKEY Bluetooth 5 Headphones, Neckband Headset with aptX HD

These headphones from Aukey have to be one of the most feature-rich headphones we have tested. That is why it easily makes our list of the best neckband headphones in 2022.

The battery life is 1 hour longer than our previous Sony headphones. Coming in at an impressive 16 hours of playtime, these headphones will keep pumping the tunes for quite a while.

Long battery life is not worth much if the sound quality is not that great; now is it? Well, fortunately, this headphone from Aukey sounds great. The tones are balanced, and it produces rich sounds on all the tracks we tested.

It features 10mm audio drivers that are the star of the show. If you ever get caught in the rain with these, that won’t be an issue either. These are IPX5 certified. Although it might not survive a full dunk in the swimming pool, small splashes or sweat during a workout should be fine.

10. Sony WI-XB400

Sony WI-XB400 Wireless In-Ear Extra Bass Headset

Sony is also up there in making some of the best audio gear you can buy right now. They have a rich history of producing absolutely killer products that sound and feel like premium high-end products.

This WI-XB400 might not sound all that great due to its weird name, but boy does it perform. It is a stylish and sleek looking headphone that looks modern. We love the unobtrusive design as well.

The sound itself is great. For bass heads, this will be a joy to use. It produces deep thumping bass, and the 12mm drivers give you rich and clear tunes when listening to music.

It also comes with creature comforts like USB-C charging and hands-free voice call compatibility. You also get great battery life. It will keep on going for approximately 15 hours and only takes 3 hours or so to charge fully.

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Neckband headphones are different from conventional headphones but in a great way. It is a great style built to be comfortable and efficient and perform incredibly for those who wear headphones for a long time. They have great sound quality. You can listen to music or take calls on them as you move around throughout your day. They are great for busy workers and come with sweat-proof technology.


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