Best MIDI Interfaces Review In 2022

Best MIDI Interfaces Review In 2022
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MIDI Interfaces, which stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, was created forty years ago to send signals to other controllers such as musical instruments. In the same way, a user could then operate these musical instruments digitally from a computer or smartphone. In further, a computer or smartphone will record the music as information, not audio, allowing for far greater control and manipulation. Particularly, it is converted into a data transmission that you can edit the duration, intensity or pitch of every note or even have an entirely different instrument play it. To get creative with your audio recordings, however, you’ll need a reliable MIDI interface.

You can also use it to control Digital Audio Workstations and electronic musical instruments such as synthesizers or drum machines. The price ranges from just over $22 to just under $200. Without further ado, here are the best MIDI interfaces reviewof 2022.

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 Best MIDI Interfaces Review In 2022

9. iConnect Mio MIDI Interfaces

iConnect Mio - MIDI Interfaces

Product Description: The iConnect Mio is an expertly made high-performance MIDI interface. Its design is stunningly usable.

Design and Quality: Priced at $40, the clean design offers USB and iOS compatibility.

  • Well-engineered drivers and reliable MIDI management make this a great option. To illustrate, it has three models, a 1 in 1 out, a 2 in 2 out and a 4 in 4 out.

8. MIDI 4×4 MIDI Interfaces

MIDI 4x4 - MIDI Interfaces

Product Description: The MIDI 4×4 is a reliable and well-priced compact MIDI interface that lets musicians and producers improve their workflow.

Design and Quality: Priced at $46.31, it is inexpensive yet functional. Moreover, its design has high speed and low latency. Notably, you can connect it to both a Mac and a PC.

  • In addition to this, it has 4 separate I/O ports, LED activity indicators, is USB class-compliant and USB powered. A user can assign each MIDI IN-OUT individually for each panel.

7. M-Audio MIDI Interfaces

M-Audio Uno - MIDI Interfaces

Product Description: The M-Audio Uno is a well MIDI interface that packs a punch and is great in terms of portability.

Design and Quality: Priced at $49, this is a simple and compact but solidly built one in, one out, bus-powered MIDI that supports 16 MIDI channels.

  • Identically, it features its built-in USB and MIDI cables.

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6. Yamaha MD-BT01

Yamaha Wireless MD-BT01 5-PIN DIN MIDI Adapter - MIDI Interfaces

Product Description: The MD-BT01 from Yamaha is a genuine MIDI interface with Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

Design and Quality: The price is only $50; especially, you can set it up easily because it is wireless.

  • This has 1 MIDI input and 1 MIDI output, non-existent latency and a 30 feet Bluetooth range.

5. PreSonus AudioBox

PreSonus AudioBox USB 96 2x2 USB Audio Interface - MIDI Interfaces

Product Description: The AudioBox from PreSonus is a MIDI interface that offers competitive value for money.

Design and Quality: Priced at $99 .95, Its design is compatible PC and Mac

  • In view of this product, it comes with 48V phantom power, frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, recording software, two inputs compatible with either XLR or ¼ inch TRS connectors, two main outs and a stereo headphones output for monitoring and full MIDI in/out on the rear of the unit.

4. Motu Micro Lite

Motu Micro Lite - MIDI Interfaces

Product Description: The Micro Lite from Motu offers amazing experience with sleek outlook.

Design and Quality: The price is at $139. Additionally, its design is visually appealing ruggedly with a metal casing. It is also portable and convenient.

  • In this case, the micro lite has 5in, 5 outs, 80 MIDI channels, front-panel LEDs, removable rack attachments, center-joint fastener and is USB powered.

3. Focusrite Scarlett 4i4

Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 3rd Gen - MIDI Interfaces

Product Description: The Scarlett 4i4 from Focusrite is a MIDI audio interface popular for offering plenty of connectivity.

Design and Quality: Its price is at $159.99 only. Likewise, this delivers excellent sound quality at an affordable price point. Equally important, it also has a lot of control settings for audio flexibility.

  • The latest generation offers two high-performing preamps with an ISA transformer preamp emulation option (Air), four inputs and four outputs.

2. Mackie Onyx

Mackie Onyx - MIDI Interfaces

Product Description: The Onyx from Mackie is a simple and affordable 2-channel MIDI interface. In fact, its design is to outlast others.

Design and Quality: Its price is at $129.99. Markedly, it has a robust build and delivers high audio quality.

  • Another key point, this audio interface features 2 MIDI inputs and outputs, one onyx preamp, zero-latency monitoring, DAW software, and a metal case.

1. IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia iRig Pro Duo - MIDI Interfaces

Product Description: Of course, the IK iRig from IK is your best option if you are looking for a completely portable MIDI interface that will become a powerful part of your process.

Design and Quality: Retailing at $199. Indeed, its design is easy to transport from one place to another. Certainly, it has a robust build for durability.

  • To point out, it has 2 input, 2 output models, MIDI, phantom power, direct monitoring, signal metering, and multiple cabling options.

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We’ve rounded up some MIDI interfaces for you, ranging in descending order from basic 1 x 1 MIDI interfaces to complex 5 x 5 MIDI interfaces and everything in between, giving you several true plug-and-play solutions to support you on your musical journey. Hope the list will help you to find the product you need!

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