How do I bring the best sound quality from the mini sound bar?

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Mini Sound Bars to the rescue! How? Allow me to explain. First of all, can we ignore the frustration of spending the lion’s share of our movie time behind adjusting the volume? I’m sure the answer will never be ‘No’! Imagine while watching a movie how it feels when you struggle to listen to the soft sounds and get startled by the explosive sounds? This mismatch doesn’t let you enjoy your time relaxing. Instead keeps you up for adjusting the sound this entire time with your television’s built-in speakers. 

Adding a mini sound bar for your TV can be a great option to avoid this hassle! But sometimes, just adding a sound bar doesn’t turn out to be sufficient. You must follow several tricks to ensure making your money worth it and get a premium sound quality out of your mini sound bar. So let us take a look at how you can make the sound quality of your mini sound bar better.

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How do I bring the best sound quality from the mini sound bar?

Mini Soundbar quaility

Effective ways to bring the best out of your Mini Soundbar

From today’s perspective, we simply can’t deny the importance of Soundbars in our living rooms worldwide. To make the experience of the mini sound bar more amazing, the following tips will be handy for you to follow:

Try to place your mini sound bar right below your TV if you have your TV set on a shelf, table, stand, or cabinet. This is very good for your listening experience because the sound will come right from where you are looking. In the case of putting your mini sound bar inside a cabinet on a shelf, try to place the sound bar as forward as you can. This will help avoid the sound getting obstructed, especially the sound directed to the sides. And if your mini sound bar‘s audio capability features Dolby Atmos or DTS Virtual:X then it won’t be a good idea to place it inside a cabinet shelf, because, for an overhead surround sound effect, the soundbar requires to project the sound vertically.

Your mini sound bars can be as well be wall-mounted. The placement can be over or under your wall-mounted TV. The Better option would be to mount it under the TV because the sound, in that case, will be precisely better directed to the listener. If your mini sound bar does not offer a wall mounting template or hardware, thoroughly review the user guide for better suggestions.

  • Try to Turn off the Built-In Speakers of Your TV

If you run the internal speakers of the television and the sound bar both simultaneously, it might dilute the sound quality.

Two different sources of sound can cause much distraction as the quality of both the sound sources is never the same. Because the frequencies of the sounds from two different sources are not the same. As a result, the overall sound quality will spoil. Thus, keep this thing in mind to turn off the muffled sound of your TV’s built-in speakers to avoid disrupting the clarity of the premium sound of your mini sound bar. Most TVs nowadays will offer you the option of disabling the internal speakers. Otherwise, mute your television so that your mini sound bar can deliver you rich pitches and a rich tone avoiding the background noises of your TV.

  • Try Using Cables with High Quality: 

In the realm of audio, you will never run out of cabling options. But the sound quality does depend a lot on your cable selection. Try to use higher and better-quality cables for premium sound. If you can use HDMI cables, the audio output is likely to be perfect. HDMI cables suit a wide variety of devices, and they can deliver superior connection quality for any device in the case of both audio and video. Avoid RCA and AUX cables as they have run out of their prime.

There is another option in the form of Optical cables, but these can only relay audio signals. As a result, you have to have additional cabling for connecting your video source devices.

Although optical cables might just deliver better sound quality than HDMI cables, the application of optical cables is less worldwide.

  • Adjusting the Equalizer Settings

Mini sound bar

Equalizer settings mainly work with bass and treble levels. Equalizer settings enhance your sound quality according to your preference and the requirements of the media. Adjusting the equalizer settings can ensure optimal sound for your mini sound bar by bringing the perfect output from how you want it to play.

The latest sound bars of our time feature the equalizer adjustment settings. To improve the quality of your mini sound bar install the mobile apps that can help you to adjust the sound bar’s equalizer settings.

You can take the help of the soundbar’s user manual to equalize the settings of your mini sound bar easily manually.

  • Make sure Dolby Atmos or DTS: X support:

Last but not least, while buying your sound bar, make sure it features DTS: X or Dolby Atmos capabilities. With their capability of mapping sound in three-dimensional space, you can experience excellent sound quality. Specifically, Dolby Atmos will provide you with the experience where sound signals will be bounced off your room’s ceiling and returned to you. This intense sound quality will make your hearing experience feel so true as if you are physically present in the real scenario you are watching on TV.

DTS: X also gives you an outstanding hearing experience in the same way. So make sure your sound bar has this support though many sound bars cannot support these technologies.

Although a sound bar might not provide a perfect home theatre setup, it can give a very intense audio experience, be that with a PC or TV. And to function the sound bars better, you can apply all these easy tricks that can significantly change performance. And hope this article helped you to better your mini sound bar‘s quality.

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