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Nakamichi is well known for their soundbars. Their soundbars come in different styles and provide a surround sound system which is amazing. From that same company comes some of the best sounding headphones. Unless you are looking for a top of the class headphones with NFC and or active noise cancellation, then you will be pleased with what Nakamichi has to offer. Sadly, Nakamichi lost its audiophile from the 2000s now, they are mediocre to best for low-end products from pioneers of cassette-cd players to average audio products. Here are the best Nakamichi Headphones you can buy.

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Best Nakamichi Headphones In 2021

9. Nakamichi BTHP11

Nakamichi BTHP11

Nakamichi BTHP11 is a very well-balanced headphone with excellent bass. Simple modern design fits very well, with no discomfort. Also, it comes with the wireless feature.

Coming on the cheap side, this headphone provides excellent audio quality and sturdy build quality. Although these are made from ABS plastic, it gets the job done well enough to take some beating. The sound quality is immense in this price range.

Not having ANC or NFC maybe regarded as a downside to a lot of people, but this one is a wireless headphone for people who are on a budget but looking for great sound quality. One of the biggest drawbacks is that it doesn’t have a 3.5mm jack to use as wired device. Other than that, 18 hours of a battery life may suffice a lot of people.

8. Nakamichi BTHP06

Nakamichi BTHP06

Nakamichi BTHP06 is a portable headphone for traveling and working wirelessly without any discomfort.

Foldable headband for ultra-portability for travel, work, and anywhere in between. The audio reproduction of the headphone is decent and with Bluetooth 4.0, you can easily connect it with all your devices. Furthermore, handling calls with these headphones is easy too.

Noise isolating on-ear wireless headphones deliver rich and powerful audio combined with comfortable earcups.

7. Nakamichi BTHP03

Nakamichi BTHP03

Nakamichi BTHP03 series Bluetooth on-the-ear headphones are for budget end people. You can connect via Bluetooth with the headphone and enjoy your tunes without wires pulling you down.

You will find all the necessary buttons on the side of the headphones. The foldable design ensures ease of carrying when traveling with the headphones.

Bluetooth headphones deliver the utmost performance within its price range and provide audio with 40mm drivers. With the BTHPO3, you can be sure of comfort as the earcups as well as the headband is well padded with plush leather-like material.

6. Nakamichi Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones BT304

Nakamichi Over the Ear Bluetooth Headphones BT304

These professional-grade headphones were designed for music-lovers. This device offers best value for performance in this price range.

The excellent music experience offered by the BT304 has been developed through excellent acoustic properties, and the 40mm high definition drivers, and over ears make them easy to use as a gym companion.

These wireless headphones using audio drivers from Nakamichi gives supreme sound quality and the cushions are sublime for long term use.

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5. Nakamichi Edge Dual-Driver Wireless Headphones

Nakamichi Edge Dual-Driver Wireless Headphones

Nakamichi Edge is a high-end, dual-driver speaker headphone for all the bass and audiophile out there.

Competing with other headphones, this headphone has dual drivers that deliver supreme audio quality within its price. Also, the build is sturdy and comfortable to wear for long term use, and connectivity on this is pure bliss.

The headphones come at an affordable price, which itself is a big plus point. Moreover, dual drivers with wireless support giving backup about 8hours, which may not sound impressive but gets the work done.

4. Nakamichi Fashion Headphones

Nakamichi Fashion Headphones NK890

Inexpensive, a pretty well-rounded headphone for a regular user.

It looks like kids’ headphones as it comes in bright and exciting colors. The entire headphone is plastic made with metal height adjusters. The sound quality is excellent. The sound profile is relatively average, and a regular user can enjoy these headphones easily.

It does not have many features as it is an inexpensive primary headphone. It has a small and comfortable earcups. And it is a wired headphone so you can use it as long as you want to.

3. Nakamichi NK2000

Nakamichi Amplified Stereo Headphones NK2000 Turbulence

The Nakamichi NK2000 has a stylish design and classic outlook. These are tangle-free and affordable good-quality headphones.

The ear cups are adjustable, soft, and light. The audio quality is excellent. The bass is good, and everything sounds better on these. The acoustic sounds are apparent as well.

The headphone has a high quality, straight braided cable. Other than that, it does not have much going for it.

2. Nakamichi BTHP02

Nakamichi BTHP02

Great inexpensive portable Bluetooth headphone, which also sounds really good.

These have a simple design that looks great because of being black. The headphones are comfortable and over-ear designed. So, you can use them for a long listening period. They sound excellent and will please an audiophile easily.

The headphone has a seven-hour battery. The earcups are foldable, so it is easy to travel with them. They also have a 3.5 mm audio jack included for wired listening.

1. Nakamichi NK780M

Nakamichi NK780M metallic Edition

These are excellent colorful and fabulous sounding headphones for everyone.

The headphones have a sturdy design. The earcups are very comfortable. The bass and clarity are awe-inspiring, mid, and highs hit really well. It has a balanced sound stage.

These headphones are pretty stylish and colorful. The headphone has decent battery life for up to 8 hours.

Nakamichi puts pride in its products, but it has always been underrated in the industry nevertheless appreciated by the community. Not having the greatest headphones out there right now also not featuring any mind-blowing features like ANC or NFC. Still, it does the job right, what really matters from Nakamichi is their sound quality. Nakamichi has excellent headphones for every price range, so chose according to your budget, and you will really like their products.


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