Best Nakamichi Headphones In 2021

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Nakamichi is well known for its soundbars. Their soundbars come in different styles and provide a surround sound system which is amazing. From that same company comes some of the best-sounding headphones. Unless you are looking for a top of class headphones with NFC and or active noise cancellation, then you will be pleased with what Nakamichi has to offer. Sadly, Nakamichi lost its audiophile from the 2000s now, they are mediocre to best for low-end products from pioneers of cassette-cd players to average audio products. Here are the best Nakamichi Headphones you can buy.

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Best Nakamichi Headphones In 2021

1. Nakamichi 780M Over-the-Ear Headphones | Metallic Black

Nakamichi is an electronic company that is famous for its sound electronic product quality from Japan. This headphone has a dark and solid design which is suitable for all types of users. Its jack size is 3.5mm which is compatible with most devices such as desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, and more smart device that has a port for a 3.5mm jack. You can wear it even in a noisy environment place without hearing some disturbing background sound around you. Because this headphone also includes its special feature which is active noise cancellation.


2. Nakamichi NK950 Series On-The Ear Headphones with Mic

With the model of NK950 from the Nakamichi brand, it is popular to be known as a good stereophonic headphone for those who love acoustic music. Because of its acoustic seal featuring an adjustable headband to fit your head, you can get the most out of the listening experience as well. Especially as a listener, you also need a convenient control tool for the headphone and this model features the in-line microphone for you. Even though this one is a wireless headphone, but there is also a cord with its set. Its cord length is about 4 feet long that is long enough for users to plug in especially Gamers.


3. Nakamichi Over the Ear Headphones

The special feature of active noise cancellation comes along with these headphones. It also features a soft cushion that enables users to listen for long hours. Its snug is also adjustable to the size of your head. You can feel the headphones lock in your head without needing to move them again and again. In addition to all the features have mentioned, the secret of the volume control designs is to put it on the side of your ears pad which makes it even easier for you to control the sound volume. You don’t have to feel much pressure on your head or ear since it is lightweight with only just 272g. And don’t forget that it is a mixed color between black and white headphones. It is best for those who don’t like bright colors. Stay minimalist stay awesome.


4. Nakamichi Studio Headphones NK900 White

The design of this headphone model from Nakamichi looks very classy but minimalist. Its color is white which is best suited for those who want to look fresh with these headphones on your head. Its material and texture are made from leather and suede which is soft and comfortable for users in wearing. Users can also fold these headphones in your pouch or keeper easily and bring them along with your anywhere you want. When you wear these headphones on your head, you can also adjust its headband to fit your head and not to feel much tight on your head and ears. This headphone is also popular to be a headphone for those who tend to listen to mature and deep bass music as well.


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5. Nakamichi NK2000 Over-the-Head Headphones | White

For those who love light headphones then you can consider this model NK2000 from Nakamichi. It is one of the best headphones from this brand because of its super light specialty. And its driver is up to 40mm and the headband is adjustable to the wearer as well. Its cable designs with tangle-free audio cable featuring with friendly design to ensure convenience for users during wearing. Especially, this model also has the active noise cancellation function as well that will help you avoid all the loud sounds nearby. And last but not least it is lightweight in order to ensure a comfortable wearing experience for users.


6. Nakamichi BTHP06 Wireless Bluetooth Noise Isolating Headphones

The design of the headphone is the first thing to look at in the first direction. However how convenient the design is another important thing to look at as well for headphones. This another model from Nakamichi lets the user switch from listening to music to answering a phone call easily because of its easy design for users. Especially, if you love listening to big bass or deep bass music, this one is so special for you. You better put it in your cart now.

Some people worry that the microphone doesn’t work in a corded model without Bluetooth. But with this model of Nakamichi, works with both modes perfectly. You don’t need to worry about that at all. Especially, even this is the Wireless headphone but you can also use the USB cable if it ran out of battery which can save you a lot.


Nakamichi puts pride in its products, but it has always been underrated in the industry nevertheless appreciated by the community. Not having the greatest headphones out there right now also not featuring any mind-blowing features like ANC or NFC. Still, it does the job right, what really matters from Nakamichi is their sound quality. Nakamichi has excellent headphones for every price range, so choose according to your budget, and you will really like their products.


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