Best Marshall Portable Speakers Review In 2022

Best Marshall Portable Speakers Review In 2022
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Marshall has long been an industry sweetheart when it comes to audio equipment. The sheer nostalgia that surrounds the legendary brands makes people want to buy it. Pasted all over old classic rock music videos and concerts, the name is almost synonymous with high-end audio.

Recently the company has revamped its more consumer-focused lifestyle lineup with a couple of new portable speakers. We curated some of the top Marshall portable speakers for you to check out. If you are in the market for a home audio upgrade, Marshall’s lineup deserves a look.

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Best Marshall Portable Speakers Review In 2022

7. Marshall Acton Multi-Room 

Marshall Acton Multi-Room - Marshall portable speakers

Product Description: Well not portable per se, but the Acton II multi-room is small enough for it to be easily lugged around and taken without you. The Acton is one of the classic Marshall speakers that look the part just as well as it sounds.

Design and Quality: The design is great and very distinctly Marshall. You get a solid construction made with tasteful gold accents to complement the overall look.

  • Great sounding sound with balanced mid and high tones and solid construction.
  • You can use connect wirelessly and use Google’s Chromecast as well.

6. Marshall Acton II 

Marshall Acton II Black - Marshall portable speakers

Product Description: A great overall Bluetooth portable speaker that can get the job done. Unlike the multi-room, you will not be filling the whole room with sound but given its size, it gets the job done well.

Design and Quality: Acton II comes at a weight of 4.5 lbs. Which may not be the most portable, but is small enough that we had to include it on our list of Marhsall portable speakers. The design is solid with strong and durable knobs that emanate quality.

  • Comes equipped with dual 15-watt tweeters for a solid sound and reasonable bass.
  • A great choice for getting a small room-filling sound experience.
  • One thing you might notice it does not have a carry strap, which other speakers do.

5. Marshall Acton II Voice 

Marshall Acton II Wireless - Marshall portable speakers

Product Description: A very similar speaker to the Acton II with the added benefit of smart assistant support. You can get this with either Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. The same great sound with more smarts.

Design and Quality: The design of these are of the same Marshall quality and sound that does not disappoint. You can get it with either smart assistant support which makes things a bit better. If you are in the market for a speaker that sounds great and can be used as a smart speaker this is a great one to buy.

  • Acton II Voice is the smallest speaker in the Marshall portable speakers line-up, but produces a sound that’s nothing short of large.

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4. Marshall Stanmore II Voice

Marshall Stanmore II - Marshall portable speakers

Product Description: Okay we have a small confession to make. Marshall’s Stanmore II Voice is not the most portable speaker out there you can buy at this point. Even though there are larger speakers in Marshall’s lineup like the Woburn series, the Stanmore is small enough and has enough features plus the sound is what made it land on this list.

Design and Quality: The Stanmore II is an unapologetically rustic and old school looking. This is what makes it stand out from the rest and gives the whole speaker more of a character, to be honest. The build quality of these is some of the best we have seen also. With faux leather styling and tasteful gold accents, this speaker looks like a true masterpiece of craftsmanship.

  • Great sounding speaker with smart assistant support and has genuine quality sound.
  • While not the most portable, the relatively smaller size, and overall superb quality land itself the 4th spot in the list.

3. Marshall Tufton

Marshall Tufton - Marshall portable speakers

Product Description: The Tufton is probably one of Marshall’s true ‘portable’ speakers with some solid design and great sound quality. The size and shape are unique and interesting for that extra flair.

Design and Quality: The speaker is designed to look like a guitar amp and the addition of the carry strap makes it quite a unique and useful design choice. The grill stands out with the large Marshall branding across it and is solidly built. It is rugged and stylish at the same time, a respectable feat from the guys over at Marshall.

  • IPX2 rated great sounding portable speaker.
  • If you are looking for something easy to carry around and sound great, Tufton is a great choice.

2. Marshall Stockwell II

Marshall Stockwell II - Marshall portable speakers

Product Description: A square-shaped gorgeously designed that packs a big punch. Marshall’s portable speaker lineup has a distinct design language that is instantly recognizable as Marshall speaker and the sound is ever to recognizable. The mid and lows are balanced with a respectable thump for the low-end bass notes.

Design and Quality: Coming in at 3 lbs., the Stockwell is great for lugging around with its built-in strap. The red accents to the straps make it a great little addition to the overall look and feel of the speaker. The speaker itself has the same rugged and reliable built of the whole speaker. The square shape of the speaker also makes it unique to look at.

  • Top-notch sound with equally great build and design make this a no brainer buy for music enthusiasts.

1. Marshall Kilburn II 

Marshall Kilburn II - Marshall portable speakers

Product Description: One of the best inline of portable Marshall speaker that strikes a great balance between size and performance and overall quality for the price you pay for it.

Design and Quality: Built to last and exude premium quality, the Kilburn II is some of the best designed and built portable speakers out there. It has the same nice leather strap attached to it is portable enough to carry around.

  • Superb sound quality from a small size although not the deepest low ends.
  • A good all-rounder for someone looking for a no-compromise portable speaker.

Marshall portable speakers are some of the best speakers in the market. With its signature sound profile that is a joy for rock music, you can tune it to sound great for almost any genre. Portable in size with a big oomph in a great design; that about summarizes these speakers.

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